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    Nuggets Alive Counter

    Maybe a nice idea to add an counter on website (in top bar) and forums to see how many people play the game right now as well as a counter to see, how many nuggets alive, on our humble little planet earth! Could be an simple push to an tiny php server that constructs a simple xml file from it.
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    While I appreciate the effort to update the Nugget List Panel, I don't think it's quite there yet. I'm not a fan of everything but the highlighted Nugget information turning dark. I miss the Status column as I can now no longer see what Nuggets are doing at a glance. I would like to see a Marital Status column added, especially with the advance in relationship mechanics. Finally, the list completely bogs down when there's a lot of Nugs.
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    Find my lost nugglet

    I've always had a problem trying to find the lost nugglet, i would pause the game and look through most of the woods near my starting location eventually giving up and waiting for him/her to turn into an adult to find them half way across the planet. I would maybe like to see either a limit to how far away they can be away from starting location, or when you accept the mission to see a big circle covering an area where they might be just to give a general direction of where to look for them. How does everyone else feel about this or do you have a better idea?
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    Loading problems

    If you haven’t solved the problem already check here @Harv86
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    Research bugged

    Thank you for getting back to us. Your information has been passed on.
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    Unplayable OSX Mac

    Desktop version. Just updated to 0_0_22_1254120300_11119. Playing right now and it seems to be a bit smoother, for now.
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    Run the launcher and it should have an Update button in place of the Start button. If not, then recommend reinstall game. You can get the launcher installer along with your game key via the Dashboard on theuniversim.com.
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    The Universim or Universnever?

    Hello everyone at Crytivo Games! I've been watching this game for quite some time, it's very unique and original. One of a kind, really. As many others have mentioned before me and it has been answered, however, 5 years in development and you still haven't finished it, you're still in pre-alpha? There has to be a better explanation than "A lot of things that you see right now is the ground level of the game. It is true, that you don't see major changes (a lot of them are being worked on parallel to the patch that we release each month), but our main goal so far was to create a good structure (bare bones) that will allow us to easily add new features and make major changes that are coming.", which Sasha mentioned in a previous post. 5 years is a long time. Pre-alpha, alpha and early access is about pushing out consistent content, major content patches to a degree where the game has enough content to call itself a game rather than a tech demo. After that is done, bugfixing should be the main priority. There's a reason why you do this, if you keep bugfixing recent - both minor and major - content patches, you'll dig a hole which always will be filled with new bugs after each patch - each patch will create a new set of bugs and each patch will dig more holes. You're opening a can of worms with each patch and it is very apparent that this is what have happened. Five Years, Crytivo. Squashing them is not easy, certainly not. But its more important to push out content, get to a pre-beta stage and then squash the bugs, and in time you'll be able to close the can and eventually be very, very proud of the uniqueness of a game you've created. Sincerely, Ix
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    Random floating nuggets

    We have fixed this for the new patch
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    I wonder when we get all stages

    Well loking at how it is now https://twitter.com/TheUniversim?ref_src=twsrc^tfw All there is to do is oooze out and cover the planet, wich really sucks imo, i wanted this to be samll village turing into modern towns, compressed, not one huge town covering the planet like godus was, it sucks to say it, but that is how game is right now, and seeing how far we are in development, i dont think its going to change. How many planets do you fill up untill it gets boring. They should have gone the route that Black & White did wich was awsome, small compressed villages wich is still alive with all the mechanichs we have now, but that is my dream og how this would turn out since the kickstarter. But there might still be hope left
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    How to use God Powers

    I had serious problems with this as well. There isn't any help advice for this that I'd seen. This didn't quite work for me, but ctrl was enough to get me there. I have to press ctrl and press and hold the left mouse button.
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    Other Eras?

    I'd assume as technologies advance, you'd get more playable areas. Reskinning means everything that was available in the stone age is the same as the space age except the aesthetics. You'd expect the interface to be more complicated in later eras too, you should have millions more people? That's how I'd expect it to work, given the original artwork of cities on a planet
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    My civilization always collapses because the first generation starts dying off from old age, and then there is one gravedigger and thirty dead bodies scattered about...and then all of the other nuggets get infections from the dead bodies and soon die themselves. It's an interesting game mechanic, but it really gets in the way and ruins my game every time. In real life, dead bodies don't start rotting right away...at the very least there should be a larger grace period. I think that dead bodies should just lower the happiness of nuggets in their immediate area, and maybe have a very small chance of causing disease if they are left out for too long. As for methods of disposing of the bodies, I think it would make more sense if a nearby nugget would automatically walk up to a corpse and bury it, right on the spot (AKA a nugget would dig for a bit and then the body would disappear into the ground). In prehistoric times they usually just buried the bodies in the ground and moved on, so maybe cemeteries would be for later stages. The mechanic of having to make one nugget in charge of burying every corpse and carrying it and using resources to burn it...it's just too much, and it'll never work correctly if there are too many bodies. In regards to the matchmaking power, I personally find it annoying to use it (and most powers in general). The controls are very finicky, and it's very hard to select one nugget if it's walking or moving at all. The matchmaking power is too micro-manage-y. I don't want to choose which nuggets mate, I just want it to happen. I like the idea of guiding my civilization and not having to tell each nugget what to do.