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    Astronomy? I got this idea about adding the building telescope and together with some others built up this idea. It would give you information about other celestial bodies (planets, stars etc) and might give you important information for later when you colonize other planets in the space era. During the ages you should be able to get more information with an improved linces. They might not give out to much information cause that would make it all to easy to colonize a planet! but maybe just a sneak peak of what is to come and which planets thats closest to you and look most promising perhaps? Now, something that looks promising from afar doesn't necessarily have to be any good for your nuggets, so you should probably not trust everything you see from the lince to 100%. By the fact that we have always been looking against the stars, shouldn't our nuggets? Maybe nuggets would build monuments and temples and from there they get an interest in the stars? Monuments could also give various boosts to nuggets thats close to them cause they get inspired. ——————————————— Perhaps even add a calendar if possible with time and all? Not sure how it would work out with dates since time can be something of an issue with how long months and seasons will take before switching and so on. But maybe something to think about for later.
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    Opponent Civilizations? I've looked everywhere on goals and plans for the game but haven't seen anything on this subject yet. Are there any plans to have opponent civilizations on your own planet? Like maybe your initial tribe breaks off from your band of nuggets to start their own tribe across the planet and oppose you with fighting over resources, land, all out war? Maybe a civil war happens and your nation/tribe splits and you have to re-unite the world before you move on to colonizing other planets? I know there will be aliens and warfare further in the game. But, I haven't heard anything about warfare on Mother Planet or power struggle between nuggets. Love the alpha so far guys! I've watched this game evolve from the kickstarted 3 years ago and it's amazing to see a massive project like this evolve every month.
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    There are a great many things that need work in this game, hence the alpha state. I do agree that it is frustrating at times. I also agree that they could add some simple fault-state-detection. I even think they should add some funny catch-all animations to it as well (let them die with a twitchy leg whilst emptying their bowels). I do not agree on the sentiment about lost games though. Again the game is unfinished. Just play it a couple of times after each update and hope they continue to progress. Every update will bring new game-breaking things, that is why we are here; to press the bug-button.
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    Pathing Needs Major Work So this is an accumulation of multiple playthroughs and various issues I've run into. By far the biggest issue I consistently run into is pathing. This can range from annoying, to absolutely game breaking and I would consider the entire pathing system in need of major work. For this style of game, pathing has to just work and be 100% trusted. I've got enough to worry about without finding random people rubberbanding and doing odd things. If the team doesn't have the resource to properly code pathing logic, I highly suggest an error checking routine be built into it that sees a unit stuck in a loop/not moving and moves them while restarting whatever task they were doing. I've lost so many games at this point due to a doctor getting stuck on rocks, engineers getting stuck in the engineer hut, resource gathers clipping through mountains and just general terrible pathing. P1 Status, blocker ticket, there is nothing more aggravating than having to quit an otherwise thriving base because a critical skill has bad pathing.
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    Patch Notes: V0.0.16 Nugget Juice PATCH V0.0.16 NUGGET JUICE IS LIVE NOW It has been another great month for The Universim! Firstly, we restructured a number of internal systems in preparation for the Save and Load functionality, which, if everything goes according to plan, will be released as a hotfix for this patch or in V17 (cross your fingers, Creators, we’re very close!). On top of that, a lot of work has been done in other important areas, such as the various Building Upgrades we’re rolling out. In this patch, we are introducing the upgraded Eatery and Hospital, with more scheduled for upcoming patches. Another exciting bit of news is that we are putting more work into Creator Powers, which have seen some fun improvements since the last update. Nugget bodies were redesigned slightly so that they react to events, like you breaking their bones, more naturally. You’ll now be able to pick Nuggets up and toss them about, dead or alive. We heard that seeing dead, disease-ridden Nuggets lying out in front of Eateries is anunsavoury sight for most, so now you can pick them up and send them on a lovely trip to meet the sky gods. Alright, let’s get down to business. NEW CONTENT New Nugget outfits New Nugget hairstyles Building Upgrades: the upgrade system has been fully implemented. This allows us to start upgrading all of the Stone Age buildings and begin transitioning into future eras. The Eatery and Hospital upgrades are being introduced in this version. Pre-Medieval Eatery (We need to explain what is new, after balance) Pre-Medieval Hospital (We need to explain what is new, after balance 12345678 Gravity introduction: you know that thing that makes objects fall to the ground and increases the numbers on the bathroom scale? We have that now. We also have the absence of it in regards to Nuggets you toss into orbit.| Nugget Ragdoll physics system (start thinking of your best pick-up line): this system is still a work in progress, so please share your thoughts with us and let us know if we can improve it in any way. You can now pick Nuggets up by holding the left mouse button down on them for a few seconds. Once they’re picked up, you can release the button. You can throw Nuggets by pressing and holding the left mouse button down again. The longer you hold the left mouse button down, the more force will be applied, and the further Nugget will fly. Note: Nuggets die if they are dropped from certain heights or thrown with great force. Nugget Juice added Prometheus optimization/additions: a lot of systems were rewritten in preparation for the save and load system. New menus and loading screen also added. Game hints are now displayed during the loading screen Added bug report button: takes a screenshot and sends it to our team. You can also add comments to let us know exactly what happened. Witch Doctors can now heal themselves Added a status for the Witch Doctor for situations when they can’t reach Herbs Now you can see building borders/bounds during building placement New tutorials added for infections Implemented building stats upgrades through the Evolution Perk system Nuggets can now form new families after the death of a spouse New Nugget thoughts added when: Nuggets are sick, Nuggets are injured, Nuggets are sad, Nuggets need to rest, Nuggets passed out, and Nuggets are children. Added LEDs to the Construction Panel that light up to indicate in which section a new building is available Added UI for Evolution Perk progress to the main panel NEW EVOLUTION PERKS Added, implemented, & balanced the following perks. Elbow Grease (Increases Nugget Might) Pulley System (Increases Well capacity) Extra Water Force (Increases Well refill speed) Fire (Cooked food makes Nuggets stay full longer) Footwear (Increases Nugget Speed) Divine Punishment (Increases possibility that Nuggets will have twins) Bigger Buckets (Increases Well capacity) Genus Camelus (Nuggets stay hydrated longer) Dew Forecasting (Unlocks Forecast Tower) Enhanced Digging (Extra Well capacity) Clothing (Nugget health increase + slightly slower movement) BUG FIXES The Evolution Scrolls: Fixed an issue with the Evolution Tower scroll bar in the UI Hope you don’t mind the wind: Fix for the Windstorm event not triggering properly A Nugget’s guide to walking: Major pathfinding improvement for AI, should resolve a lot of issues with Nuggets getting stuck doing nothing Fixed a broken switch: Fix for buildings not turning on or off via UI panels Eight glasses a day: Fixed an issue where Buildings were sometimes not allocating water usage correctly You spin me right round: Fixed the issue of Wood and Stone Refineries sometimes rotating Just a check up: Fixed the broken health bar bug in the Forecast Tower building Hot fix: Fixed fire Where my herbs at? Fixed a situation where the Witch Doctor wouldn’t go collect Herbs. Not an act of revulsion: Fixed a situation when Nuggets would get stuck drinking from the ocean Deserts aren’t so bad: Fixed the desert biome not having flora Enlightenment: Certain shaders have been fixed due to some models were not receiving proper lighting Get this stuff off my screen: Fixed tooltips not closing sometimes Take your medicine: fixed an issue where in some cases injured Nuggets wouldn’t go to the Hospital I’m not even dead yet: Nuggets no longer form new families if their partner is in the hospital Gym jockey: Fixed an issue where Nuggets were stuck picking up resources infinitely Poor detective work: Fixed an issue where the Gravedigger was stuck looking for a corpse Drop what you’re doing: Fixed an issue where an Engineer or Farmer Nugget’s AI would break when assigned to another task while executing their current task Destroy everything: Fixed an issue where the ESC button would close panels but was not closing tooltips Water Hogs: Fixed Hospitals using too much water No duplicates: Fixed an issue where the same Perk was shown twice in the Evolution Tower UI I said no duplicates: Fixed a small visual bug where when an Evolution Perk was completed, the message was duplicating Extended holiday: Fixed an issue where when you hit ESC and come back to the game, News Messages were not updating These pants are a bit tight: Fixed an issue where the Clothing Perk caused Nuggets to get stuck Can’t you see you’re bleeding? Fixed an issue where Nuggets would not seek out a Witch Doctor if below critical health but not showing as injured. I’m not drinking this: Fixed a bug where a thirsty Nugget gets stuck and will not drink Slow down there: Fixed an issue where the first two assigned Lumberjack Nuggets would bring about great devastation to trees around the world BALANCE CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS Witch Doctor healing speed greatly increased Building resource cost overhauled Building water usage overhauled Perk costs & research time overhauled Reduced the chances for Nuggets to get infected when pathing through a diseased area Evolution Tower (Perks) resource requests will now be prioritized in the Nugget task queue When a Farm crop is fully grown, it won’t require tending Nuggets prioritize resource delivery to Evolution Tower Status messages now appear when Witch Doctors can't find herbs. Farm Changes. The farm UI has had a cosmetic overhaul. In an effort to make things more understandable and intuitive for the player, we have changed things around and added lots of tooltips. We also rebalanced the food yield and resource cost of all the crops. Let us know in Discord what you think about all the changes! If you like the changes, it was Kimball. If you hate them, blame Alex. ART ASSETS Updated resource piles Updated some Research Perks Forecaster animation update New animations for Nuggets standing up from the ground UI DESIGN Evolution tower - fixed broken scrollbar Main UI - added tooltip to current research name object. Updated progress scales colors to be more visible. MainUI atlas cleanup - removed all unused sprites - atlas is more optimized Implemented Bug Report Window Updated main UI - added Creator Powers menu button and bug report button Fixed news messages missing localizations Added 50 new News patterns Added ~100 new Thoughts patterns, including new pools like: Gravedigger going for corpse, carrying body to the cemetery, Nugget is infected, Worker going for resources, Worker is transporting resources Fixed Construction Panel missing localization Farm panel update- changed Farm panel mechanics - made it a bit more simplified All building panels now have a working on/off button. Nuggets wouldn’t get back to work when turned back on - this is not the case anymore. Fixed missing localization for resources and Farm panel Fixed Forecast Tower healthbar Fixed missing localization for Wood and Stone Refinery job status New icons for Research Perks added Fixed missing fonts in consumption panel in: Hospital, Wood refinery, and Stone refinery Stone and Wood Refinery: swapped temp storage icons to final Fixed problem with ‘all localization is missing’ New tutorial for infected zones added to the ga We hope you enjoy the new features! As usual, don’t forget to leave us your feedback, ideas, and suggestions. We would also like to take a moment and invite you to join our Livestream on Twitch on June 17 at 11 am PST. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Click to tweet about it here. Have a great time throwing Nuggets around! All the best, The Crytivo Games Team
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    They'll work it out. That's why we're testing it for them. For the most part. LOVE what the game is becoming. I can't wait for more.
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    Agreed. Something doesn't feel right when a fishernugget can only catch 2-3 fish a year...
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    The only thing that kinda gets to me is how fast seasons change. I feel like I don't have enough time to build up food stores before winter hits, especially in the beginning.
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    @Christoffer @unix88 @Ali_Army107 @Timecop2017 Yea this has been the top priority bug for MAC users like us on the Universim. It only appears to be occurring with the MAC book pro late 2013/2015 versions. It's a shader issue and the devs are currently working on it.
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    First off i did not say i have never seen someone wanting a refund i was referring to the (invert) and that you want a refund for lack of invert on a game that is still in alpha,second not all games have a invert as some do not even need it i have a few on steam that don't, third there is no need to tell me and i quote (Pull your head out of your ass) nothing about the post was mocking or trolling in anyway i was stating a fact that i have never seen this before then asked you why you wanted it,no one has said just deal with it and for white-Knight well i am far from it saying you have been gaming for 37 years mean nothing,and the nail in the coffin on the community aspect you are the one that come here ragging and tell people to take there heads out there ass,Our dev are hard working people there are not lazy a invert would be a low item on the list as it is not game breaking,learning to play without invert not as hard as you think plane sims are a hole lot different from this game.
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    Patch Notes: V0.0.15 Windy PATCH V0.0.15 WINDY IS LIVE NOW NEW CONTENT Huts: New Nugget pairs (couples) will use an available existing hut instead of building a new one. New Buildings: Wood and Stone Refineries. Initial implementation of 2 new resources: Wood Planks and Stone Bricks. These will be used for building upgrades to more advanced era. New Idle Animation for idle Nuggets. New News Messages: Informs about type/cause of Nugget death. Introducing Natural Disaster system. This system will control Nature Events on the planets, with this change we’re rolling out our first event - Windstorm. Rare Windstorm Disaster: It affects Nuggets that are not inside of their residential buildings. New Alert system was implemented as well. Now you can Alert Nuggets via Forecast Tower. Horn sounds can be heard during Alert, this sound indicates thatNuggetsneeds to find shelter. Nuggets can get injured during the storm, also Nuggets health depletes when they’re outside during the storm. More disasters are coming: tornado, earthquakes, meteor drops and more. Now there is the possibility that Nuggets will get sick when they drink impure water. Nugget Talk. Over 1000 unique ‘Nugget Talk’ sounds were added along with coding and linking them to events. Nuggets now have things to say when they execute their tasks. Improved construction visualization process. Each building has been divided into sections which were animated by hand to reflect construction progression. Initial Evolution Tower implementation (Placed as an epicenter at the beginning of the game). By clicking on the Evolution Tower, you’ll be greeted with the Influence Window. You will immediately notice that the window feels much more a part of the game as opposed to a separate environment. It is comprised of the following: The various Perks that can be researched, the description for the selected Perk, and requirements that must be met in order to research it. By researching Perks, you unlock new buildings and develop your civilization further. Certain Perks even improve the strength of your Nuggets. THERE ARE 4 TYPES OF PERKS Blue Perks are Evolution Perks. They unlock Key Buildings and advance your civilization through the ages. Every Evolution Perk researched brings your civilization one step closer to the Space Era. Yellow Perks are what we call Travelling Perks, meaning that they are only temporarily available and refresh constantly. They appear alongside almost every Evolution Perk. These Perks usually have minor effects on your civilization (which add up) and consist of either Innovation Perks or Mutation Perks. YELLOW PERKS ARE ALSO DEVIDED BY TWO CATEGORIES Innovation Perks reflect simple but brilliant ideas thought up by Nuggets as they go about their daily tasks. Being so complacent, they would never pursue their ideas without the right motivation. As their god, players can analyze these innovations and decide if they want the Nuggets to research them. Innovations come and go frequently. Nuggets will eventually forget their ideas, so you have to act quickly to research a perk if it interests you. Innovation perks offer minor improvements (that can add up to major benefits) to various buildings, systems, or professions. An example of an Innovation Perk is Improved Clothing, which increases the maximum temperature range that Nuggets can endure. It adds +5c to Max temperature and -5c to Min temperature. This gives Nuggets a better chance of surviving brutal weather conditions during extreme winters and summers. However, this Perk will also slow your Nuggets’ speed by 3%. These perks are refreshed periodically. Mutation Perks improve Nugget stats. They stem from mutations found in the DNA of Nuggets, but, like with Innovation perks, these mutations only hold the potential to be activated for a limited time. Players must decide whether they want these mutations to become a permanent addition to the Nugget DNA that will be passed down forever, or just let the mutation die off. These perks offer minor improvements (that can add up significantly) to the performance of the Nugget species. This can include increased stamina/speed/etc, less need for food or water, and even bump up the fertility rate. These also refresh periodically. Green Perks are Rare Perks, meaning that they will only appear every now and then, but keeping an eye out for them is a good idea as they will have a bigger impact on your civilization. An example of this is the Perfume Perk, which increases all female Nuggets’ fertility timer fill rates by 5%. This will lead to faster reproduction cycles, and thus, more workers. Purple Perks are Ultra Rare Perks. When you see this Perk, you’d better hit all of the buttons on your keyboard and do your absolute best to research it. We’re willing to say that it's worth all of the Master Balls you’re carrying. Wait, wrong game. Basically, these are immensely valuable Perks as they dramatically improve your civilization. An example of this is Artificial Fertilization, which allows female Nuggets to become pregnant by visiting a Science Lab if there are no male Nuggets around. We’re really using a lot of reproduction examples today, but you get what we mean. BUG FIXES Nugget Children are no longer visible in the Nugget List. Construction bugs with certain buildings have been fixed. Fixed bug where gravedigger was not taking corpses. Fixed bug that caused the pyre UI to not show. Fixed bug where Nuggets were mating on unfinished/collapsed buildings. Engineers are not trying to repair collapsed buildings anymore. Fixed shipping animation issue. Fixed Dead Nuggets that were still showing thirsty icon after death. Crops are no longer visible after farm demolish. Kids can not be injured anymore. Fixed dead nuggets panel and tooltips issue (panel closing when clicked on building). Fixed broken Farmer AI: Farmer would get into an infinite loop when thirsty and die. Injured Nuggets stop bleeding when they are in the hospital. Buildings with lower Health are now prioritized by Engineers. Crops in farm can now begin growth in autumn. There is now a difference between farmer state and crop state. Fixed walking animation when nugget is not moving or inside a building. Fixed Well Demolish button. Now camera lense gets wet when it is positioned under the rain, close to the surface. Fixed boat not facing to the right direction during the movement. All buildings now conform properly to the surface they are standing on. Stones are no longer floating above the planet. Nugget Movement: animation improvements. BALANCE CHANGESAND IMPROVEMENTS Improved Engineer priority for repairing broken buildings. Injury timer updates properly. Transportation Priority adjustments. Disease Area generation time changed from 240 seconds to 300 seconds. Disease Area will be cleaned 30 seconds after Nugget Corpse removal. Infected Nuggets health reduction was reduced from 0.1 to 0.05 point per second. First Injury start time increased. Decreased amount of random injuries. Added the possibility to get infected by passing by infected zones, now set to 50% chance. ART Windstorm effect added. Buildings that did not have construction animation now do. Added construction dust FX. Wet camera FX when raining. Stone Refinery building is implemented. Wood Refinery building is implemented. New resources: Wood and stone added. UI DESIGN Implemented Evolution tower panel. Implemented Upgrades panel for building upgrades. Forecast tower panel update - added alert button. Added alert icon to status icons pool. Wood and Stone Refinery UI design and implementation. Added localization for new Nugget statuses. Added new messages for windstorm. Updated and added a lot of new patterns for all messages. Added status for nuggets going to wood and stone refineries. Main UI update to hold current evolution tower research. Added Demolish Button to the Residential Hut Panel. Increased quality of entire GUI. MISCELLANEOUS Additional syllables for name generator to add more Nugget names variations. Added game version file to game folder. Mountains fit to surface. Tree shader script tweaks. Added new materials to stone age warehouse. KNOWN ISSUES Scaffolding sometimes does not fit well to the surface. Building Placement needs more space than current (missing safe area projector for reserving space for future building upgrades). 25 views
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    Nugget Traits I really like this feature with 'Nugget Traits' and hope we will have many more traits and personalities to come in the future! My question is, can my nuggets have more then 1 specific trait? If not, will they be able to have that at a later stage perhaps? I'm thinking that for example: "Lazy & Evil" as a combo could make so your nugget make up lies and in return trick someone else to do your dirty work? While, "Grind & Evil" perhaps will make my nugget do bad things himself? I think this would make up many interesting personalities for the nuggets. Of course in the example above, it should perhaps only be a slightly higher chance that they act in this way. Who said a lazy evil nugget cannot make any harm himself? Tips on traits: Kindhearted ; Nuggets will be more helpful and willing to help other nuggets completing their tasks. Perhaps jump in as a farmer for a sick/lazy nugget? Exposed ; Nuggets who will more easily get sick/ill, perhaps at random. They might have a bad immune system. I mean, everyone cannot be perfect? Intelligent ; Nuggets who will learn from mistakes and are often more careful then others. Slightly reduced chance of hurting themselves or getting themselves infected? Yes this might be a combo with "Immune" trait. Talented ; Nuggets will become experts at their current job. Might slightly make them better at what they're doing. I'm thinking that the trait could be switched to the name of the profession he/she's expert at. This should perhaps happen after the nugget have worked there for a while. When it comes to pass it down to the children, then perhaps the "Talented" trait should have a higher chance, but also the specific profession buff. Crazy ; Brave, Idiotic or Sluggish - This Nugget will do crazy, insane things. None is quite sure if it's to prove he's brave or just because he/she's nuts. I'm looking forward to see how you play around with this in the future to make nuggets feel like actual individuals with their own minds and thoughts!
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    Have you already backed the game but would like to help out a little more? If so, joining our internal testing team may be just the right fit for you! What is an internal QA tester? These people are volunteers from the community who have special access to the upcoming patch prior to it being released to the public. Their sole role is to help us test out the game-play/new content and to help us find the major bugs that we may have missed before it gets in the hands of everyone else. While testing, the internal testers work closely with the staff to provide the feedback in order to get the big issues resolved quickly. What are the expectations/requirements of an internal QA tester? All internal QA testers will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prior to gaining access to the pre-released patches. We do not have a time requirement (how much time you can help test per day), however we are looking for people that can jump right into testing a patch as we see fit. Typically, 1 week prior to public release of a patch we will have a patch to test for the internal qa team. So if you are still interested in joining the internal QA testing team, please click here and fill out the form. If we feel you will be a great fit to the internal testing team, we will reach back out to you using the email address you provide us in the form.
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    All good now. 😁 My pink and black world is no more. Thanks team I've been hanging out for this fix! 👍
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    Nope, it's fixed with the hotfix and everything seems to be fine. @Chaosdrone
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    It would be nice to have a "restart" option in the "Game Menu" though. With that added you don't have to restart Universim all the time, you could just restart the game you're currently playing and continue on.
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    Game keeps crashing for me, although hotifx has made balance better Get to about 20 ish nuggs and then problem occur. Also, had one instance where a fishernugget died whilst gutting. A new nugget was assigned to the fishery, but the old nugget stayed there, but was renamed to the new nugget. So I therefore had two nuugets with the same name working at one fishery, but only one registered. Presume it was just visual as no additional work was being done. The "dead" nugget started to rot whilst working (yay! zombie nugget!) at which point I worked out what was happening, grabbed the zombie bugget and fired them into oblivion, causing the game to crash before I could screengrab or report. Another one, sometimesa fisher nugget dies and falls into the water, making him unreachable for the grayeyard nugget. And another another one... why, do some nuggets go to the furthest away well, when there there is a nearer one (full)? I think the route finding muight only be periodic, and the next time they need a drink, they then go to the nearer one, even if the further away one still has water Also, pathfinding, nuggets seem to bump into each other a lot, which slows them down, and appear to stand on top of each other when "building". Perhaps more nodes needed. And finally, an interesting effect. When multiple nuggets all want feeding at the same time, they seem to swamr to the nearest food source. Those that get there first get the food (quite right!) and then the rest arrive and then swarm en masse to the next nearest food. It's an interesting effect, but it does get annoying after a while and come across as stupidity. Perhaps it could be an upgrade activity to have better awareness of food levels?
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    The engineers looping bug has arrived again. Happened on the 3rd playthrough. Game is still unplayable with this bug.
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    well on earth it snows in the dessert
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    make sure you put it somewhere you wont delete it or the game icon will become missing texture . i put it in my game directory but you wish where ever you like i have a update Icon the_universim_icon_2_by_malfacio-db0urj4.ico here is the icon and what it looks like Credits to Malfacio for art works as well . but with obvious editing and reducing , transparency
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    Not at the moment but it is being looked into and hopefully the Hotfix will sort this soon. Has been a bugger of a issue to track down.
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    Insane ammount of babies and it keeps going! My nuggets wont stop mating! Suddenly they got extremly fertile, without 'Devine punishment' being researched! By now they've made 1288 babies and keep mating. This made my game aslo extremly laggy. version Nugget Juice operating system: Windows 10 home 64-bit bug: Nuggets stuck mating and keep mating. replicate: I have no idea how it happened. They started normaly mating before a windstorm and this started happening when it ended. They just keep on mating. comp specs: Core i7-4770K, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 770
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    This could actually make for a nice scenario. Universim : the baby tsunami
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    Yeah I thought I'd try starting a civilization in the desert to avoid harsh winters..yeah that was a big mistake. lol It would be killer if you could research an upgrade to Wells that would allow them to produce water in Desert locations though.
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    I did find that taking extra care over the starting position had a big bearing, minimising the travelling distance between rocks, tress, huts, bushes etc.. seemed to help a bit
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    I know what you mean, I had so many boats out on the lake, it looked like a naval sea battle!
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    Yeah I tried usuing 3-5 fisheries and it takes them forever to build that alone. Even when Prioritizing. Fishing still feels super slow even with that many boats out on the water. I think at current pace they should lengthen seasons at least to give some time to actually produce food.
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    Again, looks nice, but load and save being still not possible is starting to look strange.
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    List of the most common bug reports we are getting with V16 at the moment. Black and Pink world (Mac only issue) Nuggets getting stuck in various professions Nuggets getting stuck trying to collect resources/bodies Esc not working either after pressing the Bug Report button or after some time Disco Ball or Artifact rendering issues News items not going away especially if you press Esc at any time Blueprints still showing and cannot get rid of them from cursor Well still not showing an actual hole Nuggets not producing kids Nuggets not remarrying after partner dies The following is a list of the most common feedback items and some possible solutions/reasons (all are being monitored and balanced) Farms and Fisheries not producing enough food - balances are being tested Wells not filling up - Being monitored, perks can assist with this but for now just build a lot of wells Doctor not harvesting herbs - Bushes only have food and herbs grow on them in spring, summer they are harvested and autumn they die off. Check your season or place a farm to grow herbs Nuggets not collecting items from bushes - again see above, select a bush to see if any food available Reservoir placing built - Almost, the large stone tower is meant to be there on placement as per design. As long as the tape appears it is working as intended at this time Nuggets not producing kids - Monitoring as some reports maybe bugs but please try the following. Don't place more than 3 buildings at a time and make sure they have a hut built
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    Nugget Juice Colors When I saw that you could change the color of nuggets blood (juice) I got the idea that maybe infected nuggets would have a slightly difference in their blood color. So based on which color you pick, your infected nuggets would have a different color upon death. Maybe same thing for dead nuggets who have been dead for a while.
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    same here with every settings... edit: Same with latest update/fix
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    Create Life? OOooook... so, after my little town was ravaged by disease.... If I am god, shouldn't I have an option of creating life... ? at a cost perhaps?.. just throwing it out there.. lol
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    Thats a really good idea! maybe you will be able to have a structure that can do that later on in game? If they make a mistake (hopefully you have more cities) you could end up with zombies trying to corrupt all your cities. Or vampires sneaking around.
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    The nugget plague will get balanced out so hopefully we will be able to prevent mass extinction of our nuggets if we try so to speak. If we ignore the issue then thats another story. Creating life is an interesting idea though.
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    Other potential traits: Outgoing : Nuggets are much more socially active. Boosts mating speed at the cost of the nuggets not working as hard due to social life. Introvert : Nuggets become less likely to interact with others. Lessens mating chances but increases likelihood of becoming an expert Psychopath : Rare trait , makes nuggets less likely to help others and might sabotage others , but excels at leadership. Artists: Nuggets are less likely to work menial jobs but, can create artificats that boost happiness and productivity of others
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    Graphics Issue Hi I am not sure what is going on with this Game but I tried it on other computers and this issue doesn't happen, I just get a texture bug or something and the whole world doesn't seem to load the textures or something correctly I will attach a photo. I play world of warcraft and a few other games on this PC so I am sure its not my GFX card? I also tried to change all the settings, over clock, factory reset gfx card, change settings in game. All that but nothing? Also updated my graphics card... Also I tried the free version and it worked without this issue, as soon as I upgraded to the paid version it done this...
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    Some of my favorite games are ones where you can just kick back and watch the AI work and destroy itself or come back together in peace all on its own.
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    Maybe prevent nuggets from getting hungry or thirsty when within their huts? Or perhaps they'll gather some food and water before they go to their huts for shelter, so they have something to live on during the storm?
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    it keeps happening to me aswell... you wonder why notices keep coming through that stuff is in shambles, when you know for sure that the engineer huts are placed through out... -.-
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    Thanks for the reply. Great to see all the fixes, will be testing/streaming it tomorrow.
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    most of those we are fixing and i was hard to read but i can see about the load and save, it is coming just needed so much work
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    Wasted resources?? Hi, Apologies if this question has been asked before, however there were too many posts to go through them all. I noted in youtube video reviews of previous iterations of Universim, that the resources in the way of placing a building appeared to be stacked neatly to one side when the building was placed. Not sure if this was a misinterpretation of what was happening.. Anyway I was wondering if you would please explain, what is the current and/or future intended result of placing a building on existing uncollected resources. It would be a shame for them to just disappear, when it would seem resources are finite (as I have not seen any grow back). If our God Powers were working, I would assume we could simply collect the resources prior to placing the building, however I have not played any versions where God Powers have been active. Thanks in advance for your time in responding.
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    I have had the same issue with above. Rebuilt an demolished engineers hut several times to no avail. In the meantime, buildings were falling down all over the place.
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    Just uploaded the new update and im now in a black world with pink clouds too. I will post a bug report from in game just wanted to say that this is the first time on a fairly new MB pro. Other releases have been working fine. I also struggle sometimes to get the UI to be big enough to read. It defaults to eany weeny and sometimes I can get it big again and sometimes i cant...
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    Yea right, it says that in the patch-notes as well. My bad! I'll do that instead! @Chaosdrone
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    Hunting hero was just an example. Meaning that Hero trait at an early stage maybe make that nugget a better hunter (If it's possible to make it change). But I like to think that if a trait come with the name "Hero" it will be someone helpful or a nugget that will have some bonus(es) doing something good for the rest of the society. Perhaps it could be a rare trait with bonus in a bunch of stuff. I didn't mean that they try to copy your actions as a God and therefore become heroes. I meant only as a trait which give the nugget various bonuses like the ones we've already seen in the news. Yes they are @navy3001, the nugget explosion!