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    This would be cool to implement different "God Powers," like forcing cultures to trade with each other, or creating gladiator style arenas to please you.
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    Bodies all over the place

    Yes because the last thing we need is the gravedigger to get a drink eat mate fill his joy and whatever else... while there are dead bodies laying around getting people sick i think that should take priority..
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    CM Mirror

    Unable to place Epicenter

    after using the "uninstall programs" method go to the location the game was installed at and make sure there are no other folder or anything labeled "thuniversim" delete all of it, then install, alternatively if you have more than one hard drive, you may want to try installing it there, after making sure any other version of the game has been removed. If you're still having issues, please download a free recording software like Fraps, Bandicam or you should be able to use either Shadowplay (nvida GPUs) or Plays.TV (AMD GPUs) and record the issue, upload to Youtube or another file sharing site that supports MP4 format.
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    Patch Notes: CHUPACABRA

    Thank you. This patch is the most awesome so far. Regarding the godly powers and disasters and bunkers.... A "Bunker" System seems a bit ungodly in my opinion. At least in the early stages of the game. Now that we have the beautyful faith tower - this seems like the place to be when a disaster is approaching. if you have faith, god will protect you. why shouldn't nuggets search for shelter there? The corresponding god power could be shield of faith which consumes faith over time to protect your nuggets from every disaster. you as god could decide if you fullfill the wish for shelter or simply ignore it and let your poor nuggets die while they search for shelter near your faith shrine.
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    Bodies all over the place

    What would really be nice is if there was some way to tell where someone died before the contamination began. Would be great to click on the news alert and it bring you to the place where the event happened. managing multiple dead bodies and other events is difficult when they can't be pinpointed.
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    I Won the Game

    And with Lizard Candy I can almost reach 70! This is the best, least buggy, and most stable build yet by far. Devs are crushing it lately! Not perfect, of course, I'll still get the "everyone freezes" thing sometimes, but for the first time I feel like I can "just relax" and play without worrying too much about freezing nuggets. Now I hope they increase refinery output a little more. It's extremely hard to get pre-medieval buildings completed even with 2 working wood and 2 working stone refineries running.
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    I Won the Game

    you dont win until you build everything...and then have tornado destroy it all. =)
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    Jean Michel

    Saving Game

    I don't know why people feel the need for the Nuggets to be " Saved ?!? " Maybe the Nuggets never heard of Jesus and Heaven and all that, huh, did you ever think of that, huh?? Leave it to a bunch of Christian Zealots to want to save Imaginary People with their Imaginary God...oh, Brother !!
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    CM Mirror

    Unable to place Epicenter

    have you wiped out the game entirely and completely reinstalled it?