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  2. Pre medieval

    Yes there is
  3. Dead body issue

    There was a comment in one of the dev replies that said the cemetery would be revamped, or added into the Funeral Pyre in some way. I believe they were looking for feedback regarding how to fix it. Some suggestions ranged from having grave-diggers have a radius, or making community nuggets dig a grave right where it is, with some penalty.
  4. Culture

    This would be cool to implement different "God Powers," like forcing cultures to trade with each other, or creating gladiator style arenas to please you.
  5. Pre medieval

    Hey, just following up on this. Regarding the "research," is that the current "Stone works" and "Wood Works" that refines normal stone and wood into materials that we can upgrade wells, hospitals, et al.?
  6. MAybe I am being impatient. or I am just doing it wrong. For instance... my farm has the no water symbol.. do I not build a well near there.. I have a pump running also. do you need a pump for wells?
  7. Yesterday
  8. I never really thought about that - but this game is played all over the globe. So appropriate xD So why does no game like that exist anymore if there is such an fan base? The last god game I know is Black and White (2) - which was released 2005. And before that I played Populous on the Master System II. So The Universim really takes me back and I'm so glad that I accidentally stumbled upon you guys at the Gamescom in Cologn.
  9. hello, first of all nice game what yor building like this type of game. played black&white god game years ago and this the only one who comes near it in quality. i got a issue i was really far in the game already had 4 farms standing but the wouldnt go too farm then winter came and destroyed the crops all my nuggets died of starvation i had 2 fisherman hut too but was not enough too keep them alive. can you tweak the farming ai so that they get faster food because the farming cant keep up with my mating ratio. 56 nuggets. thank you.. and once again nice game your building i will buy it iv you release the final game. btw my grammar little bit off because not my naturel language.
  10. Matting enable button

    there used to be a button for it but it was removed.. they are still working on refining the Ai and pathing system.. supposedly next patch should fix alot of these issues.
  11. Culture

    I would like to ask if you are going to implement some sort of culture system, besically some way to influence youre civilication to become more mercentile, warrior like, or production focused? (Sorry for inccorect spelling, I'm dyslexic)
  12. Last week
  13. Matting enable button

    Hi all, my nuggets keep dying from old age and the ratio of new born is really bad as nuggets are not matting. I read that there is a button/option to enable/disable auto matting. where is it? can’t find it! is it a real thing? thanks
  14. Pre medieval

    Thank you
  15. Still missing tooltip and more

    With the new patch all of this will be addressed
  16. So I started a new game today. I got up to a max of about 24 nuggets, and then they are just dying of old age and not breeding. Down to 15... I have good water I have good food I have medicine Just old age is killing them. They refuse to move refined stone from the refinery to warehouse so thee's a max of 10 stone They have stopped producing refined wood; one nugget was in the wood shot stuck on 'doing nothing' apparently. It was full at one point also... I wonder if It got overfull. (down to 12 nuggets generation year 72) I really hate when nuggets die inside the farm building, there's no way to get their corpse out of the building. The funeral pyre has been unused, my gravehard filled up. I retired my gravedigger and started a new graveyard, but at that point I was down to about 22 nuggets and had to start firing people to get laborers. Was trying to collect bodies and drop them on the funeral pyre (which never got any wood). but it was out of the way so noone would walk on disease. Maybe I should have been excersizing my mating power more. (I never did) ----- First farm was a forest farm, I selected a grassland food and it said 'wron biome, yes/no' and I answered no, and it still planted the crop. I then tried to plant a new crop and it said out of season so I answeed yes ... (it was winter) so it would queue. The cancel farm crop button didn't work, it doesn't do anything. I tried later when It was in season and it didn't do anything When the game starts it starts full screen. I have a 43" 4k display, and that is just tooo large to play a game, so I hit alt enter to start, while it is loading, it resets the screen to fullscreen again. When the game starts, it prompts, 'would you like to play with tutorials' I answer no, and it still gives me tutorials. (universim saves.zip) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B812EYiKwtkkMjFnUXZWMW9oSTg Natural Death save was where I decided to stop trying and let them run while I wrote this.
  17. Pre medieval

    No date on Beta and you need to research to get the pre-med buildings
  18. Unable to place Epicenter

    your antivirus thinks it's one it's not it puts your screenshots to a website for you i use it all the time with no problems, and if you are following Mirror you will get spammed same happened to me
  19. solved

    I pledged the minimum ($35 USD) and created an account but it kept giving me an error with no possible fix except 'try again' after confirming everything and I didnt get the game I literally just bought?
  20. Unable to place Epicenter

    [[I UNDERSTAND THAT MY REPLIES ARE BEING REROUTED TO THIS THREAD SO I APOLOGIZE FOR EXCESSIVE POSTING]] But CM Mirror said that she never posted anything on my thread, and asked if it was saying that she just viewed it. Something may be wrong with the notification service or technology just does not like me. At all.
  21. Pre medieval

    Hi nuggets, how do we pass from stone age to pre medieval era (or different era in futur)? does it work in year cycle or do we have to unlock something or ... ?!? Also any idea on Beta release dates? thanks
  22. Unable to place Epicenter

    Thank you, I will go ahead and do that though I'm not if it will help. Everything from the load up screen to getting to game play is the same as before this occurred. I've tried using in both play and pause and I know it's not supposed to work in pause. And, I've just finished going through the download of Gyazo but Norton will not let me install it because it says it is not safe. Do you have any other suggestions for a video service that will work?
  23. Bodies all over the place

    Yes because the last thing we need is the gravedigger to get a drink eat mate fill his joy and whatever else... while there are dead bodies laying around getting people sick i think that should take priority..
  24. Bodies all over the place

    Yes we are reworking them for the next patch
  25. Bodies all over the place

    I believe the Ai and pathing are both being worked on.. right now they have too many competing needs to do their jobs effectively and im sure that will be worked on in the future.
  26. Population growth forecast

    Hunting is already planned when they bring back more animals.
  27. The title pretty much says it all, know your demand and your nuggets might just stay health come spring. I don't know if this is too much too ask, but i think this is a much needed feature sometimes as your civ expands it becomes extremely hard too predict how much food you might need to produce especially when winter is around the corner with no way of fishing or farming food. Another solution of course is hunting which I doubt the team hasn't already considered.
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