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  1. Destruction, warfare and other civ's

    I'm currently working on a translation of the game when I saw on the main page, on the images on the background the huge *F bomb* robot destroying a planet. So who knows?
  2. Can't wait for this game to go gold and drop out of the sky like the second coming of messiah! Love from Norway X
  3. Destruction, warfare and other civ's

    I don't have much experience when it comes to coding so I can't dwell too deep in the matter and if its at all possible to implement this into the game (as an expansion perhaps?). From a lore/narrative perspective I believe this is totally an possibility. If we take inspiration from the real world there are many religions, new and old, that have come and gone. Take the world today, plenty of co-existing religions on one planet. All with somewhat different creation stories and there own interpretations of god(s). I am not saying that i wan't religion to be a focus in the game, but just an example that many gods are not a problem imo.
  4. Help Us Translate The Universim Website

    I can do the Norwegian translation
  5. Norsk | Norwegian

    Norsk | Norwegian Tenkte det kunne vært hyggelig å representere de av oss som er fra Norge her i forumet.
  6. Destruction, warfare and other civ's Modular destruction and deformation of the terrain would be something I'd love to see implemented to the game or total planetary destruction. As well as other tribes spawning on the planet and the possibility of diplomacy between them and the player.
  7. Resources and God power

    Resources and God power Hello God of God's! I was wondering, when I pick up resources e.g trees, stones from a faraway location and place it near my village, will the Nugget's be able to gather them? Or will they just disapear into the ground, and that's that? Also, will it be possible to relocate bushes and animals (food) in the future? Best regards X
  8. Getting the Sporevibe, but not really I remember playing Spore from dawn til dusk as a kid, and how much fun it was. The game was a hollow husk of what the developers envisioned for the game, but my fantasy filled the gap. I find myself firing it up from time to time, only to be reminded that it was all nostalgia. I have been looking out for a game with the same sort of vibe as Spore for a long time, but with no success. I had high hopes for a game named Wildfire Worlds, but the developer died of cancer so it was never released Had so much potential! Then there was the whole shenanigans with No Man's Sky... When I first found this game I got so exited for the potential for a truly great god game! I realise that no game will ever be like spore was to a kid back in 08, but The Universim game still gets under my skin and I can't help getting hyped.
  9. Crash

    Latest version of the game on Windows 10 OS, launched from desktop. PC specs: -ASUS laptop -Intel i7-4710HQ CPU 2.5GHz clocked at 3.5GHz -12GB RAM -Nvidia geforce GTX 870M Game settings in order: -Auto detect -Fullscreen -Display 1 -High -High -Midway on slider -High -Off -Pre texture I was able to replicate the crash by spamming heal godpower in the most recent save. Playing the game for the first time in a while, and enjoying all the new and updated content. Had a sizeable gathering of 32 Nuggets and surviving for 2 winters, so there were a lot of activity on screen. Until half of them died of starvation. But i digress. I found that the healing power of the game did not take away any of my godpower, so I spammed it (ALOT of intense godrays) in an attempt to save some of my nuggets as all the buildings were collapsing. I turned the camera fast, and that's when the game crashed. First time reporting anything anywhere; sorry in advance for bad report. Love the concept of The Universessim, and would like to contribute where I can. output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp