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  1. Late Game questions

    Progress is being made. They update the game every month and new stuff is being added. As maegi46 said, They had to rewrite/rebuild the engine, that took alot of time. But rest assured, the new ages are getting close.
  2. Disaster Ideas

    I assume that some universal disasters are more rare than the others. Would be a bit weird to be destroyed by a black hole in your first 1000 years .
  3. Yes, Yes. Almost 1st of july, big day! And the day after is my birthday, so 2 Important days!

  4. Today's news item: NUGGET TRAITS

    The world will burn... Sounds good to me! All of the nuggets are good/heroes in my heart, but the world needs something to counter that, so then you get evil/devil nuggets.
  5. Planets with poles

    Think about temperature on other planets, like a planet with a temp of -50 degrees and your nuggets need to survive. Would be awesome.
  6. Planets with poles

    Poles would make it a bit more interresting. Mabye a mechanic that if you start at a pole, your nuggets will addapt to that and they can survive better in colder conditions/climates then warm conditions/climates. Would be a fun little detail.
  7. Strange Icons/Symbols

    Its the icon for a nugget who is very tired! And he/she was in your house.
  8. Opponent Civilizations?

    Im just suggesting something, the devs can do whatever they want with that.
  9. Opponent Civilizations?

    The only mechanic that would need to be implemented is that the engine will take control of the nuggets once they will get seperated of your control, thats it.
  10. Opponent Civilizations?

    I think a better mechanic would be that in lets say the "Civ" age/stage, you still have your capital, but you can make more city's connected to that capital and you can upgrade those city's to, but if the nuggets in that city become unhappy, they will protest and eventually go into a war or something, and you can order your other city's to save that city. Of course that city will fight back, they wont give up that easily .
  11. Hello my fellow creators! My name is Rik Witteman, Im from the glorious country called The Netherlands. I backed this game almost a year ago and im still here. Ever sinds the discord went up i chatted there, still chatting and not going to stop any time soon! And now i am here to help the guys out where needed! Keep up the good work! Rik out.
  12. Epicenter Menu

    I assume that by saying that your nuggets are just standing around, you already placed an epicenter? (Correct me if im wrong). If i understand correctly, you are searching for a build menu of some sort? because thats in the bottom left corner.
  13. Help Us Translate The Universim Website

    Thats something that only you know
  14. Help Us Translate The Universim Website

    If u want/need a Dutch translator, you know where you can find me ;).
  15. It is highly frustrating to have nuggets walking in contaminated areas, especially if the nuggets walk in a straight line to the zone and then get sick and walk away (Yes, this happened to me). So im in for a change, but not a drastic one. I liked the idea of dropping it to 50% and/or mabye adding some kind of medicine that can up your nuggets resistance when they have been cured, so your nuggets can survive for a bit longer without them getting instantly sick again when they walk out of the hospital.