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    Welcome to The Universim

      Hello everyone! Glad to see you found our forum here on the Universim! We just launched the forum as well as a Facebook page but we know you already liked that for us right!? i will link it just to be sure https://www.facebook.com/TheUniversim So we will post allot of updates here on the forum as we go along and remember to subscribe to our newsletter as well on http://theuniversim.com/   Please support us and help us to grow our fan base. We're working on something really cool for you.    Unfortunately at this moment we're not ready to publish The Universim game details but stay tuned as we will keep you posted !   Regards, Crytivo Games team
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    The Early Bird Badge

     The Early Bird Badge   Hi everyone!      We are running a great  incentive right now. Every one who will register on our forums before July 1st will get exclusive "Early Bird" forum badge. Let your friends know and subscribe for more awesome news at www.TheUniversim.com Write a comment and share your thoughts about the game or the ideas below to not only help The Universim grow but to also make us release more information to you guys!   Regards,  The Universim team
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    Well, I don't know about you guys but this years E3 was one of the best ones. Maybe it was because of the next-gen consoles that were presented or maybe because my favorite game is getting a tune-up (Thief), but this edition of E3 was AMAZING !   What do you guys think and what are your expectations from the next-gen games & consoles.
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    Welcome to our second (and far more official) April update! We had a bit of fun on April 1st, as most of you know, but if you any of you missed out on it, you can head on over here for some tongue-in-cheek giggles.In today’s update, though, we’re covering a number of topics revolving around our plans for the big V 0.1.0 (Alpha) launch. Firstly, we want to let all of our Beta Kickstarter Backers know that they will soon be receiving an instructional email that explains how to obtain your Steam version of the game.Previously, we stated that we want to begin moving into the Alpha Stage and send the Pre-Alpha off to greener pastures in the near future. We have decided that the game will officially transition over to Alpha when the V 0.1.0 patch hits (which will be implemented over the next few months). We’re aiming to have core systems, such as Nugget AI and Planet Generation, polished and optimized. As you know, we have been spending a lot of time lately working on performance optimizations and building the most stable platform for future eras and features. We’re always experimenting with and developing more solutions as the game progresses.Based on the feedback we’ve collected and the feedback you have submitted to our forums, we have decided to make Nuggets more autonomous. We want them to be more independent, more self-sufficient, and more alive. Don’t worry, they’re still slaves to your desires, but now you don’t have to spend so much time with them. It’s a very unhealthy and one-sided relationship, but they’ll probably never notice. Mortals are so ignorant and easily manipulated, aren’t they? That’s why we love them.What’s changing, exactly? Well, the switch to a more autonomous system means that you’ll be spending far less time controlling them via sliders and managing their jobs. They’ll also be more intelligent with how they select and prioritize actions. We’ll be talking a lot more about it in our next update.For V 0.1.0, we’re planning to have multiple systems polished down to a (mostly) finished product. Although, we always maintain that things will keep changing until we cover our eyes and release the gold product into the world. And then, um, change things again in post-launch updates.Right now, we’re still stuck in the Stone Age. That statement’s got a number of meanings. Basically, it’s taking us longer to build this first era mainly because we’re implementing most of the systems you’ll see throughout the game.With the Stone Age, we pretty much introduce core gameplay mechanics, which, after mastering, will cause progress to move much faster and allow for additional areas to be added reasonably quickly. It’s better for us to get the design and implementation nailed down before adding too much. It’s a lot easier to rework a system that hasn’t been completely implemented throughout every era. For example, rewriting and reworking the research system after the assets for every era were added would have been absolutely soul-destroying. Here is the full list of things we plan to implement before V 0.1.0: Nugget Courier job Updated Research System Improved Messaging System (Nuggets will have bubbles above their heads reflecting their needs and current status. This also applies to buildings. An icon will appear above buildings that are occupied by Nuggets, out of order, damaged, and so on.) Updated Nugget ID card. This card will better reflect a Nugget’s current status and the conditions currently affecting them. Residential building limitations. This system will assign families to their own building. This means no more awkward situations with 20 people living in one hut. There’s no telling what they got up to in there. Each Nugget will need to have their own house to survive (but direct families can live together). Eateries. An Eatery can serve multiple Nuggets at a time. Nuggets eating in eateries will refill their hunger faster, and their starvation speed will be much slower after eating at eateries. Can you spot how many times the word ‘eat’ appeared there? Eateries require at least one Cook, with a max of two. Cemeteries. As with any living creature in The Universim, Nuggets die. It’s a sad reality, but at least they’re easily replaceable. After they pass away, their bodies will begin spreading disease if not adequately dealt with. Cemeteries will help keep your Epicenter clean and healthy and allow sad family members to recover their Happiness level faster. More god Power mechanics. Building construction prioritisation power, increased Nugget conception (better fertility) power, the god menu, and the god Points system. Property renaming. You’ll be able to rename everything in the game. News messages will reflect changes accordingly. Happiness. Happiness can increase or decrease a Nugget’s productivity. Sad/angry Nuggets can also set objects on fire or destroy things. Nuggets will now be affected by temperature changes. Nuggets will slow down or die in extreme conditions. Farm Improvements. We will introduce new crops and numerous balance changes alongside various UI improvements. New foliage system. This includes the separation of food from regular trees and plants. Overall foliage improvements (not only visually butperformance-wise as well). Larger overall planet size. Water consumption changes for buildings and Nuggets. Three new buildings are going to be introduced with this: the Pump, Well, and Reservoir. We’re adding a distribution system that will spawn lakes with fresh water across the planet. You’ll need to place pumps to extract and deliver water from them to your Epicenter. This is a pretty ambitious list, and we’re going to do our best to deliver everything mentioned here. However, sometimes unexpected bugs orother factors can eat away at our development time, but it’s all for the greater good. We chose a slow and strong development process over a fast and broken one.Since the last update, we’ve been dealing with a number of bugs and even had to partially rewrite our AI system. The hot fix threw us off track somewhat, which is why the upcoming update will not be as substantial as always, but we’ll be introducing some important foundations for future updates in the package.Here is the list of things that we’re planning to work on after we move into Alpha. Remember, the list is subject to change based on feedback and the current state of the game. Fire: a magical entity that has the tendency to make things hot. It will warm the surrounding area during cold winters and will consume wood points to remain active. It can also set objects ablaze, making it rather dangerous. Expeditions and mystery objects. This system will allow you to prepare Nugget Expeditions and send them to discover new lands, resources, and mysterious happenings. Witch Doctors. Eccentric, slightly mad, and wildly inconsistent. They will heal your injured/sick Nuggets. We hope... Community Bath. Who would have thought that a gathering of naked Nuggets will increase the community’s happiness? Fishing. You know the drill. Schools. Smarter and more productive Nuggets will rule the world. Hunting. It’s simple. Place a Hunter’s Hut, assign Nuggets, send them out into the wilderness, and watch them be brutally mauled by bears. Sadly, it doesn’t end with an Oscar nomination. Road system. This is in preparation for the implementation of the Medieval and Modern ages. We'll be back next week for the patch! ~CM Mirror
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    Welcome Creators! Thank you for joining The Universim forums! To get you started, we've compiled a short list of FAQs and helpful links. Take a look through everything and then make an introductory post to say Hello! To all your fellow creators. Once you've had a look around and introduced yourself, you'll get a shiny new badge! This little badge is our Thank You for joining us here on the forums and a way to get you started with our award system! FAQ Q. I bought, or backed at a package level that grants early Alpha Access but I can't find where to download the game? A. Make sure you're logged into the user dashboard,(you log in using the E MAIL you registered with when purchasing the game) then you should see the Alpha Download image, below that image is your Game Key. Kickstarter backers can use that key to download the game via Steam, all other backers can use the download link for the stand alone version. For more information on how to download the game, please read our Dedicated Alpha FAQ. Q. I don't know my Password for the dashboard A. Please use the "Forgot/Recover Password" option to reset your account. Q. I'd like to upgrade my backer package, how can I do that? A. You can request a backer upgrade through our support system HERE Q. I found a bug with the current version of the game where can I report it? A. You can search for existing reported bugs, or report a new bug HERE Q. Can I stream or make videos with the Alpha? A. Yes! If you do, please post a link to your stream or video HERE. We'd love to see what you've created! Q. I posted a topic but it tells me it's awaiting approval? A. Some of the sub forums have a post limit restriction to help combat spam. A moderator will approve your post as soon as possible. Helpful Links Help Desk and Support Center Dashboard Most Recent Patch Notes "Welcome to the Stone Age" Nuggets AvatarsWe made some awesome avatars for you guys. Pick yourself one from below and don't hesitate to use them on other forums. Let us know which one is your favorite one. And don't forget to share them with your friends! DOWNLOAD AVATARS HERE
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    The developers and Sony both lied about what you could actually do in the game. The developer not so much, instead he was way too vague about some details and it gave people the illusion that the game was to have Multiplayer. ((http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2016/08/25/jim-sterling-slams-hello-games-over-no-mans-sky-marketing/#72b7bd32b396)) Oh wait no he lied ( The same dev was also shocked that two players found each other so soon, and when they couldn't see each other it was blamed on a server issue, when again in reality, the lied about the extent of the game. (http://www.polygon.com/2016/8/9/12417202/no-mans-sky-no-multiplayer-twitch-stream) The game was over-hyped, making it seem like a much better and content rich game than it was. The game itself is just boring, the 18 Quintilian worlds or whatever seems impressive until you realize that it just means they're all cookie cutter copy and paste randomly generated worlds that are almost always the same and with no real point in trying to discover more. (http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2016/08/19/no-mans-sky-is-an-amazing-boring-adventure) There are other problems with the game itself, mostly the actual game itself and the content in it, but that shouldn't be relevant to what you're asking here. Basically! 1. Be honest about the scope of your game. 2. Pick the audience you feel will enjoy the game and don't try and lie to anyone else to rope them in. 3. And of course, listen to your users and try and make the best game you can!
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    CM Mirror

    Update: What have we been doing?

    WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING OVER THERE? Good question! Thank you for asking :P. We’ve been somewhat absent since releasing our hotfix for the Cheesecake patch on October 22st. In the patch notes, we mentioned that we’re going through a major in-game engine update, which you know as Prometheus. This is a huge milestone in the development of The Universim and it’s very, very important for us. A few issues were encountered that needed to be ironed out before we broke something or designed a feature around a flawed system. After we’re done cleaning and optimizing the project, we will now be able to properly introduce your most-wanted features, such as: new eras, save and load, advanced artificial intelligence for Nuggets, and more that you can read about below. So much that we’re basically turning into workstations ourselves! On top of new features, we’re optimizing, reimplementing, and redesigning a lot of systems. Let’s break it down. PLANET GENERATION OPTIMIZATION Some of the biggest changes reside within the planet generation engine: it’s so much faster now. We reduced loading times and memory usage quite significantly. You’ll likely be very pleased with how it turned out. This allows us to add more objects, have bigger planets, and have more simulation calculations happening at the same time. We also mapped our planet with the road networks and city expansion patterns for future needs. Planet biome temperatures were optimized as well. Now, temperatures are more accurate and easier to understand. A lot of love has been invested into this process. After all, planets are our playground and we want them to perform well. Pathfinding on the planet is another area that was optimized. Animal AI and Nugget AI can be very taxing depending on the amount and actions performed. It’s now faster and smoother than a speeding roller coaster. Nuggets have a much better understanding of their surroundings and can easily find the shortest path to their destination. NUGGET'S ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Oh boy! We’re having so much “fun” working on this. There’s a lot of thinking and a lot of planning involved in this process. Mainly because all Nugget stats are connected and the environment changes dynamically around Nuggets over time, so we want them to understand the current circumstances and decide what is more important to do at a certain time. Things change on the fly and we need to make sure Nuggets make reasonable decisions without your direct intervention. Nuggets now compare distance vs quality before making their decision. For example: cooked food is better than raw food for Nuggets, they become happier and more satisfied by eating cooked meals. It also keeps Nuggets full for a longer period. In the past, Nuggets were always choosing cooked food over raw food, which in some circumstances was a bad decision because the distance and wait time would be more wasteful for them than simply grabbing a nearby fruit. Nuggets now check this information before starting their journey. However, this doesn’t only apply to food, it applies to any resource they need to collect to finish their task or satisfy their needs. Our system prioritizes tasks for Nuggets dynamically. This allows us to quantify the number of available Nuggets vs busy Nuggets. If there is a need for extra stone, the system will not send all 20 Idle/Free Nuggets to mine stone. The system will task Nuggets to the job one by one and check the weight of that need based on the amount of Nuggets now assigned to it. This way, the system dynamically assigns Nuggets jobs based on the current situation, and it no longer prioritize one job above all else when assigning them. It will only send 5 Nuggets to help build a Hut instead of sending 20 of the available group, because the system now understand that 5 Nuggets are more than enough to finish the task. Nuggets will also understand if certain buildings need extra support (like Eateries, Farms, etc) and automatically assign themselves to those buildings. If a Farmer dies of old age or from the unfortunate and somehow all too common event that a mammoth stepped on them (how didn’t they see it coming?), another Nugget will fill this position without your interaction. Our goal is to make Nuggets feel alive. We want you to feel like they are truly organic, living beings. What we’re doing right now is really going to make it easier for us to balance things out in the future. It’s also important to keep in mind that we’re only talking about changes that you’ll see on the frontend, there are also tons of changes happening behind the scenes as well. We’re developing debugging tools that help us to understand why Nuggets made a particular decision, such as where they are going, what they plan to do next, and what triggered these actions. A lot of amazing work has been done, but there’s a bit more that needs our attention. NUGGETS THOUGHTS While some of our engineers have been busy optimizing and improving things, others have been working on new features such as the Nugget Thoughts system. Nugget thoughts are pretty much exactly as they sound. We developed a system that will allow you to see what Nuggets are thinking about their current situation. It will show you their thoughts regarding things like their work, relationships with their spouse and children, current feelings, etc. This will help you to better understand what the Nugget is up to, such as if they plan to burn things to the ground or they’re ready to start a family. This is a cosmetic element that will add even more personality to Nuggets. Here are some examples of Nugget Thoughts based on their daily activities: GENERAL (IDLE) THOUGHTS Today’s forecast: no work, no pants. No work? Guess I’ll just stand here and look busy. How do we ever get things done with two circles for hands? It would be really awkward if there was some omnipotent being who could read my thoughts all the time. Last night I dreamed that I was a whale. I woke up looking like a beached whale. Sometimes dreams are scarily real. TREE FELLER I really should’ve become a painter… The trick is not to become emotionally attached. *Sniff* Goodbye, Bertha. Who needs anger management when you can hit things in the face with an axe? To fell a tree you must first become the tree. STONE MINING These vibrations are doing wonders for my arthritis. Sometimes I feel like my life is just a sequence of rocks of varying sizes. A pile of rocks coming right up. FERTILITY METER FILLS Is it warm in here or is it just me? If the hut’s rockin, don’t come knockin. I feel like someone is lacking some Vitamin Me. WITCH DOCTOR If it doesn’t clear up within three days, start making funeral arrangements. Have a good day! With all of these sick Nuggets, you’d think I’m not very good at my job. An apple a day is starting to put me out of business. Tell me, have you considered life insurance? You really should. NUGGET NEEDS Nuggets have their own needs, such as Food, Water, Rest, Happiness, and so on. These values are also being revisited by our team, as everything needs to be rebalanced according to new values and Nugget behavior. Game balance is a big challenge in a game like The Universim, as a lot of things are connected together and changing something in one of them can lead to everything falling apart. It’s like playing with a giant house of cards. Each card is equally important and if any of them were to fall out of place, the entire house would collapse. Thankfully, we have you, our community. Without you, it would be extremely difficult to balance things. Your feedback is massively important for this process, so thank you for supporting us and helping to shape The Universim into an amazing game. NUGGET'S REPRODUCTION This system is also going through some changes and we would love to talk about it a bit more in the future. We’re still approving some of the mechanics and don’t want to discuss them until we’re satisfied with the direction it’s going in. The challenge we are currently facing is that we want to keep the reproduction speed consistent and still make it feel natural. As the Nugget population grows, it starts to get a little out of hand due to the arithmetical progression (every Nugget pair can have children and the population booms). If you have any great ideas, please share them with us in comments below. TUTORIAL UPDATE Because we’re adding new content and changing the ones that we already have, certain tutorials have become outdated. We’re revisiting tutorials at the moment as well and making them more dynamic. We are also working on the game’s narration, which we will discuss at a later time. CAMERA CONTROLS IMPROVEMENTS We’re happy with how smooth and responsive our camera is, but we’re still experimenting with controls. We collected a lot of feedback and observed a lot of players during our exhibition showcases and it looks like we could do a better job by minimizing the amount of buttons you click to control your camera. It shouldn’t look like you’re trying to play the piano. We want the controls to feel intuitive and easy to learn. Let us know what we can do to make it better (like things that bother you right now). SEASONS We just recently improved our season generation engine, making it more accurate and ensuring that it provides you with more information regarding what you can expect in the coming year. We are also making flora on the planet reflect changes in season dynamically. It will make trees change color based on the current season and the local temperature around the tree. Flora on other planets will be dynamic as well. You’ll see planets change in color based on the season on the planet. It’s going to be really cool. MOUNTAINS Our current mountains are static objects, meaning they were designed entirely by our 3D artists. We’re moving away from this concept and are planning to invest more time into procedural mountain generation. We hope to improve over other procedural mountain generation techniques used in other games. Mountains are usually generated by the noise found on the planet’s terrain, which makes all mountains look basically the same on all planets. Our goal is to build a system that will combine pieces of rocks, assign textures, and spawn flora and stones based on the planet environment. Mountains are the biggest objects on our planets, and this gives our artists a lot more freedom to give planets a unique character by changing the shapes and look of the mountains on the planet. We will talk more about this system in the future. EVOLUTION TOWERS You probably learned about these towers in previous updates. This is a highly-demanded feature and we’re working hard to bring it to the game as soon as possible. Evolution Towers will allow you to unlock features in the game and will be the main stimulate of progress in your civilization. SAVE & LOAD We definitely know how important this feature is and development in recent months has been highly concentrated around it. In fact, it was one of the features that benefited best from us cleaning the project. The primary challenge for us is to save a massive amount of data in one all-encompassing game state. We not only have to save thousands and thousands of positions of all the objects on the planet, but also their statistics (in a procedural system). As you know, everything in The Universim is connected: even the most basic objects, like trees, hold dynamic values and understand the exact local temperature. Nugget stats are also connected with other parameters and needs to be saved. Overall, the main challenge is not the implementation of a save and load feature, the main challenge is that we want to make sure we have all of the bits and pieces in place in order to save and load them on demand (and efficiently). The approach we’re taking now is saving us from having to redesign or restructure systems, which will take a ridiculous amount of time, but it’s slightly tricky. However, progress has been excellent, so count on us - save & load is on its way! ART ASSETS All buildings- yes, every single one- had to be retouched and redesigned to some extent in order to make them fit into our future plans for city expansion and roads. Each building has to correspond to certain guidelines and rules introduced by our new system. Of course, we also used this opportunity to improve the overall quality of our models: better textures, mesh, and so on. We are also optimizing each building with a LOD system. This system will update the details of our buildings based on the camera’s distance from them. This will increase performance and allow us to have more buildings in future. We have also added more visual elements to buildings like night lights and visible degradation when in a bad condition. NUGGET GENERATION ENGINE We’re improving the Nugget generation engine. This is what is responsible for generating visually-distinct Nuggets with different hairstyles, clothing, colors, and shapes. We’re also improving animations and working on new ones. You’ll be able to pick Nuggets up and throw them or put back on the ground gently. Their actions will correspond with yours. Basically, we have better-looking Nuggets and a better system for generating them. WHY WE'RE STILL IN THE STONE AGE Man, you guys at Crytivo are the worst! You’ve taken years just to finish the Stone Age, so how long will it take for new eras?! (You might think) Well, it’s true, it has taken us quite a long time to implement the Stone Age era. However, it’s important to understand that the Stone Age is not just the first era in the game, it happens to hold a huge portion of all core game mechanics. During this age, we’re implementing all of the simulations that you’ll see throughout the game, connecting everything together, balancing all of the stats, creating AI systems, working on the research and progression aspects, ensuring that these systems are dynamic, and so on. Basically, this is our foundation for building things much faster down the line. This is our main testing platform to ensure we don’t design future eras around a bad system (which can be disastrous and basically require starting over). After we’re done with the core of the game, you’ll see more eras popping up very quickly. Initially, we planned to release an update on December 1st for the game, but we will probably need a bit more time to get things finished. We hate to keep you all waiting for a new patch and promise to get it into your hands ASAP. We will keep communicating our current status and remain entirely transparent. You are an important part of our world, and we would never abandon you. We have also put a rough road map together for you. Please keep in mind that some features might change in the future or their priority can change based on the situation. Also keep in mind that we’re not going into detail here, we’re just summarizing work that was done. As you can see, there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes and we feel you need to know about that. Your support keeps us motivated and inspires us every day. We always read your feedback and we would love to see a smile on your face when you play The Universim. We want you to care about the fragile world we’re building for you and hope you appreciate all the time and effort we spend on making this world dynamic and alive. Our team is hard at work every day. At times it can be tough, but we love what we do and hope you enjoy it as well. Please leave us your comments below and we wish you all the best for the coming holidays! STAY AWESOME! All the best, Crytivo Games
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    First of all - I'm far from a fangirl and far more from understanding or accepting what's going on here for a long while now. I'm no person with lots of patience or a calm temper but I am also a person with lots of thoughts and so I just felt like sharing them with you. Maybe some of you want to share your thoughts aswell, and even if not, thank you for at least looking at the topic and maybe reading this thread ;). I am sure some of you can still remember when and how they found out about Universim - no matter if it was 17, almost 18 months ago or just a few weeks or months. I, for my part, still do remember the moment when I watched the video on kickstarter for the very first time - with mixed feelings...what I saw and heard was awesome, touching, moving and a tiny voice in my head said "yes, that's exactly the kind of game you have been waiting for, BUT..." And there were lots of buts - "but what if the project won't be funded?" "what if it isn't half as good as promised after release?" "what if they don't even get to a beta stage because of whatever reason?". Those and many other thoughts concerned me, but still - I decided to back this game, this guy, because my main thought in this moment was: "I DO want this game to become true and I do think this guy has earned a chance to make his dream come true" Then there was this time of waiting, hoping and checking the kickstarter page way too often, being happy about every slight raise of the funds until there was this awesome moment when the game was finally funded. I remember how we partied in the forum, everyone was happy and many people posted lots of awesome ideas for the game. We were happy, optimistic, totally hyped and already a little impatient (in a very positive way) ;). After a while the forum became more and more quiet and - to be honest - a bit boring, especially since it seemed that nothing would happen anymore. At that time I decided to simply stay away from the forum and wait for the Alpha release. Months passed and nothing changed. No Alpha, no updates - there was this kind of "silence" where I wondered if this whole thing was just some kind of bad joke or something like that, and slowly I became angry. Not angry enough to rant around and ask for refunds, but angry enough to simply ignore Universim and this brand new cool website asking for more backers, giving lots of new promises and half-heartedly news about the development of the game. Then there was the E3 announcement and shortly after that I got seriously MAD. All of a sudden we had an announced release date for the Pre-Alpha - YAY! Wait, WHAT? PRE-Alpha? Are those guys kidding me? After almost 1 year way behind the timeline all we can get is a PRE-Alpha? I rushed to the forum, I was so ready to rant around, tell them what I think of this crap and let them know how disappointed I am...but for some reason I didn't. Don't ask me why, I really don't know. Maybe it was because I saw how the whole team totally looked forward to the E3, maybe it was because at least we get SOMETHING, maybe because I knew that they still try their very best to give us the game I promised. Fact was: I didn't post anything, closed the forum again and left, patiently waiting for the Pre-Alpha. Wait, paitiently? Hell NO, I was totally hyped, couldn't wait until the release although I always said to myself "I won't believe a single word or date until I have this game installed". I wish I had been wrong just this time... From this point on I am sure you all know the story and the feelings. Disappointment, anger, even a slight touch of hate, frustration, disbelief,...I think few of us to almost none had any positive feelings in that moment. At this point I did a post in the forum, stating how sick and tired I am and also replied some posts with my honest opinion. That was also the time when the first people started to ask for refunds and I got to admit I started thinking about it, too. I do understand the reason why many backers lost faith and want their money back, on the other hand - and this is only spoken about ME because I would never dare to speak for anyone else or point fingers at anyone: in my life I wasted lots of money on useless stuff: Games that "looked cool" but weren't worth the money at all, knick-knacks, plushies, keychains and whatever crap I saw and thought "I MUST HAVE THIS". For those who wonder now: I backed $ 100 - may be LOTS to some and peanuts to others, to me it was a good sum that I wouldn't spend easily but that's a totally different story. Then there were some other thoughts coming up to my mind: we lost money, yes. It was a risk backing this game and most of us were aware of that, but the higher risk is on Alex and Crytivos side: they lost lots of time and money aswell plus they also have the high risk of losing reputation. They had this risk from the moment when they decided to start the Kickstarter campaign and the risk goes on until this game is finally done or until they have to admit that they failed. The point where I hit the brake and started to rethink everything regarding this game was when I saw Mirrors post that she is the new community member and when I watched the stream, listening to Alex' explanation. The stream was pretty chaotic but still they all did their best to show us at least SOMETHING, trying to let as know that they still care and also that they depend on us. If I would ask for refunds now it just wouldn't feel right for me because somehow I would simply do something we lately criticized very often: I would break a promise I gave a while ago when I said "yes I give you my money to back this project". And I would feel horribly unjust. I still have doubts that we will have the Pre-Alpha soon, I still have doubts that this game will EVER be done and I still think that lots of the things that happened simply happened out of lack of experience, too high expectations and a bit too much self-confidence. BUT I do still believe that they try their very best to make their dream come true and as long as I see that they still believe in their dream. just my (bit more than) 2 cents DISCLAIMER: All spelling-, grammar- or whatever mistakes were put into the text on purpose and are there to entertain you!
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    Official Website

    Dear Universim community, we just launched our website www.theuniversim.com! Be sure to add it to your bookmarks, since this website will keep you up to date with everything around the game. You can also access our forums from there, so everything is only one click away.
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    Forum Badges! PLEASE READ FIRST POST!!

    PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING A BADGE How to make getting your badge go as smoothly as possible: Make sure the E-MAIL you are using here on the forums is the same as your Kickstarter Backer E-Mail/PayPal backer E-Mail. If they are not, just leave a comment and we will contact you as soon as possible! Website backers should not have this issue unless you made your forum account first. DO NOT make a second account!If you used a different email to register than the one used for Kickstarter or PayPal, please PM MirrorIf your emails are the same please do the following: POST IN THIS THREAD letting us know if you are a KICK STARTER, PAYPAL, or WEBSITE BACKER (old/new site)If you donated during the Kickstarter campaign you are guaranteed at least a Kickstarter Backer Badge for any amount donated at or above the $5 range!If you donated on the Universim homepage there are two cases which have to be considered: Members who supported The Universim on the old homepage should have pledged $60 or more to get a badge. On the new homepage you have to pledge at least $100 to get a badge. Original Post: Hey everyone! Now i can finally tell you all that the badges have arrived! After going through the long list of all donations we have finished it and will roll out badges! You guys want to see them? Of Course you do here we have them! The kickstarter Badge! The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge The Golden Winged Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the old homepage: The Copper Badge! The Silver Badge The Golden Badge And badges for none kickstarter backers which donated on the new homepage: Brontosaurus Tier T-rex Tier Mammoth Tier As you might have noticed the badges of the higher tiers on Kickstarter, that didn't get any backers, aren't here! That is because we decided to not show them to you, so we can use them later on! Who knows, we might want to do some more fun stuff for you all and use them as reward! You'll have that shiny new badge sooner than you think and access to the super awesome private backer lounge! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your shiny new badges!
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    My civilization always collapses because the first generation starts dying off from old age, and then there is one gravedigger and thirty dead bodies scattered about...and then all of the other nuggets get infections from the dead bodies and soon die themselves. It's an interesting game mechanic, but it really gets in the way and ruins my game every time. In real life, dead bodies don't start rotting right away...at the very least there should be a larger grace period. I think that dead bodies should just lower the happiness of nuggets in their immediate area, and maybe have a very small chance of causing disease if they are left out for too long. As for methods of disposing of the bodies, I think it would make more sense if a nearby nugget would automatically walk up to a corpse and bury it, right on the spot (AKA a nugget would dig for a bit and then the body would disappear into the ground). In prehistoric times they usually just buried the bodies in the ground and moved on, so maybe cemeteries would be for later stages. The mechanic of having to make one nugget in charge of burying every corpse and carrying it and using resources to burn it...it's just too much, and it'll never work correctly if there are too many bodies. In regards to the matchmaking power, I personally find it annoying to use it (and most powers in general). The controls are very finicky, and it's very hard to select one nugget if it's walking or moving at all. The matchmaking power is too micro-manage-y. I don't want to choose which nuggets mate, I just want it to happen. I like the idea of guiding my civilization and not having to tell each nugget what to do.
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    From all we have seen in the last 18 months: Apparently not a lot. Especially you (actually, I think only you) have been very "good" at showing that you don't know a lot by giving completely unrealistic and overly optimistic estimates again and again and again. So now you have a calculation that says you will be done in less than three years? Really? Based on your track record, that calculation is very likely wrong. I backed the game at a time when your calculations stated that the game would be released in October 2015. Then your calculations stated that we'd get the pre-alpha in summer 2015. Then your calculations stated that we'd get it on September 15. None of this came true. Not a single one of your calculations worked out. Not one. The Mac patcher was supposed to be done in "days not weeks" according to you. It's actually been weeks now. Even when shortly before the pre-alpha release, you spoke of 24-36 hours, it turned out to be more than that. So now you have a calculation that says that you will be done in less than three years? And you actually trust your calculation enough to even be sarcastic about my three year statement? So somehow, you think your current calculation will be the first one that actually magically pans out? Even though it is obviously unrealistic? It really doesn't require any "magic" to extrapolate future progress from past progress. It took you 1 1/2 years to bring the game into the current state where it's not even 10% done. 1 1/2 years for 10%. The math is simple. If you want to believe that you can do the rest in less than three years, then you'd have to believe that either your progress will magically speed up to be at least three times as fast as before, or you have to believe that you are more than 30% done. It's really that simple. So here is a realistic statement that even someone who is not seeing the details of your development process can make: Your progress will not speed up significantly and you are not 30% done. Don’t believe me? Well, of course you don’t, so here goes: Why do I say that are you not 30% done but rather 10%? Because even the first part of the game – the stone age isn’t 30% done yet. Don’t delude yourself and us (again) about how much progress you have made. You’re extremely lucky if you have a fully working and balanced stone age in a year. If your previous progress updates are correct (only you can know if they were, but if they weren’t, it would be interesting to know why not), then it took you about half a year to implement the current stone age gameplay. The current stone age gameplay that is quite close to being nonexistent. That took half a year. Half a year, and none of the buildings do anything. Half a year and none of the research does anything. 18 months of total development since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and you don't have a settings menu and you don't have save&load functionality. After 18 months, you can't even change the volume in-game. So I am not pessimistic in saying that it will take another year to finish the stone age. Look at what else is left to finish the game, including all the stretch goals that are scope-creeping onto the team and tell me again that you have a plan that looks like it will be done faster than three years. Why do I say you are not going to speed up? Because even though you have a great team that is enthusiastic and motivated, they are completely new to this, and most (all?) of these guys are working part time. The team isn’t able to make a lot of progress – in fact, progress is so slow that you feel bi-weekly updates to the community are enough, because not enough stuff is happening for weekly updates. So you have basically already admitted that you are not getting anywhere fast. But that has mysteriously not factored into your calculations yet. You’re not going to speed up by adding new people to the team either (Brooks' Law). Sure, optimistically speaking, you will pick up some speed over time if you can avoid the fluctuation that has been happening in the past in the team. But you’re not going to become three times as fast all of a sudden. And if I were a pessimist, I’d say: “Let’s see how many bugs the guys will add by fixing the old ones.” You have not yet proven that you have a reliable regression test system in place, so with my three-year-estimate, I was really giving the team the benefit of the doubt. Also, the team has a leader (you) who very obviously has never worked on a bigger software project. How do I know that? Well, it's clear from many statements you have made that made me think "newbie". For example someone with experience doesn't say that something is "99% done" like you did in the live stream - that is something that project managers laugh about as a kind of inside joke (called the Ninety-ninety rule). So you don't know how software development works, and you are only now learning the ropes. That's completely fine. No problem with that. Everyone has to start somewhere. Ok, most people don’t start out leading a huge project with 14,000+ customers, but hey, it’s the Kickstarter Age. There is just a big discrepancy between being completely inexperienced and living in an apparently unbreakable bubble of unrealistic assumptions and overly optimistic ideas. The problem with that is not that you are pissing the community off. You don’t have to care about us, because you have our money already, and you have shown again and again that really, you do not care about us anyway (e.g. when the game was presented at E3 before being given to backers or when it was given to random Youtubers first). The problem is not the pissed-off community, the problem is that every time you make another unrealistic "We will be done by then and then" estimate, you are putting the team in the line of fire. And then you whine about the community being harsh or about this game being compared to certain other failed Kickstarter games. And then you hide behind the team by saying “But the team is working so very very hard!” instead of being man enough to say “Shit, sorry guys, I am in over my head and I had no clue that this would be so difficult. I will stop trusting my stupid calculations and I'll admit that it will get done when it gets done and I personally have no fucking clue when that will be.” That would be rather refreshing. You're not supposed to hide behind your team, you are supposed to protect it from getting into "Oh shit, we overpromised" situations and you are supposed to protect it from scope creep instead of announcing and celebrating further stretch goals. But you are really stuck in your unrealism bubble. 1 1/2 years after unrealistic estimate after unrealistic estimate, one month after the originally planned release date of the finished game, you actually still have the nerve to be sarcastic about this when someone confronts you with reality. Sarcasm over realism. Sarcasm instead of a little bit of humility and the realization that you underestimated this project by a whole order of magnitude. No, you still continue to underestimate it. And you know what, I don't care if it takes three years. I am not even complaining about it. Better finished at some point than never. Ok, in the beginning you made it look as if a whole lot of gameplay was already implemented, so people got the feeling that you have a big experienced team already that had already put together a working basic version of the game, but neither was true. Now we know that it's just an small unexperienced team of people who for all we know aren't actually seeing any of the money we put into the game, so we can’t complain anymore about how much longer things will take. I am complaining about silly unrealistic estimates that make your team look bad, when in reality, they should only make you look bad. But from the fact that you have another set of “calculations”, it is obvious you are not going to enter the real world anytime soon. So it's probably better for everyone involved if people like me get the hell out of here. Because otherwise, you are going to continue making grandiose statements, which your team will feel they have to take the flak for from people like me or Tiki or Viper. So aside from a little goodbye message, this will be my last post on these forums. No, actually, it’s probably not true. I will probably not be able to resist posting some sarcastic crap here on Nov 3, 2018. If this forum still exists then. Usually, I-told-you-so is not a part of my character, but it will be so difficult to resists. I know, it will seem weird then, and everyone will go “What do you want? What are you complaining about? The game is nearly finished! It will be released SoonTM!! We just got the first beta version!” Really, this whole thing is supposed to be fun for the community. Even picking out bugs from an alpha version is actually fun for many people (it certainly is for me), but the frequent facepalming about those bizarre estimates and out-of-another dimension statements here is actually quite stressful. Lots of facepalming material here even outside of "We'll be done really really soon!" nonsense: The fact that you are still misleading people into thinking they can have the Mac version right away by having that Apple symbol under the "Pre Alpha Available Now" banner on the website. The fact that you are not giving people a somewhat realistic timeline, at least admitting that it will be "years not months" until the game is finished - so they don't back the game now with false expectations. The fact that you actually considered opening an office in San Diego - one of the most expensive cities in the world. The fact that you still haven't understood how an alpha process actually works and that you will still polish up every future release for weeks. The fact that you need a community manager for biweekly updates, because you don't have the 30 minutes every two weeks to do an update yourself on the little bit of progress being made. All of that: Facepalming deluxe. All of that: Broadcast straight from your unrealism bubble. I have to deal with enough facepalm material at work already, but there I am getting paid for it, and none of it is anywhere close to being that silly. I don't need an amplified version of that in my free time. So yea, it's better for everyone if I get the heck out of here and stop annoying the team. Of course, every good team needs to be challenged by the community. There are always enough people who go on about how great the team is and how people should not “attack” the poor development team and some other brown-nosing BS like that. But every team also need a few thorns in its side. It looks like there will still be some left who have a much higher amount of patience than me. But my patience is spent.
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    I'm not good at drawing so no images from me  :(    Sun energy redirector satellites  (name = WIP) Satellites are positioned around the sun at specific positions. They can emit a energy panel that can redirect sunlight to a planet to heat it up or reflect it away to cool it down. Needs a high developed civilization Using solar energy apart from the building cost nothing is needed for running them Can be used to prevent temperature fluctuations They are most useful for planets that are too far away or near the sun. Since they do not fix temperature problems caused by the planet itself. Core accelerator/decelerator Though directly interfacing with the rotation speed of the planet core via magnetic force it is possible (at least according to my theory  ;)) to reduce or increase the geothermal activity of the planet. By accelerating the core speed the frequency of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is higher. This may be corrected with a research.  Changes the duration of a day on the planet (if that has any consequence?) Cloud machine By forcing the atmosphere to produce more clouds less sunlight reaches the planet so it cools down. Increasing the risk of rain by 90% Further research allows to use the energy produced by the increased thunder activity. Atomic temperature control or Planet microwave Through controlling the movement of atoms in the atmosphere with specific waves (kinda like a microwave just for a planet) we can increase the temperature of the atmosphere. Not harmful for all living and non living things The specific waves have to be researched for every type of atmosphere Multiverse connector (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse) Exchange the atmosphere of the planet (or even the whole planet) with one suitable from another verse from the endless multiverse. May result in the collapse of all we know so use with caution   I really like this idea of community involvement keep it up!
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    CM Mirror

    Pax South and V13!

    Pax South and V13! Hello Creators! It's been a busy week! Last week we said we'd have more info regarding the V13 patch and its release date. While that info is still being prepared (we have a lot to cover!) I wanted to update you on whats been happening with us on other fronts! We allowed Alex and a few other members of the team to leave the confines of their desks over the weekend and run wild at at PAX SOUTH! If you happen to be at pax come stop by (we're in Booth 10407 ) and say Hi! We have a playable version of the current patch and you might even be able to get a T shirt signed! Check out the Pax website for more info http://south.paxsite.com/ If you already stopped by and happened to snap a selfie tweet us @theuniversim Can't attend Pax? make sure to follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/TheUniversim the team is posting photos from our booth! While we wait for our pax team to return I do have some exciting news! We finally have a release date for the V13 patch! Alex will be announcing that finalized date with the full V13 info update coming in the next few days. we know you've all been waiting a long time for this patch and we hope you can hold out just a little longer. We're excited to see what you guys think and find in this next patch. Have a wonderful rest of January! CM Mirror
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    CM Mirror

    Bi-Weekly Info Update: January 22nd

    January 22nd Info Update Welcome to the second info update of the year and the final one for the month of January! We'll be taking a quick look at some key feature that will be included over the next few patches, introduce you to some of our new team members and talk about the Warehouse changes! Warehouse V2 : Name Change!Upcoming featuresNew Team MembersLocalization and Stretch Goal Lockdown___________________________________________________________________ We've spoken about the Warehouse in a previous Info Update, but with the new name change and the inclusion of this feature in an upcoming patch I thought it was time we took a closer look! Gatherer's Hut Concept Art WHAT IS IT? The gatherer's Hut plays the role of Resource Distribution Center. Nuggets will come to Gatherer's Hut to pick up resources. The Gatherer's Hut does not store resources and the player will need to build Stashes for that purpose! After a Gatherer's Hut is placed the player can click on the building and chose available stashes from the panel. Current available stashes (names will be changed per era): Stone Stash Metal Stash Wood Stash Oil Storage Gas Storage Food Stash Resource Pile and Models Each resource type will have a certain 'Pile Size' based on the amount of resource points stored. The resource pile's model will change size and shape depending on the pile state. Each Resource Pile has 7 states: From 1-2 Resource Points From 3-6 Resource Points From 7-12 Resource Points From 13-25 Resource Points From 26-50 Resource Points From 51-100 Resource Points From 100- ∞ Resource Points STASHES Stashes Hold Piles!Stone StashIn the stone age this Stash holds up to 200 Stone Points without the upgrade. Each Stash can have up to 4 spots for resource piles, each spot holds 50 points of stone max. Above is an example of empty and almost full stash. When Stash is full, a flag will be raised to let the player know! Stash Build Requirements: Stone Stash: 10 Wood, 25 stone Metal Stash: 10 Wood, 25 stone Wood Stash: 10 Wood, 25 stone Oil Storage: 100 Metal, 100 Stone, 100 Wood Gas Storage: 100 Metal, 100 Stone, 100 Wood Food Stash: 10 Wood, 25 Stone Color-Coded Boxes for each Resource. Orange Boxes Used to store Stone Pink Boxes Used to store Food Green Boxes Used to store Wood Black Boxes Used to store Oil Purple Boxes Used to store Gas Teal Boxes Used to store Metal In the UI, the top value on the boxes indicates the Capacity of the box and how much is currently occupied: Pick Up / Drop Off point Each Gatherer's Hut has a Pick Up spot. This is the spot where Nuggets come to collect resources for construction. Depending on the amount of courier workers, we can determine how fast or slow this process progresses. Each courier worker can only serve 1 Nugget (Client) at a time. If there are more Nugget Clients than Courier worker Nuggets, there will be a line of Nuggets queuing in front of the Gatherer's hut. CouriersCouriers are the Gatherer's Hut workers. They pick up resources from Stashes for Nugget Clients. Nugget Couriers can carry more resources at the same time than any other Nuggets. Nugget Couriers can carry up to 15 resources points at the time, without upgrades. Normal Nuggets can only hold 3 resource points! The Gatherer's Hut will come in a future patch once the team finalizes all the details! Please remember that all the above info is to be considered as "work in progress" and may differ the final version! ___________________________________________________________________ Upcoming Feature list Here is a small look at some of the Alpha V5 release changes and additions that have been planed out or are close to completion. While the team has every intent of including all the below listed items, some are still WIP and may not make the V5 release date. Research screen redesign (covered in the Jan 8th info Update)Stockpiling TutorialNugget Status Tab: Show what they are carryingPriority Panel UpdateCreator Power MenuWork Clothes More bug fixes and optimization!___________________________________________________________________ New Team Members! I'd like to formally introduce two new development team members and two new volunteer moderators/QA testers! First up our two new dev team members: Geoffrey Clark and Landon Kirk who go by @grey and @lando912 respectively. Geoffrey is a new full time programer and Landon is part time. They will come to the forums when they can to help answer questions! Next we have our two new volunteer moderators/QA testers: @socman and @Arsouilleslic ! Both are completely volunteer and their primary goal is to help out alongside our development team with version testing and bug squashing! They are also helping keep the PA bug and issues section more organized, moving or marking topics that have been resolved or need further attention. Both also have access to JIRA, our bug and issues tracking software and add new tickets from topics you create! ___________________________________________________________________ Localization and Stretch Goal Lockdown! We finally have a list of the available languages for the final game. EnglishFrenchItalianGermanSpanishRussian *More languages may come at a later date but the final game will ship with these supported!Stretch Goal Lockdown! Once the current stretch goal is met there will be no further goals! This will allow the team to focus on all the current planned content. ___________________________________________________________________ That wraps up this info update! We have another mini contest planned soon with more monsters to name so look for that to pop up in the next few days! We'll catch you at the next info update on February 5th!
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    I'm pleased to announce that the team is putting the final touches on the patcher/launcher system! A few final QA checks and packing it up are all that's left. The system should be ready and pushed out to everyone for download in the next 24-36 hours. Once the final stamp of approval has been given an email notification will be sent out to all eligible accounts with instructions on how to download. Everyone will be able to go to their dashboard to find a key and a download link. We'll keep you updated should anything change.
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    Launcher/Updater Dev

    Hi guys, My name is Ryan! I joined the team a few days ago though I've been a fan of Universim since before the Kickstarter. My previous experience includes over a decade of programming, both for the web and software. For the past year I've been developing my own game in Unity, as well as a day job working for a startup mostly in Golang. I'll be taking over development for the Launcher and trying to get it out the door as soon as possible. While my predecessor has done most of the heavy lifting I'm going to be improving the flow, bringing some of my ideas to the table and making sure it's as rock solid as possible. While doing this, I'll also be developing the systems to allow for version checks and other pre-fullgame features.Technically the launcher is both a game installer, a game updater and a game launcher but for now, we're just going to call it Launcher: Codename Aardvark. Cause I'm awesome like that. Why is the launcher so mission critical? We need the launcher to be able to keep the game up to date. We've listened to some ideas such as just allowing players to uninstall/reinstall the game as updates come but the common thought is "Do it right". If we have a launcher we can push updates every day if we want to - this is not to say that will happen! What are the challenges? Bandwidth. When you download a game you rarely think about the amount of bandwidth that comes with a download, but it adds up. You have to think about download speeds for people that are in different areas of the world.Keeping the updater itself up to date! There are plans for features within the launcher itself, not just the game. This means the launcher needs to be able to be self-updatable.Only updating what's necessary; this is a bit longer term but we need to apply changes on a binary basis. To get the launcher in your hands as soon as possible though we're cutting some corners.What are your first steps? My plan over the past few days was to get familiar with the existing launcher. Right now I can build it, run it, and get the Launcher to download & install the game. This is only half the battle though. Now I have to make sure it performs correctly in different edge cases such as recognizing that the game is in fact already installed, or making absolutely sure it doesn't delete the wrong files. From there, I'll be working with the game devs and the version system to update the game. From there, I'll be implementing the versioning system for the launcher itself. Then it's a matter of test test test! When can we expect it? Coming Soon™
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    edit: link just incase forum breaks again lol: http://imgur.com/dYRlZaY
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    CM Mirror

    And We're BACK!

    AND WE'RE BACK Hello, Creators! We have just returned from Pax South in San Antonio, and oh boy, what a trip! While three of us were out and about having a great time with fans both old and new, our team has been ironing out our latest build. Before we talk about it, though, let me give you a quick recap on how Pax went for us. Unfortunately, I fell extremely ill and lost my voice on the second day, which rendered me unable to talk to some of our fans in a proper manner. I would sincerely like to apologize for that, but I want you to know that I still stood until the very last moment. Never give up!We are proud to announce that we had incredible success during the event. Our booth was packed for 3 days in a row! We had lines of people who wanted to try out The Universim’s early build that we had at Unite a few months ago. You’re all still going to be the first ones to try out the newest stuff. We hope you like it! We are still in awe that so many of our fans waited for over an hour to get their hands on The Universim. We really appreciate your love and support! We promise to bring more computers next time to cut the waiting time down and let more people try it out. All of our team members are now back home and ready to kick some buttons! As you know, we took a break from our monthly updates to clean up our project to ensure a smoother transition into the future. So far, it’s been a blast! It did, however, involve tons of work and tons of complicated issues that nobody was counting on from the start. The good news is, we’re winning this battle! The game looks amazing - the new 3D models and animations started rolling in and are playing together quite well. The planet is so much brighter and far more saturated both in terms of colors and objects. We need one final push and the update should be available by the28th of February. All of the functionality that we had in previous builds is now in place and needs to be ironed out a bit. It’s slightly messy, and as a result, we’re not ready to release it in the state it’s in right now. Evolution Of The Planets Through Stages Dramatically improved lighting and Models in the world This is the final mile before things get shifted into high gear again. Thank you so much for bearing with us during this time! You’ve all been amazing, and we want to make it up to you. A lot of energy has been invested into this update and we’re very proud of how it’s shaping up. We hope you guys will understand and support our decision to release it later this month. We love you all and hate to keep you waiting. We hope you are having a great start to the new year, and we wish you all the fun times ahead!Thank you,Alex. K and the Crytivo Games Team
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    CM Mirror

    Bi-Weekly Info Update: January 8th

    January 8th Info Update Happy New Year Creators! Welcome to the first info update of the year. This week we'll be looking at the creator power radial menu, the upcoming change to the Research screen and a look at a concept planet Creator Power Radial MenuResearch Screen Change: Spider web to Linear Planet Concept: EnigrebuaGamescon: Germany!Whats on the horizon? ___________________________________________________ Creator Power Radial Menu Last update we looked at the creator or god powers, and shortly after the document on them was released, but one thing was missing: How you'll select and activate those powers for use. Below you'll see the concept work for the Creator Power Radial Menu, along with the CP point bubble (upper left in pink) Please be aware that this is only a concept image and the final version may be different! ___________________________________________________ Research Screen Change Currently the research screen is radial, based off a central point. While this worked it didn't really flow. Now with the new side to side menu we have a clear path(s) to follow to progress to the next Era! The team is finalizing this new system now and we should see its introduction sometime within the next few patches ___________________________________________________ Planet Concept Enigrebua Enigrebua is a dark planet in The Universim’s vast universe. The surface of the planet consists of a dark, dry, and crumbly material, which is somewhat of a mixture between sand and metal, with reflective, metallic, and glowing particles that are visible during sunset. Scattered across the surface are also hard, sharp rock formations and aggressive, spiky flora. Dominant Colors: Violet Dark Blue Black Explorers will notice that there is barely a mountain in sight on the planet, which can be attributed to a lack of large bodies of water or high levels of moisture. The gravitational pull on the planet is also significantly higher than that found on Mother Planet. For these reasons, animals and plants remain firmly on the ground and often concentrate their numbers in areas where any measure of moisture can collect. The wildlife’s appearance is that of a fungal or mucous-based entity, and each species exhibits a different behaviour and body structure. Most of these animals are friendly in nature, but predators of medium size and fast movement speed also roam the desolate plains. The planet does not contain much in the way of fauna, but certain biomes do appear to contain far more than others. The planet contains approximately 25% of the required oxygen levels for Nuggets, which means that it can be colonized with the right amount of work. Overall planetary temperatures range from 0-15 degrees celsius, which is common for a planet of this type. However, winters can drop the temperature to as low as -100 degrees celsius, meaning that appropriate steps must be taken to ensure the safety of colonies. The planet orbits a very small star that can be seen from the surface. Further observations have shown that certain plants glow during the night. Resources: Planets of this type are filled to the brim with oil. 90% of the resource pool is oil, with a small quantity of gas and metal making up the remaining percent. ___________________________________________________ We're planing on heading to Gamescon Germany between the 17th-21st of August. if there are any other conventions or Expos you'd like to see us attend let us know in the comments! What's on the Horizon: We'll be shipping out the Kickstarter backer items, including T-shirts, mother planets posters and 3D prints near the end of Q1 2016. We'll also be granting access to the Pre-Alpha/Alpha to any KICKSTARTER backer who backed at the Early Beta Access Tiers near the end of Q1! ___________________________________________________ And finally I'll leave you with this: Alien Planet Fauna concept image. Help us name him and decide if he's a carnivore or herbivore!
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    Just bought a new computer for this

    To be fair though, your calculations up to this point have been a bit.... ummm.... 'optimistic' shall we say? Doing a very generalised and isolated segment example, lets take the Alpha schedule: Late 2014 - Intended start of Alpha. This was delayed. Fair enough, delays happen to some extent. E3 2015 - The Universim shows itself at E3. What is shown is essentially the 2014 prototype with the old placeholder art removed and some surface UI added in. This is reflective of the last 7-8 months of progress since the Alpha delay, and deemed not yet sufficient for player exposure (And rightly so). September 2015 - Pre-Alpha delayed citing purely launcher based issues. Mention by individuals that the delay can allow for additional things to make it into the Pre-Alpha and flesh it out more. A updated demo is released to fill the gap, demo is very much what was showcased previously at E3 in terms of what's functional except surface UI from the E3 build is removed. Some adhoc behaviour is also added to represent the idea of ecology in a very bolted on fashion. October 2015 - Pre-Alpha finally releases. Has about 5 minutes functional content that itself is heavily erratic. Most 'content' is cosmetic surface representation of ideas with no real attachments to game systems behind them. From the delay of the Alpha in 2014 for the better part of half a year leading to E3, the presentable state of the game has not really moved all that much. From E3 to Pre-Alpha another 6 months on, what is presentable is a series of erratically implemented systems attached in some places and left hanging attached to nothing at all in others. The majority of what is shown is hooked up to absolutely nothing at all, and is just there to give the impression of what will one day be something once it's designed, fleshed out and then added to the game and hooked up where appropriate. And this is representative of a year post delay of the initial planned schedule of when you figured something deemed 'Alpha' would be ready. I think if anything, you should have picked up from the last year that your calculations and expectations of what you can achieve in a given time frame are extremely off and personally I would have hoped after looking at the condition of the Pre-Alpha and the monthly update release schedule, you'd have revised your calculations and tried to be significantly more realistic about what you expect to happen and when.... especially if you continue to move forward on a team driven by over-taxed volunteers who aren't even getting paid. And in the meantime keep introducing more content for the core game through stretch goals. If you move forward with your private investor plans and also establish your new office, hire new team members who then need initial productivity downtime to be introduced, settle in and orientated/trained-up then that isn't going to help your calculations either. It will only set them back further. So Ruebezahl was being rather generous with their optimistic estimate of 3 years IMO. If you really still think you will have the game going gold in under 3 years then you're being somewhat naive, or have unannounced plans for significantly downscaling what is set to be included on release. So to respond to your question: I'd say for the last year and a half or more you've grossly underestimated how long things will take and the scheduling, management and resources needs to accomplish a tiny fraction of what you had scheduled to accomplish in that time. If you've taken nothing at all from that entire experience and still shrug it off as "Well we're Indie and doing anything else requires money and if we get that money it'll all magically be good", then I'd say you're still grossly underestimating your project needs, your ability to meet those needs and how that relates back to your scheduling and are just making excuses for yourself whilst holding on to overly optimistic schedules that are less 'calculations' as they are more 'day dreams'. So here's a question: What have you taken from the experiences of the project over the last 16 months in terms of what your team can accomplish within certain time frames on a scale you're able to sustain for as long as is needed? And the follow up to that: From what you have taken from the last 16 months how have you re-examined your expectations in regards to scheduling and management?
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    Nuclear fallout Nugget. My fanart video www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnpBHht-6M
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    So what is going wrong here?

    Well, just a couple of months ago, it seemed like I was by far the most pessimistic forum member here. I even created this updated timeline to present my concerns in an admittedly provocative manner: Now after the announced delay for the pre-alpha, it seems like pessimism has become the mainstream, and what do you know - the picture above is now already more optimistic than current reality, because I naively assumed the pre-alpha would be released in early September. And to be honest, I don't see this picture as provocative pessimism anymore, but rather as a rather likely scenario. Well, why was I so pessimistic in the first place? What is going wrong in my opinion? Well, let me summarize... In my opinion, the development work is completely unfocussed. Obviously, I don't know how the development team is working, so I can only judge from the symptoms, but the symptoms are very telling. If I am wrong and the development is actually well-structured and focussed, then I have no idea how some of the strange stuff can happen. We just had an announcement of a delay two days before a promised release date. Does that strike you as the output of a focussed team? For example, the team suddenly comes up with some new concept called "Gobbets". Nobody really knows what their purpose is and how they benefit the game. Then there's criticism and they are gone. The problem with this: Once the game concept is fixed, it will take at least 1 1/2 years (very optimistic estimate!) to finish the game. The game concept very obviously is not fixed yet. So at this point, it is impossible to predict a final release date. The only thing I can say for sure: It's at least 1 1/2 years away. Why does it take so long? Because once the game concept is fixed, you need to build the game engine. Then you need to start balancing the game engine. This takes a huge amount of time. You need to make sure that everything in the game has a function and that the way how one entitity in the game affects another entitity is well-understood and tested. If you add a new component to the concept (such as Gobbets), then this whole effort starts from zero. No, you can't reuse any of your previous results. Every piece of the machinery needs to be readjusted. The balancing work restarts from absolute zero. Take a RTS game as an example: Let's say what you have in the game is just infantry and cavalry. You balance them so that both infantry and cavalry are not overpowered, and so that you need both to win the game. Now you add artillery. Immediately, the whole balance is off, because you have to balance artillery against infantery, artillery against cavalry and again cavalry against infranty. And you have to make sure that they are all needed to win the game. So you had better know right from the start which units you want to have in the game. My impression is that the game concept is being made up as the team goes along. The graphics engine seems to be in a good shape, and it seems like it has been in a good shape for quite a while. We even got a demo. It's weird to me, as the graphics engine is not the top priority. My impression is that the team will now just add game concepts one by one as opposed to laying things out first in a master plan. I get that impression from the fact that the pre-alpha will contain only one epoch. So the game is being built stage by stage? Well, if that's the case, then the end result will be a succession of very loosely connected episodic stages. Remember Spore? The same problem becomes obvious when you see that the development team is still dreaming about stretch goals such as multiplayer. The idea is that if there is enough money coming in, then multiplayer can be added. That is not how it works. You have to design it in from the beginning. You can't develop a singleplayer game and then in the middle of development add multiplayer. You have to know right from the beginning how different players can interact with each other, and it adds another layer of balancing that needs to be done. Add multiplayer in the middle, and you're back to zero. 1 1/2 years from there - probably more, as mutiplayer-balancing is hellishly difficult. And then there's the weird dream about getting more funding to add even more to the game (see my point above about fixing the scope at some point) and - most bizarre of all - open an office in San Diego (one of the world's most expensive cities), to collocate the developers - in the middle of the development. Or to summarize: Let's get more money to throw it out the window and delay the development as we do that. I don't know if I should call that megalomania or naivety. Let's not forget the E3 adventure. So the team goes to the E3 to give the game lots of publicity by presenting an early gameplay demo. So, how many post-E3 articles about the Universim were written on relevant gaming blogs after the E3? Where are all the gameplay videos from E3 flooding Youtube, going viral, getting millions of views? The only video I saw was an interview where the interviewer knew more about the game than the interviewee. So what was the real measurable gain from the E3? Let's face it: The E3 was a waste of time and - even worse - a waste of money. The priority should have been to work towards finishing an already-delayed game and to give the backers the promised alpha. Next year's E3 would have been a more reasonable target. And that disaster with the delay of the pre-alpha... well, how do you notice two days before the planned pre-alpha release that the remote patcher doesn't work? Yes, of course, a major bug can pop up in the middle of development, but was that bug really unpredictable? I would claim that not a lot of testing has gone into the patcher, so when the testing was being planned, say, a month ago, it might have been obvious that it would not be in a releasable state by Sep 15, because testing is a part of making something releasable. So, well, criticism is only useful if it's constructive, and yes, I can very clearly say how the problems must be fixed. 1. Fix the scope of the game NOW. It needs to be decided now if things like multiplayer will be in or not. Do not hold out for more funding to reach some stretch goals. Otherwise, you'll be holding out forever. You want to finish the game in a finite time? Then you need to fix the scope. You want to finish it in 1 1/2 years? Then fix it right NOW. 2. Once the scope is fixed, fix the game concept ASAP. Top priority. The priority is not working on the graphics engine, the pre-alpha patcher, the E3, Gobbets, Nuggetars or whatever might seem interesting or cute at the moment. 3. Then the next step is a prioritized product backlog from where the team members pick up the tasks. From that, a new release date can be derived. Yes, an actual release date. The fact that currently, there is none just proves what I was saying above: The release date is "unknown amount of time" + 1 1/2 years away. I could summarize this into something that I've been thinking for quite a while now: The team urgently needs a project manager with strong experience in software development. There needs to be someone who kills naive pipe dreams like "let's go to E3 to become famous" or "let's open an office in San Diego" the moment they come up. Someone who has the experience to tell people "Stop adding new stuff, but consolidate what we have now!" Someone who has the experience to say "Changing this now adds half a year to development!" and someone who has the experience to say "The remote patcher needed for the pre-alpha release will not be done in one month. Delay the release now!" Yes, sorry, I know that is an unpopular opinion with development teams. I am sure everyone on the team is great, but the assumption always seems to be the this automatically makes the team great, and that nobody is needed to guide the team. Unless someone with the necessary level of experience takes the reins, focusses the development and drives things to completion, I'd say the "run out of money before the beta phase is over" scenario is a 95% probability (where the remaining 5% come down to Crytivo being bought by a big distributor who sends someone in to take the reins). Of course, I'll happily be proven wrong. This game might be the last chance for a great god game in a long time, and I actually put real money into it. So I will be all-too-happy if in two years, people can tell me "Haha, that post was complete BS!" But let's see...
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    SUBMISSIONS - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    I present....the most classy nugget around!
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    SUBMISSIONS - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

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    Imperial Nugget A tad monochromatic
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    A wild dev appears!

    Hi / Hola / Ciao! My name is Alex, and I am the lead game designer of The Universim, working from the shadows, surrounded by flowcharts and spreadsheets. The time has come to make myself fully available to you all! I'll pay close attention to this forum, so I can keep all of you updated with the development of the game and gather as many ideas. You guys are the ones that the game is for, and without you, all this work we're putting is pointless. Therefore, I ask you to speak your mind and provide all the feedback/ideas as you want to make this great game an even better one! As I speak fluent English, Spanish and Italian, feel free to use any of those languages to express your thoughts. Can't wait to converse with you all!
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    I found a game called "The Universe Project". Its very similar to Universim.I cant explain more.Just check it out. :)   Website: http://goo.gl/9NC3w   Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dREeDjQ0jIg
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    Some tips on playing the game

    Some tips on playing the game I've been playing this game for sometime and would like to share some knowledge I've learned from playing this game in alpha stage. Please let me know if there's any incorrect information provided here so I can correct them. This is written during Lizard Candy update: To developers: Please check the tips here as well. Lots of the tips are actually us trying to workaround the bugs and issues of the game at the moment. There are some game design issue as well. Please do not lead the game towards a micromanagement game. This is an awesome game but it worries me that the game requires so much micromanagement already even at stone age, feel like a city building game instead of a "god game". Don't clog your buildings, instead spread in building them. Sometime the nuggets will have some path finding problem and stuck between buildings. Don't build anything on a shore that are too steep. There's a chance that the nuggets will place excessive resources on the shore that is treated as land when they put it but those resource bundle cannot be picked up later,probably because the shore is then treated as ocean when the nuggets try to pick those resources up for other buildings. This will cause lots of nuggets to try to pick that resource up and they all get stuck there due to some kind of deadlock, ends up with the death (thirst /hunger/ depression) of the nugget if you don't relocate the nugget. You cannot generate any food during winter (as of this update), so make sure to stockpile food before winter. The amount of food you will need for your civilization to endure through the winter will differ due to the game has dynamic length of a season. I feel comfortable when I have food (raw + prepared dishes) of this ratio: 1 nugget = 0.25 food per season block. So if I have 10 nuggets and the winter is 3 bars , I will want to have at least 10 foods (0.25 x 3 x 10) stockpiled before the winter starts. I follow ratio of 15 nuggets for 1 local business. You don't need an engineer until your nugget population grow beyond 30. Use your god power to repair the buildings( It's freee now!! ) Don't assign nuggets into buildings that aren't crucial at the moment.For eg.: engineers are not needed early game, you don't need 2 nuggets for the engineer hut (add more later if needed), forecast tower can stay empty after you've got the year's season meter read. More labours = faster resource gathering = faster building. Winter is building + resource gathering time! Unassign fishermen from fishing piers that don't have raw fish to gut during winter and deactivate the pier. Unassign farmers from farm that dont have crops planted, and then deactivate the farm. Freeing up nuggets for labour until it's spring again. crops dont grow in winter, and no fishing during winter anyway. Don't research tier 2 primary technologies until you are ready. Reason 1: All the tier 2 buildings uses refined material to build, and when you upgrade your building, the building will be shutdown for upgrade and there is no way to undo it. The wood and stone refinery buildings WILL NOT produce anything unless there's a demand for them. This means you cannot stockpile refined materials prior to upgrades causing an expected period where the building you are upgrading will be unavailable during the upgrade.Reason 2: new buildings will be of tier 2 when you place them. Meaning you cannot build new building ( of those you've researched tier 2 ) if you don't have refined material. For eg: you researched an eatery upgrade, you own only 1 eatery. After the research is finished, all the eatery you try to build will be tier 2, there's no option for you to choose to build tier 1 or 2. The game doesn't has key-mapping setting at the moment, but you can rotate your building using "q" and "e" before putting them down. strategically position the entrance of the building will save some walking time. Don't toss your deceased nuggets to far far far away. Why? Because your gravediggers WILL go for this corpse in this new update. XD. put those corpse near to the cemetery if you think your gravedigger will not be in time to pick up the corpse before it become contagious. DON'T toss it away. Direct your civilization by placement of buildings. The only building in the game that you have no control over is: stone huts. New stone huts will always be built with a gap in between buildings, and the gap length is around a stone hut's length. So use this as advantage and spread your civilization outward. Spreading of civilization is crucial for survival. Why? Reason 1: Because the water and fish supplies will deplete. You will need your civilization to spread and connect to another water source for the survival of your civilization. Reason 2: Because you want your nuggets' home closer to his/her workplace to reduce the walking time and have more output(duhhhh). You don't want to leave a lot of space for huts at the center because it will take a while for the nuggets to build their home outward. Restaurant: nugget population = 1:20, Engineer:nugget population = 1:20 Always build 1 or 2 extra water pumps AND disable them. Activate them only when your consumption of water is more than the production of water. This act as an buffer for miscalculation and sudden spike of water usage (for eg from winter to spring, when your farmers starts to plant crops again. The spike will be huge if you own a lot of farms and chooses crops that requires a lot of water to grow, especially if you built new farms in the winter, you will not notice the change until its spring). Sudden rise of water usage can cause drought if you do not have enough reservoir as backup.It is very hard to get back to track if this happens, which can cause the extinction of your nuggets: out of water ->building stops working -> chaos -> death Plan your expansion route on the planet when you place your start point. Choose places that has: desert/mountain for herbs, lots of small stones ,at least 2 lakes surrounding. Don't choose huge plains that has nothing as starting point because your worker will walk very far away to gather building resources. Always look for red symbols when you observe your civilization. This is to detect if the nuggets are stuck. Sometimes the game will instruct the nugget to do multiple things at the same time causing the nugget to have action rotating between 2-3 different different ones leading to the nugget doing nothing and at the end die on the spot. pick the nugget up and drop him on the ground to reset the action list will do the trick for now. Always try to assign the nuggets to buildings that are close to their home. I do this by manually checking the nearest hut occupants name and assign them into the building near to them. Every "town" should have :restaurant, engineer, well, local business. The cooks will gather food from fishing pier and farms, so building the restaurant near to these building will shorten the time for the cook to gather resource for cooking. Enjoy =)
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    CM Mirror

    Dec 1st Patch info

    Dec 1st Patch info Hello Creators! As many of you know this next patch is a big one with a lot riding on the contents. The team has been working hard to finalize systems that we need to further the overall progression of the game. We're cleaning up and optimizing, new models and animations along with the groundwork for future systems like the save function and roads. We covered this in more detail in the V12 cheesecake patch notes. The team is still hard at work to ensure the V13 patch is everything we've promised. Stability looks great, and we've seen really good performance increases with internal testing. Despite all this we may have to bump the V13 release date a bit further, an exact date if a push back is required will be announced as soon as possible. The good news is, V13 patch will allow us to add new content and fixes each month and have far fewer delays, if any on releasing those updates. A look at what the team is working on. -Planet Mesh Generation Optimization -Object Distribution Optimization -Game Loading Optimization -AI - optimization. Complete re-implementation -Road Mapping - You wont see roads yet, but planet mapped with the road paths already -Base for the Load/Save -In Game Settings Optimization -Post Process Effects Optimization + New Effects -3D Models remodeling/Optimization. We color Code Models based on the Type of Buildings and etc -Nugget Thought system. Reveals what Nuggets think about their current task and life -Nuggets Statistic Optimization/Implementation -Nugget Mating Improvement -A lot of Dev tool in development -Allows us to collect useful statistics for balances and performance tweaking -Tutorial Updates -Camera controls Improvements -Nuggets Updated Pathfinding system -Heat map optimization along with the Season Calculations -Tree Color Change based on the Seasons and temperature update -Animals -Procedural Mountain Generation. We're moving away from static mountain models. -Evolution towers (basics) -And more Finally we'd like to leave you all with a look at a few of the new models and thank you for your continued support and feedback!
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    Hello Creators! Pumpkins on door steps and leaves of red and gold fall from trees swept about by a crisp cool wind! It's AUTUMN! To celebrate the season we've introduced a new badge which will reward ANY person who posts durring the month of October through the 1st of November! We're also holding a new community event that will run through November 15th and will award a prize! Community Event: Tell us a Story! The nugget children have gathered around the campfire, it's story time and they want something SPOOKY! Your challenge is to scare the nugget children with a tale of fright! Will it be about Zombies? A Skeletons battling Werewolves!? Has the Headless Nugget Horseman made his return to Nugget Hollow? Make sure its spooky, but keep it short! Nugget children have very short attention spans, but If they like your story they might give you something! We're looking for Scary stories, that center around the nuggets. Tell us how you think the nuggets would handle a zombie apocalypse, or a rogue werewolf prowling their village. what goes bump in the night for the nuggets, what monsters lurk under the beds and in the closets of little nugget boys and girls? Spooky Details: Keep your story to a maximum of 5 paragraphs! Please keep gore and violence to a minimum. sexual content is NOT allowed. If you wouldn't tell your story to a 10 year old, its not appropriate content for this event. You MUST submit your story to this thread by November 15th BE ORIGINAL! Only submit work that is your OWN. Anyone found submitting writing that does not belong to them will be disqualified from the voting round. Spooky Prize: From the pool of stories the Universim team will choose their favorites and those selected will receive a limited edition Halloween themed shirt. Have a fun and Happy Halloween! Crytivo Games
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    Is religion something that is being considered? I would think that religion could be a part of the research tree. After all, the player is a god, so the question would be to which extent the nuggets believe in the player. I saw "Sprituality" and derived from that a couple of buildings in the tech tree that was posted a while ago, but not really religion as a mindset. I guess that by default, the nuggets would be, for lack of a better term, "uninformed atheists" - meaning that they have never heard about their god, so they don't believe in it. Then, religion could be researched - possibly with different levels with different benefits, for example Nature religion: "The nuggets worship nature and natural phenomena, naively believing that thunder and lightning are caused by some kind of friction inside of the clouds or that plants breathe in the air that the nuggets breathe out and vice versa, or other nonsense like that." - bonus is e.g. less resource usage for key buildings placed by the god/playerMonotheistic religion: "The nuggets worship a single god, generally depicted as an old man with a beard who likes to touch his index finger to the index finger of select nuggets for reasons unknown." - benefit: player gains god powersMessianic religon: "The nuggets believe that their god will designate one nugget as his representative on the planet. As the messiah's teachings are dangerously similar to communism, he is killed by representatives of the System(tm) to preserve the status quo." - benefit: player can designate a messiah and gains increased god powers within a certain range around the messiah. Disadvantage: From time to time, nuggets close to the messiah might drop what they are doing to follow the messiah around, thus decreasing productivityAtheism: "The nuggets decide that the player does not exist. All the fireballs and other phenomena that had previously been considered proof of the player's existence are now considered to be parts of a big conspiracy by the NSA (Nugget Secret Association) to make the nuggets more docile by getting them to believe in a god." Benefit: Faster research, possibly faster move towards space exploration. Disadvantage: Diminished god powers
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    CM Mirror

    A New Community Manager Appears!

    Hello! Many of you know who I am and have seen me around, but for those who don't know let me introduce my self. I'm Mirror, a fellow backer, previous community volunteer and now your new Community Manager. A quick bit about me before I jump into my goals as the new CM: I'm a work from home/stay at home mom so I'll be able to devote the majority of my time to CM duties. As I said previously, I'm also a backer. so like you all I'm invested and want the best for this game. I've volunteered my time to help the Crytivo team out so they can focus on bringing us the best game possible. My goal as CM is to be the new bridge between the community and the dev team. Have a question for the devs? I'll make sure they get it. If the team has something special they'd like to share with you all or even a quick update on how the game's current development stage is coming along. I hope to push my first update from the team soon and I look forward to being your new CM! ~Mirror
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    our neighbors of space

    the"unknown" hi everyone! I'm back for a new alien race: "Unknown name for the moment" as is my habit I present this beast with this sketch: if you are not blind you noticed that it's aliens resembling insects (wasps, bees) why be inspired bees? Well it's very simple! the bees (with the ants) are the only animals to live in society. they have a social and economic hierarchy. so I have justified the choice of the race now turn us to its operation. Firstly the planet of origin of these aliens is a mid-hive planet and mid-grassland (with cows! ) hives will be underground or in the form of large column of dirt as termites. you have understood, the grasslands is the source of food for the aliens and gradually as the world population increases gradually, the hive covers the planet by removing the grasslands biome and forcing the aliens to find a new planet to have grassland biome. now studying the features of the alien race: the workers: Well as their name suggests they work. there are many, not very large and do not attack. soldiers: bigger and more aggressive, the soldiers will take care to protect the colony against the wicked (which we discuss later) Queen: it exists only one for each colony is very préscieuse for them, if she dies everyone dies. She do the babies and she is the key for the aliens resource : royal jelly! (we also speak later) there are only two eras for this alien race: primitive times and spacial time. Royal Jelly is an important resource: for them it is where insects are born with the intervention of the queen. for the Human it is a fountain of youth! significant population growth! there are two usual approaches to access this resource: Conflict and trade. The war have one objective: it is the control of any the reserve royal jelly (huge amount) but when there is conflict the queen who is normally in the basement of the colony is forced out. So it becomes a strategic target to end the war. The trade (my preferred choice) is a contreignant choice for both sides. The insects will not give very little royal jelly in against part of a larger contribution (resource or technology) and in this case they have weapons, space ships ... How would a settlement of the Crystaloids look like? like a termite hive How would their infrastructure work? extraction plant pollen, cage cows ... So much for the presentation of this alien race that I find rather nice. (It is not complete, it lacks many things but I'm sure you will help me to complete it.) big kisses
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    I'd like to point out that all terraforming techs should have some kind of tradeoff. I would be sad if this aspect of the game would boil down to: "Oh its too hot, so I have to build masses of the blue buildings" and vice versa for orange. One should have options and none of them should only affect one single variable. If one has to balance out several different effects, then the gameplay is much more deep and possibly challenging.   Speaking of effects and side effects... I think, when we talk temperature, we should also consider temperature variation between night- and dayside. (and rotation plays a role in that) And that brings us to density of the atmosphere. The denser the air, the more heat it can hold and the less the temperature will drop in the night. I like the Idea above of heating a planet's core. This would not do much for the surface temperature directly, but it could allow the planet to develop a stronger magnetic field, which will protect the upper atmosphere from solar winds, enabling the accumulation of a denser atmosphere... etc etc etc...   You see, from what we know about planetary evolution, everything is somehow interconnected, and I'd love to see the game reflecting that.
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    CM Mirror

    Let's talk about No Man's Sky!

    Let's talk about No Man's Sky! Hello Creators! You all probably know and have been following the project called No Man's Sky. We were really excited to see our fellow Indie Developers develop the game that a lot of people were dreaming about. Unfortunately it looks like the release didn't go quite to plan and the game has come under fire for various reasons. While We won't call The Universim similar game to No Man's Sky, we would like to know your opinion regarding what you think went right or wrong with No Man's Sky, and how things could be fixed or could have been handled better. The indie community is constantly evolving and we strive to learn from our mistakes, build on our successes and make sure that our users are happy. We'd also like to open this up to discussions about other indie releases that you've had a chance to play in the past 6 months. Let us know what worked and what didn't. We'd hope the Hello Games developers quick and speedy recovery and wish them the best in future endeavors! We're looking for constructive critisism if there are things that you don't like. please be respectful to developers and posters!
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    Design, Whats after pre-alpha?

    The Design team consists of two people Susanna and myself and we wanted to share a few things with you now that PA is out that might help with some of the issues on the design side of the house. Everything you do in the game right now was designed for Pre-Alpha, every major system, IE Farming, Skills Tree, etc will re-evaluated and properly updated a section at a time. So if you are seeing something gameplay right now that is not the final game version, it was the Pre-Alpha version, so no worries! It will have a big update as we go along. The idea in PA was to give you something to do and let you roam around in your new world and give you a little look into the future. The PA was designed really for 20 minutes and after that, things are going to start to fall apart as the AI and other systems are simply not balanced past that as none of the actual gameplay, true gameplay, is actually in the game currently. We did not want to spend hours and hours balancing a game for hours of gameplay when we would have to tear it all back out as we put new stuff in. Most things are at a set base number, which obviously doesn’t work well. So whats coming up! That’s the most important question right!! Most people in the game design world have what is called the “Whiteboard” It’s seriously a whiteboard with sticky notes on it that you slide around with your tasks and its used in SCRUMS. These are the tasks and their order currently however, I can say the order moves around very often. These will be your updates as we move along. They will be in chunks. So If we say update 5.3 is coming out, you will actually know what it is. And you can freak out. Because I know we will be! Note: Unlike PA these design systems will be very close to the final version, they will need to be tested and when you have them in your hands we will have spent a large amount of time testing them ahead of time. So when you play them, you should be getting a good product in your hand. Also Note: Many systems of course work with other systems so, you might get to see something over the horizon but that might not be functional yet and we will let you know in our release notes. So what is the list!!! 1. Resources 1.1 Minerals , distribution and mining 1.2 Plants and Farming (UI, functions) 1.3 Forestry 1.4 UI updates from newest systems 2. Research Tree + Upgrades 2.1 Complete skills from Start to Space Age 3. Animals 3.1 Creature Generator 3.2 Animal Loot Table 3.3 Sea Animals and Airborne animal Generation 3.4 Domestication 4. Nugget update 4.1 Stats update 4.2 Mating update 4.3 Job Assignments 4.4 UI updates 5. The Proving Grounds 5.1 Hunting 5.2 Trapping 5.3 Exploration 5.4 Defense 5.5 Upgrades 6. Exploration 6.1 Upgrades in travel IE Vehicles 6.2 Encounters 6.3 Discoveries 7. God Powers 7.1 Powers – UX 7.2 Events and Interventions 8. Space Exploration System basics 8.1 Telescope 8.2 Probes 8.3 Space Communications Center 9 Planet Health 9.1 Resources 9.2 Deduction System So finally, thanks for waiting for the PA and I am excited to send you some patch updates now, If you want to know which systems have the most traction right now. Systems 1.1 5 7 But again we will be focusing on one at a time, when updates come out from the design house. So look forward to talking to you in a bit and enjoy the PA! Peanut
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    Here is a small look at the one of our devs planet concept no textures! Do you guys like it?
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    CM Mirror

    Patch v 0.0.10 Sneak Peek

    Patch v 0.0.10 Sneak Peek Hello Creators! Today I'm going to give you a small peak at the upcoming patch and highlight a few of the key changes from the patch notes. Patch V 0.0.10 will be called Zombies Not Included. It will contain bug fixes, new content, game balance and performance changes along with the Developer mini blog on the recent AI changes and the new God Power system and the new snow system! Let's take a look at some of the things we can expect. (these are not final patch notes, and are only a small snippet from each section) Bug Fixes Nuggets no longer use huts that they do not own. Fix an issue with farmers executing survival tasks and being assigned to farmer jobs in the meantime. Eatery paths now fit to surface. No more floating Nuggets. Fixed animation bug when crop was canceled. No longer showing icons after Nuggets death. Fixed pump water consumption bars. New Content “F4” button will now hide the HUD for when you want to make screenshots or record videos of your awesome planet! New AI! Bushes now have a ‘Herb’ resource for use by the Witch Doctor. Constructors Hut model updated UI Changes Settings screen adding options for show/hide status icons for buildings and nuggets. God’s Power Menu, implemented God Power points. Farm Panel: added delete button for current crop. Proper Esc menu will be displayed when esc key is hit. Balance and Performance Tweaks Unlinked well from pump. Now it can be built without a pump. Several buildings were given HP increases Several resources were given HP decreases Increased amount of food at epicenter at start from 30 to 50 Significant rework of pathfinding system, currently at 100 nuggets with playable framerates on mid-range hardware. Not even close to done yet though! Several new caching systems to reduce memory thrashing. (This means less “stutter” or pauses while memory is cleaned up mid-game.) Texture size optimization. Added a max amount of concurrent audio sources to prevent abuse. And much much more! We'll have the full patch notes for you just prior to the patch going live and we look forward to hearing what you all think!
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    Steam Nuggets

    Been having fun modeling some of these and will continue with some nifty series. I really hope Universim will have built-in or import options to fully create elements within the game.
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    Kingdoms and Countries

    Hello, I have an idea that I would like the community's feedback with that involves kingdoms and countries. I know new features aren't going to be added at this stage, but it could be an addon later down the road. - In the medieval era, you can build castles in your epicentres and those epicentres become kingdoms (even might come with a nugget royal family) - In the modern era, those kingdoms become countries and they compete with each other in various activities (like Olympics) - And finally in the space age, all of the countries come together and form a global alliance (become starfleet haha) What do you all think of this idea?
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    Well, let's face it: Everything that was said in the Kickstarter was pretty much marketing BS. Watch the Kickstarter trailer from April 2014 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU9Yg1ZtFd0 for example. At the beginning, it is stated: "The following video consists of early pre-alpha gameplay and is not represenative of the final product" which implies that the stuff shown in the video was implemented as actual gameplay. In reality, it seems that all that was available at the time was a graphics demo and that everything shown in the video was not actual gameplay, but (admittedly beautiful) 3D models moving on hardwired paths to make a nice video. Based on that video, the statements in a May 2014 update, where it was stated that the Alpha would be ready 6 months later, seemed really reasonable. But as the statement from the trailer was untrue, it was not reasonable. In that May update, it was also stated: "Why are we not releasing a working build within a few weeks? The truth is that we want ensure that we deliver the best possible alpha experience with minimal bugs and glitches (although there will still probably be a few!)." Actually, that was not the truth. The reason why the alpha was not released "within a few weeks" was not the need to remove major bugs and glitches. The reason was that there wasn't any gameplay implemented at the time. There was simply nothing to release. Right after the Kickstarter Campaign was over, communication dried up significantly, going from daily updates to not much at all. There were updates which were supposed to occur monthly but happened much less frequently. The updates were called "status updates" but often, they did not contain any actual status information, but were often more about "This is what we're planning to do.", making me wonder if there was no progress to report. On the other hand, they did move away just a bit from marketing BS, which is nice.. As a sidenote, a funny statement from the June 2014 "status" update: "We will do our best to keep you updated, but we have pretty awesome things happening all the time at the moment. We would actually end up spamming you to death if we kept putting it up here. It is also REALLY hard to keep track of feedback here, so be sure to visit our forums! We are pretty much always active over there and new things are pouring into the forums each day." Yes, for a while, the developers were active in the forums. But looking at it from today's perspective is strange. And I wonder what "pretty awesome things" were happening a year ago. We surely would have loved to be spammed to death. Realistically speaking, that statement was also an exaggeration, because what we got then in February 2015 was a graphics demo that looked nice but fell quite short of the "pre-alpha gameplay" shown 10 months before that. None of the pretty awesome things happening during the development were visible there. Yes, nice graphics, but the most critical thing is actually the gameplay, which was non-existent in the demo. But I guess graphics were a focus because impressive graphics without gameplay are better for advertising the game than stick figures with impressive gameplay. Sadly, this also automatically leads to delays. It would be easier to push in some beautiful 3D models at the last minute than to push in an engaging and well-balanced gameplay at the last minute, so the early focus should be on the gameplay. I tried to do an analysis of the few available status updates to get a picture of the real progress. So far, I had always assumed that there must have been some complete development restart somewhere in the middle (because I didn't want to believe that the current state is the result of 17 months of "working our asses off" development), but it looks like I was wrong. Apparently, there was a continuous progress. It seems like the actual key phases of the gameplay development were roughly: May 2014-April 2015: Implementation of the Prometheus engineApril 2015-today: Implementation of the stone age, very basic nugget intelligence, survival aspects, buildings, etc.So within 6 months, the stone age era was not even completed, as my understanding is that some major aspects like hunting are missing. So let's say, when we take into account also the feedback that will come from the community, we're looking at another 4-6 months for the stone age. Then we get to the next era. Another year for that. Etc. On top of that, there are era-independent things to implement like god powers. Do the math yourself as to when all the eras are done and we can move to beta stage. Half a year ago, I "pessimistically" predicted a final release for mid 2017. That was laughably optimistic. In any case, we should really only believe about the game what we see in software installed on our own computers. Like I said, the hyperbole has died down recently, but I would like to see the actual status with my own eyes.
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    Live Stream

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we are planning to do live stream and we want ask you, what is the best day of the week will work best for you. I started poll here, please go ahead and chose the day and we will arrange things around that. Thank you, Alex K.
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    Golden Nugget Knight!
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    So much for the roadmap...

    Hey guys, sorry that we're not releasing information regarding Alpha or Beta just yet. But I definitely want confirm that Backers will get access to the Alpha. We will publish information with dates with in next upcoming weeks. We just want make sure we're not promising you something that we will not be able to achieve on time. Thanks again for tremendous support. Our team work hard everyday to deliver you this amazing game as soon as possible. We dont want rush it, we want The Universim be unique and fun to play. Please accept our apologies and thank you for understanding.
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    I was thinking about all these conspiracy stories about meteorological control. Project HAARP, just find another signification for the acronym and it would be a funny reference. What are these machines called? Great name idea by jlv61560 : HArmonic Atmospheric Replication Plant What do they look like ? Effect on the sky : Functionality : Sends high frequency radio waves to change the weather, and by extension change the temperature on the planet. Maybe it could also generate rain and storms, to turn arid terrain to something more easy to live on. Possible upgrades : Military upgrade, the HAARP could reveal it's true potential by becoming a weapon of mass destruction, conspiracy theorist knew it ! The HAARP could now be able to fire a powerful laser, just like the death star (Maybe not that powerful, destroying a planet may be overpowered, but why not) Non-Military upgrade, the HAARP could be used to change the weather on other planets, and would do it more effectively (That could become some kind of weapon as well, but humans can turn anything into a weapon, can't they ?)
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    I think there needs to be several areas included here: Short, medium and long term projects.   Short term   For initial colonisation, or when longer term measures are not possible. Generally inefficient and costly but very quick to implement.   Name:  Domed City Appearance: Er, like a city, under a dome.... ;) Functionality: For inital colonisation of a planet, high energy costs, reduced living space. Can be placed on any suitable planet, even ones with no atmosphere.   Name: Giant Blooming Heaters/Refridgerators Appearance: Hey I'm no artist, like a big heater/fridge with glowing elements or something. Functionality: Allows heating/cooling atmosphere at great energy costs, and only locally, not planet wide, but no need for a domed city.     Medium term   For colony development, requiring continuous running but more efficient than short term projects. Takes some time after creation to become effective. Can run concurrently to short term projects until capable of taking over from them.   Name: Greenhouse generator Appearance: Some short of chimney? Functionality: Belches out greenhouse gases causing an overall heating effect across the planet   Name: Cloud cover creator Appearance: Another sort of chimney! Functionality: Generates planetary cloud cover for a cooling effect.   Long term   The final stage of project that causes a permanent  change to the planetary conditions, no longer requiring any buildings. Takes an extended amount of time to complete. Can run concurrently with short or medium term projects until capable of taking over from them.   Name: Asteroid accelerator Appearance: Think asteroids being hurled around! Functionality: Asteroids are hurled into a near-miss orbit causing a slight change in planetary orbit. Repeated over time will eventually move the planet into a nearer/further orbit affecting temperature.   Name: Atmosphere creation Appearance: I'm still no artist but thinking another chimney type thing. Functionality: Specifically for planets with no atmosphere initially. This could - over a loooong time - pump out enough specific gases to create a breathable atmosphere on planet.     That's it. I really wanted to suggest the various length of projects and only gave vague thoughts to the actual buildings. Oh but one concept that did just strike me. Cowboy Bebop, the anime, has a martian colony inside a large crater, the rim of the crater pumps out breathable air that floods down into the crater and down the outside. This might look quite cool in this game? Here's an image:  
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    I sugest you to do a Q&A

    This game looks really interesting but it lacks information. I  can understand that you want to keep it a mystery but i think this is a bit to much of it. A lot of people will see this game, come to the site and see that there is nothing more to see and just forget about it.    To give the users at least a bit more information you could at least give them a small Q&A about basic things. For example about the release plan, if it will be on steam, price, def team size and a little bit about mechanics maybe. Add some concept art and you have a lot of content for people to have a look trough and possibly getting more interested. Then donators would atleast know what they are donating for.