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  2. Future art contests Will there be any more art contests in the future. For maybe a structure or animal. I missed out on the last one for the tree.
  3. Yay 1st part of my pledge packet arrived So excited to get my signed poster, my tshirt, keychain spaceship letter and secondary poster today, can't wait for the rest of the stuff to come when the game is released. Great job guys looks awesome
  4. Yesterday
  5. I had the same issues and copying the uncompressed app worked like a champ! Thanks!
  6. And the winners are: @Keembaduu in 1st place! @Pelver in 2nd place! @Rokkuhaato in 3rd place! Thank you everyone who participated, we hope you all had fun! We'll be having another event soon so keep an eye out for that announcement.
  7. I too have been playing this on and off, checking out the updates. My last video is no longer on but I do have one on YOUTUBE:
  8. ~ (tilda) means current user home directory, it is an alias for (as example) /Users/UserName/ - system "understands" what it mean. If you copied launcher in the directory mentioned in my post - copy/paste should work. Anyway we are working on official launcher which will be distributed via Mac App store and should NOT have security problems. One of our developers discovered that if you will copy uncompressed application bundle from Downloads to your Desktop and allow it in Gatekeeper - it works without tricks. But you should uncompress it first and then copy.
  9. @Greendq thanks for the help, i get behind it better, i just seem to have a tiny problem... 1. i got no idea what the curly line means "~", how to type it (damn windows keyboard with a mac combo) or maybe what to substitute it with?!? and if i just copy/paste the command including the curly line it tells me the directory doesn't exist...i think i need it as idiotproof as possible. I am really sorry for all the trouble buts its like having to learn a completely new alphabet and language that is so not like your language but looks slightly like you native tongue...
  10. Hrm, very well. I'll be sure to give the results, whether it turns out good or bad. Edit: You were right, after purchasing it they give you the option to change your name after clicking on the link in the email. Thank you very much for your assistance.
  11. Hi Nolrovos, You should be able to change the account name when prompted to set up the account for the dashboard system. I believe it just defaults the card information in to help speed the process along. Just make sure that she has access to what ever email you supply for contact information. in the event you can not change the name please PM me and I'll investigate this further.
  12. Purchasing Universim So me and my girlfriend have been keeping an eye on the game for some time, finally having the money, I decided to purchase it for her. However when I go to purchase, I'm prompted at the same time to make an account, -seemingly- with the same information as the card. Problem is, it's my card, she doesn't want my name attached to her account undoubtedly, and would like her own account, all I want to do is simply pay for it, I want nothing else to do with the account. The reason why I'm suspicious is because they haven't asked what her account name will be, and I've never seen a game force a person to put in their first and last name unless they were also using it as the first and last name on the card, which as stated, are two totally different things in this case.
  13. Last week
  14. Speed up on Mac can't seem to speed up using the plus key on a mac with the small mini keyboard. This is the one without the numeric keypad and a plus key that is also a =
  15. hello the AI and engine are being reworked so hopefully this will be a thing of the past P.S your English is fine
  16. this has been noted thank you for the post tho
  17. Mispelled word When I was playing The Universim, I looked through all the things I could build.(To see what buildings are coming in the future)Then I noticed that the stone stash said stone stahs. I wouldn't consider this as a bug but just trying to let you guys know in advance!
  18. Hey All. Im lucas and im from denmark! I really look forward to buying the game once i have the money for it
  19. Children not become adults | Building Windows At aorund year 70, i had 15 adult nuggets and 2 children. But even 10 years later the two wouldn't have become adults, so my population didn't grow anymore. In any buildings window if i i.e. assigned a nugget for a job the window wouldn't update. I need to close the window an open again for seeing the assigned nugget. Same with farms when choosing crop. The crop queue did work only on field 1. Version: Windows I hope this helps getting the game better. You're doing an awesome job dudes! P.S.: Please excuse my bad english (if its bad ;-) )
  20. PAX South can't be here soon enough~

  21. Keep up the good work guys!
  22. Just downloaded the game, installed, updated, launched and crashed. Attached are the contents of the folder "2017-01-14_210042" that was created from the crash. You will also find my dxdiag.txt This occurred the first time I launched, but on the second time, the game did not crash. Alpha Version Cheesecake crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  23. bug

    this bug should be fixed with the new patch
  24. bug

    Building Bug Once I get near about the age of 80 - 100, the nuggets seem to just stockpile the recourses rather than build the building. Sometimes they stockpile 50 wood on a stone hut that shows it only takes 10 wood.
  25. how weird! Tried it today and seems to work! launched it from my desktop
  26. Busy weekend for me will pop on now and then to answer and reply to posts and questions :)

  27. as i said in your other post this should be fixed with the new patch
  28. with the new patch coming out and the rework of the engine the weather should also have a changed, as go for the setting i think your the first so nice find
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