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  3. All badge requests should be caught up.
  4. Hi, I donated as a Mammoth backer (4/28). I guess there is a badge I'm supposed to request. Have really enjoyed the early access so far (need to find the thread on contamination, though ... brutal).
  5. Thank you @1cec0ld The whole reason I post is to share ideas and contribute in a positive way. I am glad it was well received, and appreciate your feedback. I've just had a thought about research tree (as yet unknown) - but haven't formulated it yet. Worth a post elsewhere after I've contemplated fully. I know this is a work in progress..... and think that the more ideas/possibilities we provide- the better the updates and next version will be!
  6. @Ereketh I love the insight you gave; I was so intent on imagining how to combat the infection that I failed to consider by what means they should get infected in the first place. Kudos!
  7. Hi can I get my badge registered to my account please, I just purchased the Mammoth backer on the new website (purchase date 29 April 2017). I haven't had this much hope for a game for years - I can't wait to play and help in anyway to it's development, it has so much potential!
  8. I saw the same issue this morning while playing.
  9. Just sit tight and endure the bugs and issues, for in the end, it will be worth it!!

  10. From what I've experienced in my games lately nuggets don't reuse stone huts. My guess is we will have a change on this really soon.
  11. I haven't noticed this issue, so I'll be looking for this on my next run through. If, in fact, huts aren't reused, I'd like to be able to demolish or at least salvage the few wood and stone from them (then later on down the road, salvage material from bigger buildings).
  12. Last week
  13. @Ereketh Nice, looks like we got up some nice ideas here. Also I understand your viewpoint and know that humans got infected by animal contact since the fleas carrying the bacteria came from rats. Anyway they've said that they knew that this plague thing would be op at start (obviously), and I guess it was more of a test to see how it works and what we players thought should be changed/improved. I'm sure they will add a lot and perhaps change a few things to make it better.
  14. @socman I already have- posted link to vid and detailed timeline Monday to bugs forum but sent you a link with copy of post. Percentage chance of disease is realistic. @Cristoffer, I like your ideas above, agree with immunity, common sense, prioritization.... And I thank you for bringing forward some excellent points. Oh several hundred years ago- it did. And even more recently than that. (See "Spanish Flu" -which was not actually Spanish in origin as it was a worldwide pandemic. Asiatic cholera epidemics in the middle 1800s are nice cases to study as well. American port cities trading with the tropics had Yellow Jack epidemics throughout their histories- and the list goes on.) 1) There are no animals hanging about to harbor fleas, ticks and other insect vectors responsible for transmission from reservoir to human. Most human illnesses have been transferred from one animal vector to another to humans- after the development of "keeping livestock" and/or "animal husbandry". Contact with animals allows disease to "jump" to humans, but can also protect them from disease. Case in point: Smallpox and Cowpox. Because the milkmaids all caught "cowpox" from their prolonged association and daily contact with cows they were "immune" to smallpox. Thankfully, Jenner noticed and did something about this... In game, we have no animals (no hunting, no livestock). So- no disease reservoirs to help us with "immunity", but none to "cause disease". Plague came FROM somewhere. It didn't "spontaneously generate" in a population of dead corpses. 2) DNA testing has shown that the "Great Mortality" (the Plague) black death was caused by Y. pestis, a particularly virulent strain of this bacteria, yes. The normal reservoir is a type of Asian marmot. So the plague had to travel a very long time, a far distance (from East Asia), and the spread was influenced by technology (people had to travel to move from Asia to the West) and climate (temperature, humidity). Med Sea regions (South France, Italy) were hit hard, but areas like central Poland and Northern England/Scotland escaped the massive death toll noted in other parts of Europe. In addition, there was a natural resistance gene present in European populations that rendered some people naturally immune to infection. Another factor here was the kind of rat found in Europe- as there are different types of rats, who actually carried different types of fleas. Some fleas carry Y. pestis and will infect humans- but some fleas do not. Some people had the weather to breed the "disease carrying fleas" in more abundance (vide infra)- but only after the fleas were introduced by shipboard rats to certain ports. But I would like to offer a small correction to you..... the rats themselves did not "spread the plague"- they carried the fleas that spread the existing plague bacteria (causative agent). One could argue that it is the same thing, but it is not.... Fleas have different reproductive requirements than rats.....And these fleas could only reproduce under certain weather/climate conditions- which limited the spread of the disease to certain seasons as well. (Flaring up during warm months in towns with humidity ripe for breeding conditions, dying down during cool months). In addition- there were certain areas that were too cold for the fleas to breed. Please note that Central Poland was spared. Altitude also matters- high in the mountains, fleas cannot live. (Think about the alps- not a plague center) Thank you for bringing this example forward- because it is an excellent demonstration of a good point..... 1) Black plague was not spread by human to human contact, but propagated by the populations of two different animals. (we don't have this), which in turn was influenced by geography, including climate, weather and seasonal changes. (we do have this- but unlike reality- this does not seem to matter) 2) Black plague spread was also influenced by technology. (horses, wagons, ships)- none of which we have in the game (yet) 3) Black plague emanated from a preexisting source/reservoir and was not caused by the spontaneous generation of a novel organism. (which is the issue with the mechanic here) I have lots of imagination- and I'm happy to use it.... However....a plague, whether pandemic or epidemic requires a "perfect storm" of conditions- and I can't figure out where the novel pathogen is emanating from? Because right now a "new infectious organism" is "spontaneously generated" upon the death of a random "Oldnugget".... Sticky point #1. If organisms in this world come from "spontaneous generation"- then I (as God) should be able to "spontaneously generate" new organisms as I see fit. This spontaneous generation should be able to click a farm and make the plants grow without water. Through spontaneous generation, all the herbs around my little area should be regrown. I should be able to replenish fish in the lakes through the mechanic of spontaneous generation. I should not need to build huts and generate new nuggets from existing population- I can just "spontaneously generate" them. Do you see the problem, yet? It's a consistency thing for me. Why does the AI have more power than God? Honestly- I don't actually want to be able to replenish fish or make the farm grow, or add nuggets with a mouse click, but I'm trying to show the inconsistency in the standing mechanic and explain why it doesn't make sense, logically. If spontaneous generation exists, it must exist for all entities equally- or it should not exist for any entities period. Sticky point #2: The infection mechanic (as it stands) does not make sense to me when viewed through the lens of current game dynamics. (Pathing issues, Nuggets needing snacks, Nuggets not using funeral pyres etc.) We've posted about these problems in multiple places, no need to rehash- we can't actually solve the problem of "always picking up dead bodies before they rot".... I guess I can *imagine* leaving a body to rot on the street for "years and years" and never picking it up..... but why do I want to "imagine" that? Anyway- until that's fixed, infection is just an OP game-ender. "Stuff gathering around dead bodies?" No.... We don't have this in game, and IRL types of infection can certainly spread from human to human contact in cases where the original death is due to a disease. Especially airborne diseases, and bloodborne hemorrhagics. But in game we have people dying of "old age"- not disease. I have no problem with nuggets catching a disease from a corpse who has originally died of the disease, but cannot make sense of mechanic where a random "Oldnugget" corpse causes a disease for no apparent reason. (See spontaneous generation argument above) I would think a better - perhaps a more "sensible" mechanic would be: Random nuggets should develop infections while doing their jobs- like the "injury mechanic".... This is totally realistic; living entities in contact with environment develop infection after injury- Labornugget gets a cut building a hut, or a splinter while chopping wood, or drops a rock on his toe..... and it gets infected.... perhaps an injured nugget who does not get treated for the injury soon enough naturally progresses to "infected".... and becomes "Sicknugget". It's much easier for me to "imagine" an infected cut that progresses to "blood poisoning" and "gangrene" than spontaneous generation. If Sicknuggets are not cured (maybe it takes 1 herb medicine to cure the injury and another for the infection), and they die- then they should cause a contaminated area. Subsequent nuggets who walk over the corpses of Sicknuggets who died from infection have a % chance of contracting the disease. If already injured, perhaps they should be automatically infected....Then we actually have a "source of infection" and a "reason" for the "contamination". If you leave these untreated and uncontrolled- you can still develop an "epidemic"- but within reason/belief. That mechanic makes sense to me- 1) It gives me a reason to build hospitals and "care for" my nuggets (my decisions have consequences). 2) It's a logical progression for health, injury, infection, and contamination without animal vectors (some level of logic and realistic progression). 3) It provides a "reason for contamination" without "spontaneous generation" that cannot be otherwise accounted for (consistency in game mechanics). Thank you for reading, and I hope my argument, with rationale explaining the logical reasoning behind my viewpoint (with or without "imagination") is considered towards revamping the "infection" mechanic. Comments, feedback, further discussion and criticism joyfully accepted and considered. I enjoy this game- and would like to see it grow!
  15. Some let's play in russian if somebody interested I will continue to fill this playlist with patchnotes and showing how this amazing game grows =)
  16. we will be adding in a % chance of getting disease with next patch. can you provide me the video of this that you made? Would help us in trying to figure out the issue.
  17. I agree that contamination needs a rework, and all of those are really good ideas. Here is what I think: 1. Changes like a 50% chance of infection sounds good, but I would make it more like 60% so it's a higher chance of infection than not being infected. 2. There would be nice if nuggets had some chance of getting immune after they had been treated against the infection. Could be a small chance of getting immune for a long period of time (possibly that kind of specific disease/illness). 3. It would be nice if nuggets had some common sense and would avoid dead bodies, unless they're working as a gravedigger or going to take the body to a funeral pyre. This would in return make so immunity might not be needed. But still thats a nice idea for later when plagues and stuff might infect the nuggets. 4. Gravediggers really needs to start prioritizing dead bodies, and funeral pyres needs to be used as well.. as of now I've had problems where nuggets put them to fire as quickly as there is 25 wood stored and none is carrying bodies to them. Nuggets simply needs to start prioritizing things thats important in their lives (and in order to live them). @Ereketh I believe animals and stuff gathering around dead bodies could spread illness to humans irl and therefore I see no problem for the Nuggets to get infected. But yes, dead bodies don't just infect people, if they would people would not examine dead bodies in order to solve murders and cause of death in real life. But when a dead body is lying in the woods or out in the wild and none seems to care a little until it's to late, my guess is this could happen. Black Death for example were caused by a bacteria called "Yersinia pestis" found in rats and other rodents. The spreading were caused by fleas. From what I believe rats can be attracted to dead bodies and therefore spread a disease. Sometimes you just need to have some imagination. But as I said, I believe something like this would totally be possible during this time. Today? Not so likely. But several hundreds of years ago? Well, possible.
  18. Timespan of the game: I feel that this should be based on the players choice before they start playing (Like Civ) so people who like more fastpaced games could Fx. heighten the research speed or so. My solution to decide when you go an age up would be to base it on the techtree. You would go up an age when you reached some specific requirements. This could be specific research types, specific amounts of research, (Could both be from some score per research or just the amount of techs researched) and reaching long enough out on the research tree, or any combination of these that you like. As an example you could say that, to get from the stoneage you need to research: At least one new material for tools, (Bronze, copper, tin, iron, gold or even some kind of special wood) At least 5 techs (Or 20 points of tech or whatever way you want to go) and you need to research 4 techs up the tree. ---------- If there is any confusion about what i said just ask I totally agree with this. 5 minutes per month means 15 minutes per season and 1 hour for a year. We don't need more time than that. That gives you the time you need for seeing changes in weather, temperatures etc. I also think that when it comes to time entering new eras and research and stuff you should be able to heighten and lower the speed yourself, meaning that you can decide if you want to stay longer in one era and not so long in another, or perhaps like mentioned earlier 1 year in one era could be like 1000 years and so on. Cause we want to leave the stone age while alive so to speak! Having eras progressing when you reach some specific requirements from researching specific technologies is an nice interesting idea that would work pretty fine. Well, thats what happens for real right? The humans living in the stone age did not say "Eh, let's wait a few thousand years before we send a spaceship to the moon!". Our progress when it comes to technologies is whats defining the era. Thats the reason why I think this is something to add. I'm just wondering one thing. While you progress through the eras, while you chose specific researchable technologies needed by your civilization for survival (and a few others). Will you be able to research them all at a later stage? Or will it be like "Chose this or chose that"? The reason I ask is because I'm afraid that in the end there will be researchable technologies that will rarely be used cause people chose the most beneficent ones and if you chose something else your civilization might die and you need to restart the game (or from a saved game of course). Meaning that if you're gonna get those setbacks all the time and you're bad at saving your game now and then you'll have to start over again, which in the end leads to time being very very important. You don't want to lose 1 hour of playing and progress just like that to start over from the beginning.
  19. Yes, I agree 100% with this.
  20. MINOR: Chopping a tree down? Okay this is a minor thing, but one thing I enjoyed watching was nuggets chopping down trees. With the newer updates, I noticed the trees simply "disappear" when being chopped down. Is this temporary, and will that neat falling-tree animation be coming back? PLEASE say yes!
  21. Agree with all- No need for "water pump" in stone age. First historical record of water pump is appx 2000 BC. Civilization with agriculture began thousands of years before this- and presumably- all those people who lived in Sumeria, in India- along the Indus and Ganges, and China in the Yangtze river valley for thousands of years before Egyptians developed the pump had also built some type of housing. (NB- some debate on this..... Sumerian water pump for Hanging garden may have been est prior to this date, but ag in this civ was dependent on canal irrigation, not pumps) Maybe wells should only be necessary- farther away from the lakes, or near farms? I do think that rain should replenish water- there is a water cycle on this planet- no matter how much we use, we return it to the environment in some way. Law of conservation of matter, please. If the water is gone, where did it go? Do nuggets drink water and vaporize it into constituent atoms? If not, then water is returned to the environment in some way. Game mechanics don't account for standard laws of thermodynamics in this universe. Query: Do you propose different rules for matter and energy in nugget spacetime? I.e.- Is spacetime infinite and unbounded? If bounded (closed) then water cannot behave this way. I would think that a programmed universe would have boundary limits or edges, but you might be planning an infinite universe without boundary. IDK. I take time to build reservoirs to save my overflow- and use for agriculture when usage high (in summer), but to no avail. Nuggets always just keep building houses that use up the surplus..... Also agree with "farming" concept. Nuggets do not "gather food" (though starving), though the food is close by. In the stone age- we should be focused on being hunter-gatherers until we have a large enough pop to "staff" farms. PS- what about pottery? farming and storage of crops was facilitated by "pottery". I had an idea that you could pull the 'water requirement' from the warehouse (which is absurd anyway) and replace with a research requirement for pottery? Maybe no farm building until we research this as well, because we can't "store" our crops effectively without containers.
  22. Crash report file submission Submitting Crash files to devs Version of the current build: V.0.0.14 Operating System: Windows 7 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: Game crash after infection- multiple glitches during game play (the usual stucknuggets, nuggets not doing jobs, not eating, not drinking, not delivering resources) How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): Every game I play has at least one of these glitches, but they have already been reported. Module: Unknown. See att. crash report files Computer specs: CPU: Intel(R)Core i7-6700 HQ 2.60 GHZ GPU: NVIDIAGTX 1060 (with 6144 MB GDDR5 dedicated memory) Ram: 32 GB crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  23. The Universim Wikia - Unofficial site Earlier this month I discovered that both the official wiki at Gamepedia and the unofficial one at fandom (wikia) were both abandoned. Since I was already a member at Wikia, and very familiar with it, I decided to start editing at the unofficial one. A few days later I adopted the site and became it's new sysop. Over the next 21/2 weeks I built up a decent category tree, uploaded images for use on articles, created various templates, and built the main page among other things. The wiki is now at a point that I feel is presentable to the community, and I would like to invite everyone to contribute!
  24. I like this idea. Even as I like the idea of nuggets being able to walk away from your city/capital on their own and start their own thing. Maybe perhaps one or two extra civilizations that will coexist with yours. Civilizations which you could trade with, fight with and such.
  25. Agreed. This has happened in one way or another in my last 3 runs, Since playing with latest patch I cannot get anywhere near as far into the game as I was before.
  26. I agree. If one nugget dies and none picks it up directly (which oddly happens if you ask me) and people will get sick, everyone will run to hospital and it will turn out to be a real disaster. Atleast nuggets should avoid dead bodies unless they are there to gather it to a funeral pyre or the cemetery..
  27. I think that needs work as well. There should be a maximum population that the lake can support, and taking water out of that should affect it. However, if you've fished half the lake out, but only taken a quarter of the water out, the population of fish should remain the same. Could be as simple as saying that every unit of water is able to hold x units of fish, and only adjusting the fish population if there are more fish than the water can hold.
  28. I guess that makes sense, just kinda odd right now when the lakes don't dry out after the water pumps reach 0% in water amount.
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