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  3. Not a bad idea, that feels like something they may eventually fix so that you can't do that. Like have time paused until you actually put the Tower down.
  4. well winter and fall are the shortest seasons that ive noticed, however I made a post stating to survive the first year easily, wait until year 7 at the top of the game, then place your evolution tower, by the time you research farms and get one built. spring will hit and plants grow immediately, check my post under the general tab for more details.
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  6. design

    personally prefer the shiny version - I think it would look good in the space era!! I could imagine it on the side of space rockets taking off - echoes of "NASA" logo!
  7. With regards to the seasons. I never actually timed them myself but they DO feel a bit inconsistent in length. It could just be a mentality thing. Early game you don't want Winter to come because you aren't prepared so it feels like it comes faster? Later in the game you're fine and have more downtime so it feels like it lasts longer. I dunno just my theory on it.
  8. Suggestion to add to the dynamic windy weather. Id say introduce the haboob where a giant wall of dust slowly starts approaching from the center of a thunderstorm in the desert. Everything is nice and calm as the wall of dust approaches and then BAM windy and no visibility.
  9. Freezing a bunch towards what I call, 'the end of the game' which is about the time Im ready to collect refined materials ie stone and wood. I noticed that the game starts lagging a bunch and I cant use the keyboard to move without a great degree of studdering. And when I go to zoom in... bam freeze and crash. At least this time I was able to get a bunch more food, and I wasn't killing my whole tribe of folks. In fact... Im gettin' the hang of this.... I was able to expand my great empire to include 4 farms and like 8 fishing piers... no one starved! Also... whats with the seasons? Are they equal in length or is winter like based on a Russian winter that lasts all year long? No offense guy. I live in California where winter doesn't exist except in the mountains, and you'd think that there would be different seasons on the opposite side of the planet and an equator that never freezes. This game is fun.
  10. Another issue I'm having is with the nuggets going WAY out of their way to get resources. In this picture you can see in the northern treeline a nugget who was helping to gather resources for the fishing piers I built WAY in the south. The problem? I had placed the fishing piers near resources but instead of heading to the closet resources they are going to the treeline in the far north, same with the stone. They ignore the stone thats right next to the buildings in favor of the stone quarry to the east.
  11. I was trying to place a farm which the farm said i could place it anywhere, but it wouldn't actually go down. So I tried to deselect it by choosing something else, so I chose the fisher pier, which the farm selection didn't go away.
  12. The largest I ever reached was 76
  13. Yeah the dust storms are pretty awful but only because they last so long and they are annoying to look at and listen to. lol Its funny that I have more Nuggets survive when out in the storm than when I ring the bell to call them in.
  14. I build really wide now as I noticed a lot of issues come up early when you build tight. (Farms too close to the Evo Tower, etc.) Pathing isn't ENTIRELY the issue but it does contribute. One thing I see a lot is when multiple needs are in queue on a Nugget they will sometimes spaz while walking as they switch "thoughts" between eating or needing a drink or going to their job. This will cause them to move slower and "Jitter" in different directions. To be honest. I'm pretty sure we've all contributed pretty similar reports and I'm sure they are working on it. The big thing I was trying to do recently was play a lot and get up to really high sustainable populations which I succeeded in doing. (60+ Nuggets, adults & Children). This is where things get REALLY weird and REALLY broken and usually ends up in a crash or AI completely frozen in place. So anyways, I know they have another big update planned for next month so I'm holding off on adding more bug reports or suggestions until I see what they've done in the update.
  15. Nice work, and very interesting point about storms. It seems like the weather tower needs to do more in terms of reducing storm frequency and or allowing nuggets to prep for them so they aren't literally sitting at home starving to death.
  16. It's not simply about lost games, it's an alpha the game is likely to straight up crash and make us all lose games. It's about addressing critical issues early enough to be able to progress. Pathing in this style of game is critical, it has to work or you're risking every other feature in the game failing. And right now, it's very obvious that the pathing system is not robust enough to deal with new content, as it breaks in really strange ways. It's alpha, so there is obviously time to address it, but a big part of alpha is finding bugs, and if pathing is breaking a critical building early on, it makes finding bugs harder to do because you are constantly restarting.
  17. I tried putting the installer in the applications and desktop and nothing happens after I entered the game key.
  18. The family of the dead nugget is supposed to bring the body to the pyre if the graveyard is not built.
  19. No longer runs on MacBook Pro Game will launch but never gets to the splash screen or the main menu. I see that you've listed "pink world" as a known bug, but I haven't seen this listed. It does change the cursor to the circle and is still responsive, but no graphics other than a pink screen. Used to run fine. Universim: 0.0.v16.5783-Nugget-Juice-hotfix OS: Sierra 10.12.5 CPU: 2.2Ghz I7 Memory: 16Gb Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024Mb
  20. Pyre was working fine for me, if its close to trees or storage even better. I am pretty sure bodies just teleport onto it unlike the graveyard where a nugget actually brings the bodies to it.
  21. i got the pyre to work once. I think the nuggets have to load it up with 25 wood once they've built it and then up it goes. Never saw it twice in one game (game would crash before then) and I didn't get a chance to check th eimpact it had on graveyard or such like
  22. Well they already defend themselves from Rabid Squirrels, or at least that is what they tell everyone
  23. It's simply to make the game feel more alive, but can't wait for the animals to run around your villages!
  24. Yea I thought that aswell. Didn't hurt to ask though.
  25. The sound effects are just ambiance. The mammoths were removed and they want to add in Wolves, Deer, etc. The Woodpecker gets me every time.
  26. Sometimes you'll hear roaring too. It's just part of the ambient sound FX since the only animals I've seen are birds flying that you can't interact with. I could have swore in the old build though there were fish/whales? Maybe I was seeing things.
  27. More bugs/issues Sometimes the stone blocks turn into giant cubes of stone. Not sure what triggered it except that I moused over the stone and suddenly it was a cubeish block several times larger than when it started. The tech tree inconsistency is strange. Is a funeral pyre usable by anyone? Reason being sometimes the pyre is available for research but cemeteries are not. What about a hospice where people who know they are about to die go to live out their final days? Why do the nuggets work themselves to death? Theres a nugget button that lets me spy with my little eye what all the nuggets are doing, what about a buildings button so I can see where I need to employ or fire people as they get sick or unproductive? The hospital. Upon building the hospital several sick nuggets came to lay down, immediately got up and went back to work still infected with some kind of... bacteria? Engineers getting stuck in the building. More specifically they go into the hut to get the tools, attempt to head towards the building that needs repairs but then go back into the building to get tools again several times before they actually head out to do repairs. Prioritize does not function properly.... there should be a way to see what the priority list is... I cant stop nuggets from spreading out their work across all projects to focus on just one thing. Despite hitting prioritize on a water wheel which seemingly will never get built they go and build the farm.
  28. The rattlesnake sound what does the rattle snake sound mean? is there supposed to be a rattle snake near by?
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