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    I'm sorry you feel this way but we simply wont have the save feature done by next week. While we are working on save/load, and it will make it's appearance once it's been finalized. it isn't something that is needed this early in the alpha stage and our development has been focused on other major tasks like the AI overhaul which was something we had to do before we could move forward. As for needing a save/load to test "late game mechanics" nothing beyond the stone age is even implemented yet. What we want you testing is the basics, how the AI reacts to tasks assigned, are the water pumps and farms working correctly after several cycles? Are resources collected and used properly? is re-population and death working smoothly and effectively? Are there any serious graphical errors, crashes or performance issues. All of those can be tested sans save/load..
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    Patch Notes: V0.0.14 Paragon Here we are again! We’ve brought our usual (rather lengthy) list of updates with us. We’re finally back on track after our painful migration process, and we’re super happy to start adding new content to the game. Let’s just chat about one small thing before we dive into the patch notes: save and load. We hate to say it, but it’s not going to make it in this patch. However, this is priority number one right now. Our team is working hard to get it up and running without a ton of bugs strapped on for the ride. It’s a very challenging and complex task due to the nature of our procedural environments. Usually, a save and load feature isn’t particularly difficult to implement in games that have more static content, such as pre-designed levels and maps, as well as certain time-of-day lighting characteristics and so on. It comes down to how our game was designed. In The Universim, everything is dynamic: the weather system (and seasons), object distribution on the planet, building placements, etc. All of these need to be stored correctly. You don’t want to boot up your save to find your Eatery atop a mountain that was never there in your previous game, for example. We know how frustrating it can be to play the game without a save/load function. We really feel your pain, as we also have to test the game and run it from the beginning on a daily basis. This shows how important a save/load function is, even for us, and also how many problems we are encountering to get it up and running. We hope you understand, and we cannot apologise enough that it has taken us longer than expected to get it working. However, there is some good news. The save and load function isn’t going to be like other games. It has become an interesting feature, one that we think you’ll love it. We’re also happy to let you know that we’re pretty much done with Stone Age! We know it’s been a long time coming, but the Stone Age is the primary testing platform for our simulation engine, Prometheus. Most of the core elements have been implemented in this Age, and we’re finally happy with where it’s at and we’re ready to move on. Grab your drinks. Let’s celebrate! Alright, back to our updates. There are a few highlights in this patch: DISEASED AREAS What’s that smell? You guessed it! Dead Nuggets, from here on out, will generate a diseased area around their corpses if nobody takes their bodies to the Cemetery and performs an appropriate ceremony. This involves clapping three times before moving one’s hands in a circular, counterclockwise fashion; kissing the tombstone while peering longingly at a sack of fish; and then quietly whispering the lyrics to everything’s gonna be alright. Naturally, the ceremony isn’t a crucial element, but Nuggets are a superstitious bunch. Diseased areas will infect healthy Nuggets that are unfortunate enough to come too near. After a Nugget’s corpse is removed from the area, the contaminated zone will linger for a small while before disappearing. FUNERAL PYRE Speaking of smells, something is definitely cooking! We heard that you weren’t happy with how fast Cemeteries were being filled up (considering the amount of space they use), so we have added a new option to facilitate the passing of your beloved Nuggets. Introducing Funeral Pyres, an ‘advanced’ Stone Age technology that allows you to incinerate friends and family alike. Funeral Pyres consume wood for the burning process (fires are pretty difficult to get started when you actually intend to set things alight) and each Nugget corpse will take a certain amount of time to cremate. Funeral Pyres are prioritized over Cemeteries by default. Therefore, if you have an empty Cemetery and an available Funeral Pyre at the same time, a Nugget’s body will be delivered to the Pyre. Of course, if solving problems with fire isn’t really your thing, you can always turn this building off and allow the elegant and somewhat beautiful Cemeteries to grow around your Epicenter. This is the initial implementation of the Funeral Pyre. We are also developing a family system, which will gather a dead Nugget’s family together beside the Funeral Pyre to say their last farewell. Funeral Pyres will also affect Nuggets living or working nearby, causing their Happiness to drop. NUGGET ACCESSORIES Nugget fashion is on the rise! They’re looking rather fancy all of a sudden. Well, it’s functional, at the very least. Nuggets now have access to accessories. These items are added to them based on the task/job they’re currently assigned to. This not only looks impressive, but it also helps you to identify what kind of job a particular Nugget is doing. Accessories will be updated as your civilization advances through the ages. NUGGET ANIMATIONS See those moves? Our artists have been working on them day and night. Tons of new animations have been added to the Nuggets. Even though it’s difficult to see, Nuggets are doing things like bending their knees and grabbing stuff with their toes, among other additions. Nuggets now also ragdoll during (and presumably after) death. We also did some of the initial work for the system that will allow you to pick them up and throw them around like you’re training for the new Nuggetball season. Hey, it’s your civilization, and you’re kinda their god, so who are we to judge what you do with your once loyal and loving subjects? COMPLETELY REDESIGNED FARMING No, we didn’t create marvelous innovations that will take the field of agriculture to new heights. However, we did change farming mechanics dramatically to minimize the micromanagement that plagued the previous iteration. We introduced a new Farm in our previous update, Shadow Patch, but it still needed some work. Now you can plant not only the juicy fruits with the delightful characteristics you’ve come to know and love, but also helpful new herbs. Keep in mind that certain herbs might make Nuggets feel a little strange. These are for medical purposes only! Introducing them into daily meals is a very bad idea. Farmer Nuggets will also have to take better care of all crops. Without the appropriate care, crops might wither and produce far less food. Crops now use water based on their biome preferences as well. For instance, if a grassland crop is suddenly forced to grow in the desert, more water will be required. AUTO-ASSIGNMENT TO KEY BUILDINGS We know you’ve been wanting this for some time now. You know what? It’s yours. When Nuggets decide to quit their job, purely for health or family reasons, of course - not because you’re bad manager or anything - their slot will automatically be reassigned to a new Nugget by our personal eye in the sky (not one of yours). You no longer have to worry about refilling slots when someone checks out early. If a Nugget decides it's done, let the system handle it while you have fun. Now that’s an above-average jingle! WAREHOUSE Store it or lose it! The Warehouse is another new building in this patch that will finally offer you new voids to fill. This is only a simple implementation right now. It will be linked to more functionality later. This building will be heavily utilized for production in the future. Food and building materials (such as cement, glass, bricks, etc.) will be delivered from Factories to Warehouses. NUGGET STAMINA Just listen to them snore! Nuggets aren’t the undying workhorses we wish they were. They can get tired and drop to the floor to recharge their batteries. The amount of hours you get out of them depends on their make and model. Comfort plays a significant role in their lives, as it does for anyone, which entails that using a rock out in the wilderness as a pillow is likely not conducive to a good night’s rest. It would be far better if they can head home to the slightly better rocks they use as beds. Nuggets that rest at home will be more productive. FISHING SEASONS No more hover boats for these sneaky Nuggets. Previously, you probably noticed Fishing Nuggets scooting their boats along the ice like they were smothered with butter. Well, there will be no more of this particular silliness. With the introduction of Fishing Seasons, fishing stops during winter to give the lakes a chance to melt. Make sure to collect as much food as possible before the brutality of winter comes. Additionally, Fishing Nuggets look snazzy in their new outfits. However, they look less great when bobbing up and down face down in a lake. Take care of them! SEASONS Have you ever felt colors before? Well, now you can. With our new season improvements, the entire planet is more alive and dynamic than ever. Trees will change their appearance based on the current season, with their leaves turning into a lovely shade of red during fall. However, they look particularly leafless during winter. The Universim has a very complex lighting system, so our engineers spent a ton of hours delivering these gorgeous, dynamic visuals. It’s extremely difficult to work with the lighting on spherical worlds, but we’re proud of our achievements in this area. Overall, the lighting system has been dramatically improved. This includes improvements to the sky, which will reflect seasonal change as well. We hope you’ll enjoy the new sights! IMPROVED AMBIENT SOUND SYSTEM Some legends say that if you listen closely enough, you can hear the planet turning. Give it a go and report back to us. Planets in The Universim are not only dynamic in visuals, but also in sound. Every biome will now have a unique ambient sound scheme specifically designed for it. They are linked to both the seasons and the day/night cycle. Everything sounds different based on the conditions around you. Our team will continue to work on improving the game in every area, whether this be gameplay, visuals, or sound, you will always have a more refined and enjoyable experience delivered to you every month. TECHNICAL PATCH NOTES ALPHA V.0.0.14 PARAGON BUG FIXES Crop HP now changes after the crop is fully grown When a Farm has no water, the Farm will no longer operate Resolved an issue where the AI did not shift focus after a building was destroyed Key Buildings are now prioritized in constructions based on the queue they were placed in by players Issues with Nugget resource collection fixed Resource collection particle effect bug resolved (rocks are now less prone to explosion) Buildings will now correctly cease operation if the global water consumption exceeds the production Fixed an issue where the fire effect was not properly removed after destroying a Cemetery Population auto increase after placing water pump in tutorial Cooking progress is now correctly shown Fixed an issue where the version number wasn’t displaying in-game Fixed dust showing behind stones in graveyard Fixed UI scaling in 4k resolution issue Fixed residential hut panel not showing Fixed camera spinning issues when following objects Fixed Epicenter wrong placement sound on settings screen Fixed issue with Audio Manager volume Fixed issue where dishes didn't disappear if Eatery was destroyed Fixed issue where music cuts off when game speed is increased Fixed missing art/graphics for resource piles Additional camera improvements (V2) Various audio tweaks Fixed an issue where if a Nugget died while fishing, that specific Fishing Pier no longer functioned Fixed an issue where boats would not despawn after a Fishing Pier was destroyed Fixed an issue where medicine preparation progress wasn’t showing Fixed an issue where Eatery eating/drinking progress wasn’t showing Creator light now turns off during the day. The position has also been normalized. Nuggets no longer continue working when buildings are destroyed Eateries, Farms, and certain hut model scales fixed Fixed: aborting construction was not properly clearing construction zones Buildings and bushes now properly receive lights Fixed an issue when Nuggets were trying to drink from a lake and happened to get stuck Nugget ragdoll stretching fixed Nugget bodies are now properly destroyed/removed from the game Culling of Nuggets no longer bugs out when game time is paused Fixed: Nugget names changing randomly Missing Farm statuses and other text fixed Dishes now disappear if an Eatery is destroyed Particles rendering behind objects fixed Fixed: Nuggets were not prioritizing water from Eatery, but instead were going to Well Fixed: News feed was not updating properly Fixed: building names were not changed properly based on player input BALANCE CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS Get your priorities in order: Changes in Nugget Priorities between Residential and Key Buildings. Should be more balanced now. Just look at how much you’ve grown: Real-time values are now shown when hovering the cursor over crops in the Farm Put your back into it: Increased repair time for Engineers One of each: First children on the planet are now always male and female Blissful childhood: Children no longer experience the troubles of adult life. Their vitals start decreasing only when they become adults. Hamburgers>fruit and vegetables: Nugget hunger bars don’t fully fill when they eat raw food. Only cooked food makes Nuggets 100% full. Now that’s a tasty beverage: Drinking from a Well or lake will no longer fill a Nugget’s thirst bar completely. Only Eatery beverages will fill a Nugget’s thirst to 100%. Be more specific: Nuggets no longer carry any more or less than 5 points of resources Do you even lift? Global Nugget Might increased. They build and mine things a bit faster now. Slow metabolism: Nugget hunger and thirst degeneration rates decreased a bit. Changes made due to changes with food and water satisfaction factors. No more minutemen: Time taken for mating increased At least buy me dinner first: Family formation conversation time increased What’s that smell? Diseased areas start appearing around corpses 240 seconds after death You missed a spot: Diseased areas will disappear 60 seconds after a corpse is removed The years are getting longer: Full season cycle time increased from 32 minutes to 40 minutes. We wanted to give you more time to build a Farm so you can plant crops before spring or summer. No need for rations: Initial Epicenter food amount increased to 10 from 5 Just another lemon tree: Added extra food bushes to the planet Nature’s bounty: Increased food on food bushes Dust-to-dust: Increased building degradation rates over time Slow recovery: Increased healing time in Hospitals They call this a job: Increased fishing time. Superior evisceration: Decreased fish gutting time Over the legal limit: Decreased amount of fish that can be caught by Fishing Nuggets at once to 3 Watch where you’re going: Initial Nugget injury will only occur after 900 seconds in the game Clumsy little things: After initial injury, Nuggets will be injured once every 600 seconds Good things take time: Cooking time increased a bit Master brewer: Eatery beverage brewing time decreased based on a new water satisfaction factors Well, well, well: Well water quenching capabilities decreased to 10 in a good area, based on a new water satisfaction factors There’s only an I in repair: Maximum number of Engineers that can repair one building decreased from 2 to 1 Hammer time: Added strength bonus to Engineers (+3 to their Might) when they build Gotta make it deeper: Gravedigger ground digging time increased by 5 seconds Light ‘em up: Funeral Pyre now needs 25 wood for one Nugget body Cooking preparation time varies: Funeral Pyre cremation time divided into 5 steps, each step takes 10 seconds Happy birthday: Nuggets will have a higher chance of dying of old age after they turn 40 years old. There will be a 15% chance of dying each year following the age of 40. There will be blood: Nuggets will begin bleeding if their health falls below 79%, which can only be stopped at a Hospital The wonders of the body: Nugget health will regenerate if it is at 80% or above Trickle effect: Nugget health bleed time slowed down to 0.1 per second Architectural innovations: Tweaked building health and resource requirements based on new Nugget Might changes ART ASSETS New accessories for job classes are implemented: Food Gatherer Wood Chopper Stone Miner Fishing Nugget Witch Doctor Cook Cemetery worker (Gravedigger) Farmer Builder Added new instruments for resource extraction and collecting food Hammer Axe Hoe Scythe Added different capes according to job classes Backpacks and baskets for resources delivery are added Resources and food for backpacks and baskets filling Stone Wood Fruit Herbs Fish New Warehouse building is implemented Funeral Pyre building implementation New herbs for Witch Doctor concoctions Paddles for boats New animations for Nuggets are added: Sleeping on the ground Gathering from bushes in to the basket Harvesting crops with instrument Swimming on the boat using paddles New hut mating animation Improved Snow Particles UI DESIGN News archive panel items: removed ‘place’ when event happened since there is no way for proper localization Main Menu exit game confirmation alert implemented Added News Triggers for spring and fall Fixed animations in all panels when speed was changed to +2 or +4 (animations were too fast) Farm panel: added growth time when hovering over growth speed circle. Updated statuses for crops. Changed color for herbs to white, crops are pink. Funeral Pyre panel implemented in the game Unable to change name of Farm, Well, and Reservoir fixed Fixed reservoir and pump UI mask artifacts Moved demolish button to health bar Added turn off/on building in top bar Implemented Warehouse UI Engineers hut, Farm, Eatery, Fishing Pier, Forecast Tower, Hospital, Cemetery, Funeral Pyre, Water Well, Water Reservoir, Water Pump - updated panels. Added turn on/off button and moved demolish button to health bar. Unified font to hold only 3 sizes, which will be reflected in settings UI. Added new messages and thoughts Construction menu updated: added icon for Warehouse and Funeral Pyre PERFORMANCE CHANGES Improved performance for cloud generator Better Nugget culling system Improved lights and shadows Planet shader surface performance improved Tree season shader performance improved Improved building LODs Planet gravitation system improved MISCELLANEOUS Exit game alert Added Icon indicator when building is in a bad condition New Icons ZZZzzz when Nuggets are resting Nuggets can be clicked more easily when they’re in buildings or close to one We now show plot conditions on mouse over New Nugget thoughts New News messages Added Icon when Nuggets get sick Settings for border or border less window modes Audio volume tweaks Resource mining particle FX improvements News messages for season changes Confirmation dialogue at game exit KNOWN ISSUES Nuggets stand too far from resources during mining (use the force, Luke) Snow shader on the ground looks kinda meh Dead Nuggets sometimes have icons above them from when they were once alive (ghosts!) Nuggets mate inside of unfinished huts (can’t wait?) Children can get injured (dammit, Billy) Sometimes Nugget animations look glitchy (she call me Mr. Boombastic) Engineers might attempt to repair buildings that have collapsed (they’re a little late) Sometimes Nuggets can’t reach destinations where resources needs to be dropped (over glass or snow, the postal service here will not go) We hope the squashing of so many bugs brings you great joy. These issues were resolved quickly, thanks in large part to our new AI system and improved engine. We spent quite a bit of time on the project cleanup, as you probably remember, and it’s paying us back tenfold already. We’re spending less time hunting nasty bugs and using this extra time to bring you new content instead. We will continue pushing hard and delivering new content to you every month. Speaking of months, March has been a great one! We’ve got a lot of new fans, thanks to the awareness being spread by content creators. We’re extremely happy to see their excitement and positivity about the work we’re doing. However, the support and encouragement that all of you give us still means ten times more. We love you all! Thanks again for having our backs. Now, it’s probably best we get back to work. We also wish you all a happy April Fools’ Day (releasing a patch on April Fools’ probably raises a few concerns, but don’t worry, everything here is 100% honest. Seriously, don’t overthink it. There’s nothing hidden in the patch notes above). Stay frosty out there ! As usual: join our forums, report bugs, and leave your suggestions and opinions whenever you can. Your feedback is extremely important to us. All the best, The Crytivo Games Crew
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    Opponent Civilizations? I've looked everywhere on goals and plans for the game but haven't seen anything on this subject yet. Are there any plans to have opponent civilizations on your own planet? Like maybe your initial tribe breaks off from your band of nuggets to start their own tribe across the planet and oppose you with fighting over resources, land, all out war? Maybe a civil war happens and your nation/tribe splits and you have to re-unite the world before you move on to colonizing other planets? I know there will be aliens and warfare further in the game. But, I haven't heard anything about warfare on Mother Planet or power struggle between nuggets. Love the alpha so far guys! I've watched this game evolve from the kickstarted 3 years ago and it's amazing to see a massive project like this evolve every month.
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    I agree that the contamination should be reworked. I've had the following glitch happen to me every single time I've played with the new patch now: One nugget will die and the graveyard workers / pyre will never address the dead nugget The nugget will contaminate the entire civilization My hospital only has 2 slots unlocked, both of which are occupied but the patients' health is not progressing The doctor is "doing nothing" while both patients fail to progress in health The entire civilization eventually dies because nobody was healed or could gain access to a hospital bed Even if I build many hospitals, it won't matter if sick nuggets are simply trapped in them and never healed. Am I the only one experiencing this behavior? In short, I agree with maegi46. Nuggets should maybe suffer from decreased productivity and slow down, but not get sick immediately. As we've already discussed, if a nugget dies in a high-traffic area, the entire civilization can become infected in literally seconds. At the very least, the hospital glitch I've encountered must be repaired.
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    PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING A BADGE How to make getting your badge go as smoothly as possible: Make sure the E-MAIL you are using here on the forums is the same as your Kickstarter Backer E-Mail/PayPal backer E-Mail. If they are not, just leave a comment and we will contact you as soon as possible! Website backers should not have this issue unless you made your forum account first. DO NOT make a second account!If you used a different email to register than the one used for Kickstarter or PayPal, please PM MirrorIf your emails are the same please do the following: POST IN THIS THREAD letting us know if you are a KICK STARTER, PAYPAL, or WEBSITE BACKER (old/new site)If you donated during the Kickstarter campaign you are guaranteed at least a Kickstarter Backer Badge for any amount donated at or above the $5 range!If you donated on the Universim homepage there are two cases which have to be considered: Members who supported The Universim on the old homepage should have pledged $60 or more to get a badge. On the new homepage you have to pledge at least $100 to get a badge. Original Post: Hey everyone! Now i can finally tell you all that the badges have arrived! After going through the long list of all donations we have finished it and will roll out badges! You guys want to see them? Of Course you do here we have them! The kickstarter Badge! The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge The Golden Winged Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the old homepage: The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the new homepage: Brontosaurus Tier T-rex Tier Mammoth Tier As you might have noticed the badges of the higher tiers on Kickstarter, that didn't get any backers, aren't here! That is because we decided to not show them to you, so we can use them later on! Who knows, we might want to do some more fun stuff for you all and use them as reward! You'll have that shiny new badge sooner than you think and access to the super awesome private backer lounge! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your shiny new badges!
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    Make a simpler stone age >>>This is not a post complaining about the fact that the game is more of a city manager than a god game<<< I'm playing version 13, built a stone hut, but there is no water pump: it says stone hut does not have enough water to function. Seriously? In stone age houses do not function if they are not connected to the water pipe system?? It's not only this, the entire game is very focused on things like agriculture, the eatery, the food and water distribution system, medicine, buildings etc, which is totally nice, but i mean, this is stone age! those things are connected to complex societies, big numbers of people (nuggets) and advanced technologies. So my question/suggestion is: can you delay this kind of managing to a phase of the history in which it makes sense? can you make the stone age more of a survival thing? like to survive winters, gather food, hunt animals? and only after having discovered some new thing, adding the managing system you are working on right now. A few examples: stone hut will provide almost zero warm, few places were to sleep, but they do not need anything => research for better housing => you have warmer housing, better things, but you need it to be connected with water. Or at the beginning the best kind of food is gathering, which provide enough "fast" food for a small community and you have almost nothing to do, but it is not a reliable source => research agriculture => you can build farms, which are slower and need more nuggets to be maintained, but give us more food and are more suitable for bigger communities. Same thing with drinking from the lake and building a well. I can give you many other example if you need it. The point is basically to make the stone age "simpler", an initial phase in which buildings, water farming or whatever is not necessary, but it became necessary only after the community grows in number. Let me know your impression on this!
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    In addition- a build queue for the Engineers, maybe? So we could prioritize repairs on essential items- and not just when they "got around to that thing on their list"?
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    I'm imagining how things were in reality, prehistoric times, and honestly, maybe people just learned "hey all those people got sick from that dead person, maybe the gods don't want us messing with it?" But that might be hard to implement, Nuggets with group learning capabilities. Another thing humans had was potential immunity, a super small chance to just not get sick, passed on to children. In a group of 30, 2 people would be around 7% population immunity, and enough to... repopulate the planet? Oh, and post-illness immunity would be cool too. Per-Nugget antibodies. Otherwise, people are right above, just make the Gravedigger/person who burns bodies a little more... motivated. (Even manual stimulation would work for me. "Suddenly a great voice boomed in my mind, and It sayeth upon me, 'Yo get that body or you gonna kill all your people bro'") Best of development to ya!
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    It is highly frustrating to have nuggets walking in contaminated areas, especially if the nuggets walk in a straight line to the zone and then get sick and walk away (Yes, this happened to me). So im in for a change, but not a drastic one. I liked the idea of dropping it to 50% and/or mabye adding some kind of medicine that can up your nuggets resistance when they have been cured, so your nuggets can survive for a bit longer without them getting instantly sick again when they walk out of the hospital.
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    Have you already backed the game but would like to help out a little more? If so, joining our internal testing team may be just the right fit for you! What is an internal QA tester? These people are volunteers from the community who have special access to the upcoming patch prior to it being released to the public. Their sole role is to help us test out the game-play/new content and to help us find the major bugs that we may have missed before it gets in the hands of everyone else. While testing, the internal testers work closely with the staff to provide the feedback in order to get the big issues resolved quickly. What are the expectations/requirements of an internal QA tester? All internal QA testers will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prior to gaining access to the pre-released patches. We do not have a time requirement (how much time you can help test per day), however we are looking for people that can jump right into testing a patch as we see fit. Typically, 1 week prior to public release of a patch we will have a patch to test for the internal qa team. So if you are still interested in joining the internal QA testing team, please click here and fill out the form. If we feel you will be a great fit to the internal testing team, we will reach back out to you using the email address you provide us in the form.
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    Issues with Paragon Issues With Paragon: Farms are a death trap: Assign a nugget to a farm if you wish them to perish by starvation and/or Thirst. Engineers: They fix what they feel like, and have no priority set to broken buildings. Doctors: Sometimes get stuck leaving the hospital (Gathering herbs), or at the mixing station (Doing nothing). Other times they're too busy mating or drinking/eating to attend to patients. Graveyards/Funeral pyres: The grave digger often can't keep up with dead bodies, then disease spreads quickly devastating your tribe. Fishing: Fishermen do a ton of work for very little food turn over, which wouldn't be such a big deal if farms weren't death traps atm. Nuggets getting stuck: It happens every play through and randomly. Generally I get about 30-40 minutes of playtime and a tribe of about 10-13 nuggets. Then either too many nuggets become stuck, or disease has began to destroy my tribes because the gravedigger just cant keep up with dead nuggets.
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    Hey! A workaround is lowering the shadow quality.
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    The update is coming out today, thats not an april fools joke.
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    How obtaining energy affects the Planet Since the game is based on dynamic events I wanted to suggest an idea that would contribute towards the dynamics of the game: My idea is rather broad so I will explain it through an example. I would like to implement that certain decisions have "realistic" effects on the world. Examples: Energy is a resource, which can be produced using renewable and non-renewable resources, this decision should impact the game heavily: For example polluting the world, possibly killing animals or if you decide to use nuclear energy maybe a nuclear power plant might explode causing huge troubles. Hydroelectric Power is also a way of obtaining energy but you have to build Hydroelectric dams which in some cases may block the path of some fishes and cause a species to go extinct (in-game result: less fish, which leads to less food) To everyone who read my idea please comment any additional suggestions or your personal opinions on this idea.
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    Do you think contamination should be reworked? Hi there, So I've played a few of my first games ever, probably about 5 in total on v0.14 Paragon. The recent hotfixes have let my population boom compared to pre-hotfix games and today I got up to 40+ nuggets with relative ease and everything was going pretty well... until: Someone died in a high traffic area and made everyone (and I mean every single nugget not on a farm or fishing) sick from walking through the contaminated area. I had a hospital with 5 medicine and it was dealing with injuries pretty well. Even if I had say three hospitals equally stocked there's no way I could have dealt with that situation of having to treat 40+ sick nuggets. I also had a funeral pyre and one graveyard with only two slots full. So what are your thoughts on this mechanic? I think it's cool but maybe not have a 100% chance of getting sick, maybe drop it to 50% or so. I assume it's at 100% now because everyone walking through it got instantly sick.
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    Reuse-Remarry? Query: Why are empty stone huts not reused/reinhabited by young couples? I had an issue with this- the empty huts were "being repaired" when I needed my engineers to repair useful items. I found that turning off one hut turns them all off. Not sure if bug or designed that way. So, the empty huts sit there and suck water. Meanwhile- I have other things to manage besides devoting resources to empty huts- but have no control over this. Can't actually send my labor nuggets to "chop wood" or anything specific (like gather food when they are starving, we have hundreds of wood and stone and yes, we have an eatery too). Why can't I tell labornuggets to do something specific? Can I have GatherNugget and MasonNugget and Lumbernugget- maybe once my population gets large enough? Or maybe LaborNugget does whatever and I have these three other options as well? Another game- labor nuggets decided to build houses for people who died/were dying of "infection"- so no one cut wood for funeral pyres.... Corpses piled up. End of Nuggetopolis. Can this auto-building hut mechanic be tweaked? Query: Why do single spouses of childbearing age never remarry? Seems silly- I understand stage 3 people, but young people who lose a spouse never date again? Honestly? Sad and lonely to be a widowed nugget. Thank you for thoughtful answers.
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    @socman I already have- posted link to vid and detailed timeline Monday to bugs forum but sent you a link with copy of post. Percentage chance of disease is realistic. @Cristoffer, I like your ideas above, agree with immunity, common sense, prioritization.... And I thank you for bringing forward some excellent points. Oh several hundred years ago- it did. And even more recently than that. (See "Spanish Flu" -which was not actually Spanish in origin as it was a worldwide pandemic. Asiatic cholera epidemics in the middle 1800s are nice cases to study as well. American port cities trading with the tropics had Yellow Jack epidemics throughout their histories- and the list goes on.) 1) There are no animals hanging about to harbor fleas, ticks and other insect vectors responsible for transmission from reservoir to human. Most human illnesses have been transferred from one animal vector to another to humans- after the development of "keeping livestock" and/or "animal husbandry". Contact with animals allows disease to "jump" to humans, but can also protect them from disease. Case in point: Smallpox and Cowpox. Because the milkmaids all caught "cowpox" from their prolonged association and daily contact with cows they were "immune" to smallpox. Thankfully, Jenner noticed and did something about this... In game, we have no animals (no hunting, no livestock). So- no disease reservoirs to help us with "immunity", but none to "cause disease". Plague came FROM somewhere. It didn't "spontaneously generate" in a population of dead corpses. 2) DNA testing has shown that the "Great Mortality" (the Plague) black death was caused by Y. pestis, a particularly virulent strain of this bacteria, yes. The normal reservoir is a type of Asian marmot. So the plague had to travel a very long time, a far distance (from East Asia), and the spread was influenced by technology (people had to travel to move from Asia to the West) and climate (temperature, humidity). Med Sea regions (South France, Italy) were hit hard, but areas like central Poland and Northern England/Scotland escaped the massive death toll noted in other parts of Europe. In addition, there was a natural resistance gene present in European populations that rendered some people naturally immune to infection. Another factor here was the kind of rat found in Europe- as there are different types of rats, who actually carried different types of fleas. Some fleas carry Y. pestis and will infect humans- but some fleas do not. Some people had the weather to breed the "disease carrying fleas" in more abundance (vide infra)- but only after the fleas were introduced by shipboard rats to certain ports. But I would like to offer a small correction to you..... the rats themselves did not "spread the plague"- they carried the fleas that spread the existing plague bacteria (causative agent). One could argue that it is the same thing, but it is not.... Fleas have different reproductive requirements than rats.....And these fleas could only reproduce under certain weather/climate conditions- which limited the spread of the disease to certain seasons as well. (Flaring up during warm months in towns with humidity ripe for breeding conditions, dying down during cool months). In addition- there were certain areas that were too cold for the fleas to breed. Please note that Central Poland was spared. Altitude also matters- high in the mountains, fleas cannot live. (Think about the alps- not a plague center) Thank you for bringing this example forward- because it is an excellent demonstration of a good point..... 1) Black plague was not spread by human to human contact, but propagated by the populations of two different animals. (we don't have this), which in turn was influenced by geography, including climate, weather and seasonal changes. (we do have this- but unlike reality- this does not seem to matter) 2) Black plague spread was also influenced by technology. (horses, wagons, ships)- none of which we have in the game (yet) 3) Black plague emanated from a preexisting source/reservoir and was not caused by the spontaneous generation of a novel organism. (which is the issue with the mechanic here) I have lots of imagination- and I'm happy to use it.... However....a plague, whether pandemic or epidemic requires a "perfect storm" of conditions- and I can't figure out where the novel pathogen is emanating from? Because right now a "new infectious organism" is "spontaneously generated" upon the death of a random "Oldnugget".... Sticky point #1. If organisms in this world come from "spontaneous generation"- then I (as God) should be able to "spontaneously generate" new organisms as I see fit. This spontaneous generation should be able to click a farm and make the plants grow without water. Through spontaneous generation, all the herbs around my little area should be regrown. I should be able to replenish fish in the lakes through the mechanic of spontaneous generation. I should not need to build huts and generate new nuggets from existing population- I can just "spontaneously generate" them. Do you see the problem, yet? It's a consistency thing for me. Why does the AI have more power than God? Honestly- I don't actually want to be able to replenish fish or make the farm grow, or add nuggets with a mouse click, but I'm trying to show the inconsistency in the standing mechanic and explain why it doesn't make sense, logically. If spontaneous generation exists, it must exist for all entities equally- or it should not exist for any entities period. Sticky point #2: The infection mechanic (as it stands) does not make sense to me when viewed through the lens of current game dynamics. (Pathing issues, Nuggets needing snacks, Nuggets not using funeral pyres etc.) We've posted about these problems in multiple places, no need to rehash- we can't actually solve the problem of "always picking up dead bodies before they rot".... I guess I can *imagine* leaving a body to rot on the street for "years and years" and never picking it up..... but why do I want to "imagine" that? Anyway- until that's fixed, infection is just an OP game-ender. "Stuff gathering around dead bodies?" No.... We don't have this in game, and IRL types of infection can certainly spread from human to human contact in cases where the original death is due to a disease. Especially airborne diseases, and bloodborne hemorrhagics. But in game we have people dying of "old age"- not disease. I have no problem with nuggets catching a disease from a corpse who has originally died of the disease, but cannot make sense of mechanic where a random "Oldnugget" corpse causes a disease for no apparent reason. (See spontaneous generation argument above) I would think a better - perhaps a more "sensible" mechanic would be: Random nuggets should develop infections while doing their jobs- like the "injury mechanic".... This is totally realistic; living entities in contact with environment develop infection after injury- Labornugget gets a cut building a hut, or a splinter while chopping wood, or drops a rock on his toe..... and it gets infected.... perhaps an injured nugget who does not get treated for the injury soon enough naturally progresses to "infected".... and becomes "Sicknugget". It's much easier for me to "imagine" an infected cut that progresses to "blood poisoning" and "gangrene" than spontaneous generation. If Sicknuggets are not cured (maybe it takes 1 herb medicine to cure the injury and another for the infection), and they die- then they should cause a contaminated area. Subsequent nuggets who walk over the corpses of Sicknuggets who died from infection have a % chance of contracting the disease. If already injured, perhaps they should be automatically infected....Then we actually have a "source of infection" and a "reason" for the "contamination". If you leave these untreated and uncontrolled- you can still develop an "epidemic"- but within reason/belief. That mechanic makes sense to me- 1) It gives me a reason to build hospitals and "care for" my nuggets (my decisions have consequences). 2) It's a logical progression for health, injury, infection, and contamination without animal vectors (some level of logic and realistic progression). 3) It provides a "reason for contamination" without "spontaneous generation" that cannot be otherwise accounted for (consistency in game mechanics). Thank you for reading, and I hope my argument, with rationale explaining the logical reasoning behind my viewpoint (with or without "imagination") is considered towards revamping the "infection" mechanic. Comments, feedback, further discussion and criticism joyfully accepted and considered. I enjoy this game- and would like to see it grow!
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    Agree with all- No need for "water pump" in stone age. First historical record of water pump is appx 2000 BC. Civilization with agriculture began thousands of years before this- and presumably- all those people who lived in Sumeria, in India- along the Indus and Ganges, and China in the Yangtze river valley for thousands of years before Egyptians developed the pump had also built some type of housing. (NB- some debate on this..... Sumerian water pump for Hanging garden may have been est prior to this date, but ag in this civ was dependent on canal irrigation, not pumps) Maybe wells should only be necessary- farther away from the lakes, or near farms? I do think that rain should replenish water- there is a water cycle on this planet- no matter how much we use, we return it to the environment in some way. Law of conservation of matter, please. If the water is gone, where did it go? Do nuggets drink water and vaporize it into constituent atoms? If not, then water is returned to the environment in some way. Game mechanics don't account for standard laws of thermodynamics in this universe. Query: Do you propose different rules for matter and energy in nugget spacetime? I.e.- Is spacetime infinite and unbounded? If bounded (closed) then water cannot behave this way. I would think that a programmed universe would have boundary limits or edges, but you might be planning an infinite universe without boundary. IDK. I take time to build reservoirs to save my overflow- and use for agriculture when usage high (in summer), but to no avail. Nuggets always just keep building houses that use up the surplus..... Also agree with "farming" concept. Nuggets do not "gather food" (though starving), though the food is close by. In the stone age- we should be focused on being hunter-gatherers until we have a large enough pop to "staff" farms. PS- what about pottery? farming and storage of crops was facilitated by "pottery". I had an idea that you could pull the 'water requirement' from the warehouse (which is absurd anyway) and replace with a research requirement for pottery? Maybe no farm building until we research this as well, because we can't "store" our crops effectively without containers.
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    The Universim Wikia - Unofficial site Earlier this month I discovered that both the official wiki at Gamepedia and the unofficial one at fandom (wikia) were both abandoned. Since I was already a member at Wikia, and very familiar with it, I decided to start editing at the unofficial one. A few days later I adopted the site and became it's new sysop. Over the next 21/2 weeks I built up a decent category tree, uploaded images for use on articles, created various templates, and built the main page among other things. The wiki is now at a point that I feel is presentable to the community, and I would like to invite everyone to contribute!
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    Contamination and burial issue Version: V.0.0.14 Operating System: Windows 10 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: Nuggets all stuck in death loop . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): One of my 8 nuggets died in front of the hospital so all of my nuggets got infected passing buy it, went in for treatment and when done got stuck in a loop because the body was not getting taken away to the pyre or cemetery. The two nuggets that weren't infected where the pyre worker and the gravedigger but they never approached the body to bury/burn it. The game ended with them being the last two standing until the got hungry went to the eatery and were infected along the way. Module: The AI isn't picking up dead bodies or avoiding them. Computer specs: CPU: Intel 4790k, GPU: Nvidia GTX1070, Ram: 16gb
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    List of existing buildings I'd like to see a list of all existing buildings, similar to the nuggets list, showing information about status (active/inactive), condition (percentage) and maybe water/resource status. The list could be implemented on clicking the evolution tower or as extra button next to the nuggets list.
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    So I just got this game- and I love it. I also understand it's in alpha- I'm good with that. Not naming other games I play (in alpha after many years)- I expect issues. Devs will get them resolved- but to me, this looks like a pathing issue for the nuggets. I only have about 12 hours of play time in- and I'm on a steep learning curve. I'm sure there are tricks I haven't figured out. But so far, I'm watching my civilization plummet because one Knuckleheaded (K)nugget who has been stationed in the cemetery to pick up bodies and dispose of them decides he needs to go have a drink, or go to bed, or have a snack.... The gravedigger has ONE JOB. He's a One Trick Nugget- and he or she doesn't do the job. He stands there in the cem, until there is a body- then goes to eat, drink, sleep, mate etc. So- I lose every map I play on... and what always happens: my town is infested by some plague- because by the time the gravedigger gets there (if he's not too busy with his personal needs)- he just looks at the pile of rotting black goo....and the infection spiral ensues.... until the whole game crashes as well. Doesn't matter how many hospitals, cemeteries, funeral pyres I build.... My gravediggers don't path either "into the cemetery" or "to the corpse". Sometimes, they go into the cemetery, and can't get back out again.... (Door hitbox issue?) I've also seen them pass by 3 corpses to go get one that was across the map. Preach on, brothers.... I've seen this as well- and had multiple hospitals... I don't think there is any "cure" for the infection. But the doctor could still gather herbs, make medicine or do something- and they go have a snack instead. I wonder if this (hospital/gravedigger) is a recognition issue? I've also had a corpse die at the door of the cemetery, the gravedigger stood at the door, never went in- until of course- the body turned into festering goo. So that gravedigger went to the hospital. I assigned a new nugget from my labor pool- who also stood at the door in the pile of festering goo. That one got sick, but decided to go have a snack. Every once in a while, a laborer will help a nugget out and carry off a corpse to be burned- but most of the time not. Potential Solution: I think there should be a way to "activate" a nugget and make nug go and accomplish a task (specifically).... Gravedigger-go pick THAT corpse up- or Engineer- go fix THAT structure. I'd like to see that for my OTNs (My One-Trick Nuggets). If our nuggets can't be troubled to do their jobs, then why do they have jobs in the first place? I saw ONE gravedigger- ONE TIME pick up a "decomposing corpse" (after he had a snack, got a drink and took his sweet time about it).... and then the "infected area" decayed away. It was a miraculous event- but only happened once. In that game, I managed to get 10 corpses safely buried- and a few more burned before one died and couldn't be picked up. I started to notice a pattern though.... and may provide a solution.... Troubleshooting Idea? So in crowded areas- I have noticed that the dead nuggets are not picked up if they are near an entrance to a building- at a doorway. That's what makes me think this is a "pathing" issue. The corpse can't be recognized because it's in the middle of some part of the structural footprint that the Gravedigger nugget can't go? I've read posts in the bug reports- and one mentioned "corpse in front of a hospital". I'm thinking that the door hitboxes could be the issue. I'm also wondering if there is some priority or radius of effect for the building (cems and pyres). Other bug posts mentioned things regarding this.... So, how far away will the gravedigger travel to pick up a corpse? If a nugget dies in the middle of the woods, equidistant from three cemeteries.....which gravedigger will fetch him? Answer right now: None. They are all having snacks, beverages, mating or sleeping. Disease: Right now, until you get the (gravediggers, doctors) nugget job and pathing issues fixed- I think this needs to go. So I have a comment here about the disease: Check it out- decomposition does not automatically breed disease. Ask any fungus. Decomposition is "compost"..... Yea IRL- decomposing flesh gives off odors due to the breakdown of nitrogenous chemicals. The "dead smell" is not from illness or "disease". (Putrescine and cadaverine are the two main compounds. Yes they are toxic in LARGE DOSES.) I know nuggets aren't humans- but they, presumably are still "animal" and not vegetable or mineral.....So- my question is: are my nuggets eating the dead bodies? They won't pick their dead nugs up, but they'll eat their brothers instead? And everyone who walks through the corpse is eating 2 g/kg body weight of the toxic compounds? That would make them poisoned, but not necessarily "diseased". So I guess my rational mind has a hard time making a "leap" like this- from death to automatic disease, but I get that it's a game- it just doesn't make sense to me. I would love some explanation here if anyone cares to provide? Infection- ok, I guess you had to make it important for me to get rid of corpses, but my OTN doesn't actually get rid of them.... and honestly- 50 nuggets walked over a festering body that died at the door of my eatery- and not one of them had the sense to get a wheelbarrow and bring the body to any one of the funeral pyres in Nuggetville? They all needed a snack? or a drink? or to go mate? If I'm "God" why can I not get one nugget to pick up a corpse before it decays? I'm not sure why we need one guy who does nothing but dig a grave anyway. Why can't the laborers just handle "funeral detail"? So keep infection if you want, but I want to know how many devs have stepped on something squishy, fallen irreparably ill from it and not tried to clean it up before your fellow devs stepped on it? I think the mechanics here are broken. An earlier post mentioned "learning"- but I agree with some level of "common sense" mechanic, maybe? Or have the witch doctor decontaminate the area with something? I think we players need one of the following: 1) a way to directly intervene to clean up corpses to reduce infection- and if you can't give us that, then we need 2) a way to actually heal disease (or clear the hospital beds for people who need healing and can't get it because we have infected people that just lay there and take up space)...etc.... but they will just go right back out and get re-infected? (So immunity is a good idea) 3) And/Or infection has to be seriously nerfed from the current state. Hope this is helpful in some way, Devs and Players. PS- I'd also love a way to tell the Nuggets to Collect Food. It does me no good to have 20 laborers collecting stone and wood when I need one or two to go get some food?
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    We certainly understood when we released this diseased area that it wouldnt be perfect from the start. With your guys feedback we will certainly be tweaking it to make it better. So please keep giving us your suggestions! we do read them all!
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    I have the same issue with the hospital. If the doctor becomes infected (even if I change multiple doctors), they will get stuck in the hospital twitching uncontrollably while doing nothing. Horrible spiral as they all die. I even had 3 hospitals.
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    Farmers working to death Version of the current build: (V.0.0.14) Operating System: Windows 10 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: Farmers work until they are dead . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): Creating a farm in any area with the front facing away from the well / eatery and planting a crop close to the end of the season cycle. Also I have noticed that having a plant in to be auto planted makes it worse as they will "harvest" the plants during seasons they won't grow. Module: AI Computer specs: CPU : FX 6300 @ 4.5ghz , GPU R9 390, Ram 12gig ddr 3.
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    i agree with you BMac... i have the same problem... its the only reason why i end up failing is because everyone gets sick because someone died right next to a well or out front of my eatery.
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    oops...i thought you meant game patch...which we just had hotfix release =) but ya, what Mirror said about bi-monthly info =)
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    Just something I made Something I drew in class while not paying attention ;P I am quite at the begginer stage in drawing but I am proud of this one and btw Im BACK! like a year since I was last on ^^
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    When a Nugget dies during mating its partner continues mating until it dies Version of the current build: (V.0.0.14) Operating System: macOS Sierra (10.12.4) Brief BUG/Glitch Description: One nugget died during mating (at least it went happy) and the other continues until its basic needs are unfulfilled then dies. Maybe it is griefstricken. If it is someone important (like the Doctor or Gravedigger) everything goes downhill rapidly. Has occurred several times. Having trouble adding screenshots - see . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): Happens automatically and consistently when a nugget dies during mating. Module: ? Computer specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015), 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M370X (2048 MB)
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    Hola! ¿Qué parche estás jugando? Imagino que tienes Windows 7, una solución es instalar SP 1 junto con esta actualización: La otra es actualizar a Win10
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    since paragon update (v14) nuggets are automatically reassigned when one dies.
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    This is something I've been really hoping for. One of the things I enjoy most in any game of this type is watching A.I. do it's own thing, including fight itself. There's this snippet in the game description: "One such situation that may arise from bad decision-making is that two or more AI cities declare war on one another. You then have an important choice to make: intervene and attempt to bring an end to the chaos, or simply watch as they destroy one another." Hopefully that's still in the plan. I can forsee a couple of roadblocks. Some people will want to control their soldier nuggets... but then the game becomes less God game and more of a quasi RTS. IF you're going to have battles between factions with A.I. alone, it has to be done right... in a way that seems natural, to avoid people screaming about how dumb they are. It can be notoriously difficult to manage combat in these types of games. I don't want any kind of direct control other than maybe building a barracks and using certain God powers to influence the battle.
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    hi guys. i found a way to fix that prob in win 7 you need to have SP 1 installed and than download this update -
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    Yes, there's a Linux version and if you buy the game you'll be able to download it and play it. More info:
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    As far as I know, What you do with the game on your computer is your prerogative. It's the distributing of files and game assets that start to get you into hot water. It's in the developers best interest to keep the game files themselves secure, and since they've chosen to develop The Universim in Unity it's very easy for them to do so. As far as adding nuggets, the results from my post regarding "John Malkovich" are from just that. You're really not going to get too far beyond say adding resources using cheat engine and even then I don't know that it would work because the resource itself is tied to more than just a number in your UI.
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    To add to Stronkie's suggestion, would it be too hard to add path blocking (would not apply to gravediggers) so nuggets will avoid diseased corpses? It just seems wrong for nuggets to trample over the bodies. Just don't block access to/from buildings or objects. AI priority is another thing that need work. Bodies start piling up and the gravedigger will be off doing everything but collect bodies. Same goes for all the other nuggets assigned to tasks.
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    they should build an script into dying people that they try to walk out with their last strength to die alone.. Like some animals do
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    First of all , the notifications are to short on screen , also the notifications would be nice if they would be clickable and it would take us directly to the event. Also an event log would be nice
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    I would like to add: I managed to find the output log, and looking through it, here are the major errors being thrown up: d3d11: failed to create D3D11 device (0x80070057) Texture2DArray is not supported on this platform/GPU (Filename: Line: 69) UnityException: Failed to create 2D array texture because of invalid parameters. at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Texture2DArray:Internal_Create (UnityEngine.Texture2DArray,int,int,int,UnityEngine.TextureFormat,bool,bool) at UnityEngine.Texture2DArray..ctor (Int32 width, Int32 height, Int32 depth, TextureFormat format, Boolean mipmap, Boolean linear) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Displays.Planets.PlanetDisplay.SetupMaterials () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Actors.Planet.PlanetActor+<DoPlanetGeneration>c__Iterator0.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Game.Planet.PlanetInfo+<GeneratePlanet>c__Iterator0.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1) ------- I've attached the output_log so hopefully this'll help output_log.txt
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    Tuning Hi, everyone! I don't know if we're supposed to report or talk about tuning or not, but my goodness! I love the new patch, but my nuggets (love that name by the way, I hope it doesn't change with the final release of the game) hardly ever make more nuggets and they die off quickly of disease or broken bones way before their time. If I have water, food source, funeral pyre, hospital, and an engineers hut no one makes new nuggets because everyone is employed, if I don't build any of those, like for example if I say forget about the engineers' hut, then everything falls into disrepair and crumbles. No homes equals no new nuggets. Seems to me that everything breaks or goes too fast or too often for my nugget population to really thrive. In the shadow patch my nuggets population grew massive, and quite functional until my fisherman died in the water and they all starved to death. LOL Other than that I really love the progress of the game, and the style. Keep up the great work.
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    maybe you pressed ESC while the notification was new?
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    Hello Creators!! Prometheus V0.0.13 Shadow Patch Initial Release Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It has been - dare I say it - quite a while since our last patch. Tons of work has been done by our amazing engineers in that time, and we cannot be prouder of the effort they’ve put into the game these last few months. Basically, we redeveloped the entire game engine (Prometheus). Many of our esteemed team members describe the process as being immensely fun, despite the tears in their eyes. Every aspect of the game was retouched and optimized for our future needs, which will allow us to implement new features at a faster pace and keep everything far more stable. No more will we need to fear breaking a fundamental game play mechanic should someone so much as sneeze. The beast, as they say, is more or less slain. On top of all the stress, bugs, and instabilities that we had to fight along our journey, we also experienced a few truly amazing things. The wives of two of our team members (Alex K and Sebastian) gave birth to new life just a few days before the patch was supposed to be finalized. You can imagine the surprise as two of our most important members were suddenly whisked away to join their loved ones in their respective delivery rooms at almost the exact same time. Soon, two healthy and beautiful Nuggets were born. Meet Theodore Benedict Koshelkov and Bianka Bielecki. Now we have hands-on access for our research into sophisticated baby AI! Even with all of this craziness surrounding us these past few weeks, we still managed to work on the project on a daily basis. It’s just that some of us had to make a decision between sleeping after a night of soothing screaming infants or continue helping our team to smooth out the latest build. The choice was obvious. We continued pushing to our absolute limit, and today we’re happy to say that we’re almost ready. Now you’re probably thinking, “Oh, there’s that ‘almost’ again!” NO, we assure you that you will not have to wait any longer. The reason we use the word ‘almost’ is because we’re changing our delivery system somewhat, calling it a Shadow Patch Release. What that means is, you’ll have to make a few changes in order to access it. We’re doing this for a good reason, because we think that this version is quite raw. We’ve mentioned the many changes we made to the game (no, really, tons of things beyond your wildest imagination were fixed or updated) and we suspect that there might be more than your fair share of bugs, imbalances, or simply things that we could have missed in our tests. So, as a result, we don’t want to greet you all with what could well turn out to be a slightly...inconvenient experience. Instead, we want you to help us test out the new engine (well, the new game, really) in a separate environment and share your experience with our community on the forums. Our goal with this release is to get back to where we were in our previous build, but with all of the new goodies packed in. These include additions such as the completely new AI system, planet generation system, and a whole host of new 3D models (which look glorious, by the way). We want to make sure that you understand that this build is probably going to be unstable, alongside a good helping of bugs and unexpected occurrences. This is a huge part of our mission: to rid the game of such nuisances. We had our fantastic Insider QA Team putting in a tremendous effort to hunt these down during the last phase. They are our community volunteers who sacrificed their personal time to make your experience better and support our team in amazing ways. We would like to take a moment and thank them for their incredible help, dedication, and passion. They are: Ryan Artz, Benny Heylens, Luke Roberts, Jordan Malas, and Jared Williams. We have recently instituted a new Internal QA Team, and these individuals have been eagerly awaiting their chance to begin testing the next build. Now, they finally have the chance to do so. The Internal QA Team is going to have earlier access to upcoming patches and will help us make them far more stable. The team consists of our awesome forum volunteers, and if you would like to become one of them, please let us know here. Please report any bugs you come across or share your opinions and suggestions with us on our forums at: Alright, enough talking about how tired we are and how our poor souls are not getting enough rest. Here’s how you can access the new patch: Windows PC instructions Go to the directory where you installed the patcher and locate the file named version.txt. Open this file in any TEXT editor (Notepad or Notepad++ preferred). Do NOT try to open it in any office-type editors! MAC OS X instructions OS X users, please take note: this file is located inside the patcher`s file bundle and you will have to edit it manually using a nano editor like that from command line: nano ~/Desktop/The\ Universim\ (This is assuming the launcher is located on your Desktop) General instructions Change the line with the "url" variable from this value: url = to this url = Note - in your case, the url might begin with "http" instead of "https". While both will work we suggest you always use "https". 2. Save the changes and run the launcher - it will find the v13 build and patch your current version to the latest build (Prometheus). Please note: you can roll the launcher back to v12 using the same method - just remove the "/internal" part from the url variable. Additionally: in the event that you want to rollback changes, i.e. go back from v13 to v12, you have to delete your settings manually by deleting the file ~/Library/Application Support/Crytivo Games Inc_/The Universim/TheUniversim.Settings,json (Mac) %APPDATA%/LocalLow/Crytivo Games Inc_/The Universim/TheUniversim.Settings.json (windows) Steam Instructions (For Kickstarter Backers ONLY) 1. Find The Universim Game in Your Game Library in Steam 2. Right Click on The Universim Game and chose Properties 3. Navigate to BETAS Tab 4. In the section "Enter beta access code to unlock private betas" Enter following: motherplanet . 5. Hit CHECK CODE 6. From drop down menu, select branch with the name insiders 7. Enjoy! This should be everything you need to access the latest build. If you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Now for the patch notes! We have outlined the most important changes to the game. Overall, there are so many more: PATCHNOTES ALPHA V.13 PROMETHEUS New Content: Initial Animal System implementation Added: Birds now have the ability to form flocks Rewritten Prometheus - planet generation engine. Faster planet generation, better optimization. This allows us to make planets bigger and render more objects in less time. Preparations made for road and save/load systems. After this release, save/load will be on our highest priority feature list. New AI: The entire AI System was scrapped and re-implemented from scratch. Every single Nugget action was reevaluated and redesigned in order to make them feel more natural. Our goal in the future is to continue working on Nugget AI behaviors, improve their education, and give them better tools with which to evaluate their situation and make proper decisions. The latest AI implementation is far more dynamic and flexible for future needs. Evolution tower building has been placed instead of the Epicenter (This is the foundation for the new Research System which is already in development and will be released within the next few patches) Epicenter expansion system reworked Completely new pathfinding system. Smarter, faster! Clicking and dragging building/construction sites don’t open the building panel anymore. Additionally, when placing building, clicking and holding will cancel the placement. Windowed mode added to settings screen Camera controls improved Localization for planet objects New Weather System including clouds, such as rain clouds with new thunder effects and rain and snow particles Buildings have a new transparent ghost effect when being placed under blueprint mode Building tilt force: buildings lean when the mouse cursor moves in any direction New construction scaffold mechanics. Scaffolds will begin being built when Nuggets deliver resources to the construction zone. Scaffolds will be fully constructed once all resources are in place and the construction is ready to be started. New Nugget animations: Dying Gathering from bush Chopping Mining Grabbing Walking with backpack Drinking while sitting Drinking from Water Well Drinking from Lake Eating while sitting Eating while standing Idle Patient Idle Walking Walking with plate Walking while injured Talking Listening Running Hugging each other Repairing Farm planting Farm harvesting Witch Doctor healing Forecaster climbing stairs, blowing horn, observing Eatery cooking Fishing Hut sailing, fishing, gutting Cemetery crying, walking with stretcher Nugget Thoughts: You can now read a Nugget’s thoughts by clicking on their idea card. These thoughts vary depending on what they’re doing and how they feel. New 2x and 4x time speed up functionality New News System implemented. Now news can be shown using only icons or with full text All messages are also color-coded now. Slider for changing that option has been added next to the news archive button. News will also now scroll if the text size exceeds the window. Links in news stories now work as well. Renaming capability added to buildings: Constructors hut, Cemetery, Eatery, Farm, Fishing hut, Forecast tower, Residential hut, Pump, Reservoir, Well and Witch doctor hut. Farming redesigned from the ground up. Now every crop has a preferred biome. They grow faster and use less water if within the correct biome. Crops are now planted during spring only and each has a different growth time. Farm water usage now based on the selected crop and the biome it’s growing in. For example, if you plant Panda Brains in the desert biome instead of the grasslands (preferred biome for this crop), it will use 50 water instead of the usual 25. Crops now also need regular care. They have a new condition bar that depletes over time. Farmer Nuggets will care for and help crops recover over time if needed. If the Farmers can’t keep up, some crops may die (like if there’s only one Farmer Nugget tending the crops). Overall, farming has been adjusted based on your feedback. Our goal was to lower micromanagement while making it more interesting to utilize. Please keep in mind that farming is still a work in progress and we need your feedback and suggestions to get it just right. New planet physics system: allows us to have Nuggets rag-doll in the future New optimized camera: it now conforms to the geometry of the planet’s surface. No more clipping through the ground or flying through objects. Also optimized for tall buildings such as Skyscrapers and Towers. All game settings were reviewed and rewired. Let us know if you have any issues with some of them on our forums. Structures Shader and mesh update on cloth components to emulate wind blowing on structures Some structures now light up after dark. Currently only residential buildings. Rest of them will be updated soon. Fixed issue causing black spots on some buildings due to normal direction being out of range Structure Placement Construction menu ghoster update. Shader provides you with a glossy shape of the building. Highlight ghoster. When placing a building, all objects that are affected within the construction zone will be highlighted. Nuggets Multiple Nuggets are combined into a single skinned mesh to allow for more at less of a performance cost Shader completely rewritten to allow for the combined Nuggets to keep their individuality in colors, clothing, decorations, and other various elements. New way of managing colors allows for many variations of Nuggets under a single draw call When Nuggets die, a ghost-like spirit will leave their bodies Water Frozen water now depicts a better normal map Samples cube map to break up environment reflections a bit Calibrated freezing so water won't distort during biome temp changes Trees Implemented higher-quality shader on trees to improve visual appearance Adjusted mesh normals to scatter light correctly Added a pass to the shader to smooth trees a bit more with needing to rely on post-processing Trees now pull texture information from a 2D texture array that is built during planet generation. This prevents redundant texture information from unused trees not on your current planet from filling up memory on the gpu. Tree color is now sampled using a newer method allowing more color variations on all the trees on a single planet New planet shader complete revision Added support for normal maps Near and far distance texture blending to remove tile pattern from far distance Reduced snow brightness on day side preventing some items from being visible Added HSL adjustments that could be used down the road for various things such as planet editor, etc Environment Lighting on a lot of planet objects have been resolved to prevent various things such as trees glowing at night and objects changing color dramatically as you rotate from day and night Art: Two types of Birds added - new models, animations, and mechanics. New Stones New Mountains New Nugget Haircuts and Clothing New Fruit bushes Updated models: 11 New Residential Huts with Night Illuminations Eatery Witch Doctor Hut Constructors Hut Forecast Tower Cemetery Water Pump Water Well Reservoir Farm Fishing Hut Updated foliage for buildings New mountains and stones models New scaffold models and mechanics Clouds new visuals and mechanics New model: Evolution tower Updated Nugget animations New Nugget animations Nugget death and soul flying animation UI Design: Removed patch notes info from MainUI (available only in settings screen and main menu) Updated main menu, settings menu, loading screen, and esc menu. Font changed to Proxima, added some new elements, rearranged others ;). Added localization. New simplified tutorial with new visuals News panel have now fixed height scroll bar, so it won’t shrink anymore if there is a ton of messages Empty worker slots now have glowing assignment animation in all panels Main Interface: Removed mating slot, because it is no longer relevant. Added play/pause and speed up (x2, x4) buttons in seasons panel clock. Worker ID card: minor visual modifications. Updated font. New farm panel is implemented Well and Reservoir panels have a new font as well MainUI: updated button animations God light will be automatically turned off when entering day zone Modal alert implemented. All alerts are now localized. Construction info panel has now updated font Cemetery panel: updated font, made a few major visual updates to support the font. Fixed Gravedigger assignment slot. Construction menu has a new font Fishing hut panel has new font as well Nugget list panel has updated font. Also added Last Name column and changed background. Redesign of Constructor’s Hut panel Constructor’s Hut: added new extended tooltips Worker ID card has Nugget renaming capabilities. Added Last Name input. Cemetery: added new extended tooltips Farm and Forecast tower: added extended tooltips Residential Hut: additional tooltips Pump panel has new font Construction menu categories are displayed on Hover instead of on Click New button added to mainUI - GoHome: clicking on Epicenter window no longer works New shader for Nugget model in Nugget ID card Updated status icons Performance Changes: Mountain LOD groups implemented Rock formations culling Planet terrain optimization Planet objects now grouped in chunks, this allows us to have better performance with higher object density Loading time optimization: 2x faster Added LOD groups to all buildings Planet atmosphere effect optimization New Star System implemented (preparation for Planet Discovery started) Nugget bone structure simplified and optimized: better performance with better visuals Known Issues: Missing water FX from pump when pumping water Planet generation bug: sometimes planet can’t be generated (loading bar will stop and game won’t start). Game restart is required. Creator power menu and functionality are temporary disabled Buildings don’t have decals Buildings may be placed skew/above the ground - this is due to the missing fit to surface system Nuggets are not visually removing resources when a new building is placed. Instead, resources are disappearing. Sometimes AI might not be able to find the correct path to a destination Sometimes the game freezes while loading Entering ESC menu during the game might introduce some issues with the UI Nugget animation can be jittery at times Nuggets stand too far from objects they interact with Most of the Nuggets are missing accessories/tools What’s Next Load & Save system has been in production for some time now. Unfortunately, our happy boat hit a few sharp stones hidden underwater. It has been given the highest priority and we want to assure you that it’s coming soon. The dynamic nature of our game, particularly planet generation, is making loading and saving quite complex. Evolution Towers: this system is the next major feature on our plate. Right now, all buildings and abilities are unlocked immediately when you start the game. With the Evolution Tower, you’ll have to go through the progression system. Nuggets will learn new abilities, create new technologies, and unlock new buildings over time. Building upgrades: these help lead your civilization into the next era. You’ll notice that some buildings are already prepared for this, based on locked slots and other things. Nugget Missions: more info on this soon! Story Narration: you’ll learn more when you hear it Hunting Natural disasters And more... Mini Blog Bradley Mcninch The migration over to the Prometheus build has been a very intense but absolutely necessary task for us. The dev team has been working their fingers to the bone migrating data and resolving the problems that were holding us back in the old system. During this time, the art team has been working on various new assets and improvements since it would be senseless if we stood around and watched the engineers do their thing. These assets include new meshes, animations, textures, UI elements, and laying the groundwork for various elements to be implemented throughout the production of The Universim. I have been keeping up with the art team as well as resolving the issues that bottlenecked us in the art pipeline in the past. Performance: In this patch, you may see higher requirements on the GPU side. This is due to shader variations being set to their highest quality settings. My goal for the month of March is to have all of these properly implemented in the quality options menu to improve performance on lower-end machines. Various things have been completed, such as revising how texture information and other visual elements are being used to improve performance and reduce overhead. One example is how Nuggets in the past required a skinned mesh component and were using a material instance on each one. We have revised this to combine batches of Nuggets together and use a single shared material between all of them while maintaining the customization and variation on each. This allows us to put around 20 Nuggets under a single draw call and potentially allows Creators to produce a more active Nugget population without the GPU exploding from having so many skinned meshes to render. Anyways, I can keep going with pages of information on what has been going on these past couple months, but I have to get back to finishing a couple critical tasks that need to be done by the end of the day today. We want to thank you all for your support and I hope that when the dust settles, we meet your expectations on the production of a great game. Thank you all for your amazing feedback and support for The Universim. Our team is head-over-heels in love with the community and the project itself. We would also like to thank our team of engineers, artists, and other talents for the amazing work that they’ve done. They are hard-working people with a crazy amount of dedication. In our future updates, we will start introducing more of our team members to you. They are great talents, and we would like you to get to know them a little better. Stay tuned to be blown away by their greatness in the future! Naturally, none of us can live up to your awesomeness, but give us a chance to try. Thanks again for your patience and support! Your friends and family, The Crytivo Games Team
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    Hello creators. I'm a gamer/twitch streamer from Nashville. Loved Black&White as well as the idea of spore. Happy to see a similar blend of the two games.
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    later on there will be once I'm assuming you can get past the stone age and there's actual progress that needs to be saved lol
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    I do believe they have planned for groups to split from the main town and go off and make their own. Im assuming at that time you can cause some shenanigans and get them to go at each other. What I hope is that we can control the tide of the battle. Say we favor a certain city because a favored nug decided to take a group and go make their own town. I want to maybe make it so they are more powerful and are the most progressed.
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    That must be very expensive... taking an entire planet's worth of animals to the groomer.
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    Hi Ali most of the animals are being reworked right now so they've been removed while we spruce them up! They will make a return once they've come back from the groomer
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    The Design team consists of two people Susanna and myself and we wanted to share a few things with you now that PA is out that might help with some of the issues on the design side of the house. Everything you do in the game right now was designed for Pre-Alpha, every major system, IE Farming, Skills Tree, etc will re-evaluated and properly updated a section at a time. So if you are seeing something gameplay right now that is not the final game version, it was the Pre-Alpha version, so no worries! It will have a big update as we go along. The idea in PA was to give you something to do and let you roam around in your new world and give you a little look into the future. The PA was designed really for 20 minutes and after that, things are going to start to fall apart as the AI and other systems are simply not balanced past that as none of the actual gameplay, true gameplay, is actually in the game currently. We did not want to spend hours and hours balancing a game for hours of gameplay when we would have to tear it all back out as we put new stuff in. Most things are at a set base number, which obviously doesn’t work well. So whats coming up! That’s the most important question right!! Most people in the game design world have what is called the “Whiteboard” It’s seriously a whiteboard with sticky notes on it that you slide around with your tasks and its used in SCRUMS. These are the tasks and their order currently however, I can say the order moves around very often. These will be your updates as we move along. They will be in chunks. So If we say update 5.3 is coming out, you will actually know what it is. And you can freak out. Because I know we will be! Note: Unlike PA these design systems will be very close to the final version, they will need to be tested and when you have them in your hands we will have spent a large amount of time testing them ahead of time. So when you play them, you should be getting a good product in your hand. Also Note: Many systems of course work with other systems so, you might get to see something over the horizon but that might not be functional yet and we will let you know in our release notes. So what is the list!!! 1. Resources 1.1 Minerals , distribution and mining 1.2 Plants and Farming (UI, functions) 1.3 Forestry 1.4 UI updates from newest systems 2. Research Tree + Upgrades 2.1 Complete skills from Start to Space Age 3. Animals 3.1 Creature Generator 3.2 Animal Loot Table 3.3 Sea Animals and Airborne animal Generation 3.4 Domestication 4. Nugget update 4.1 Stats update 4.2 Mating update 4.3 Job Assignments 4.4 UI updates 5. The Proving Grounds 5.1 Hunting 5.2 Trapping 5.3 Exploration 5.4 Defense 5.5 Upgrades 6. Exploration 6.1 Upgrades in travel IE Vehicles 6.2 Encounters 6.3 Discoveries 7. God Powers 7.1 Powers – UX 7.2 Events and Interventions 8. Space Exploration System basics 8.1 Telescope 8.2 Probes 8.3 Space Communications Center 9 Planet Health 9.1 Resources 9.2 Deduction System So finally, thanks for waiting for the PA and I am excited to send you some patch updates now, If you want to know which systems have the most traction right now. Systems 1.1 5 7 But again we will be focusing on one at a time, when updates come out from the design house. So look forward to talking to you in a bit and enjoy the PA! Peanut
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    Scratch my last post, I've found that the solution is to Right Click > Show Package Contents> MacOS> and open the The Universim Launcher (exec) with terminal. Updates fine to v 13
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    Having similar issues here with my Mac (OS10.12.3 Sierra) however doesn't seems to be with the version.txt file which I copied exactly as update instructions and above advice. Below is the error I'm getting when I click the update button on the launcher: An exceptional situation occured while patching: Access to the path "/private/var/folders/tt/459mv9011sbcrjq5_fvrpx000000gn/T/AppTranslocation/ 67D63A2E-1A16-4EC9-B1CA-409259E55FB9/d/The Universim" is denied. I tried removing the "saferun" file then it has an issue with the info.plist and says it detected a 'networking problem' on the launcher load screen: An exceptional situation occured while patching: Unable to process URI 7cb3b609396b58827ddf85d41597fda06c00/macosx/0_0_13_0321300000_3186/ I have all files back in there at this point and I'm stuck on square 1, any help would be hugely appreciated.