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  1. All nuggets just stay and don't move anymore, staying in front of a well or just in front of the warehouse, doesn't matter.
  2. Best update yet

    Best city yet, no failure with starved nuggets But pls make it possible to select tier when u start building, sometimes i don't want tier 2 buildings because of resource costs
  3. [.22] Mountains Missing

    What do u mean no mountains? Are u sure? Sometimes the terrain is not as clear as it should be(mountain = biiiig)
  4. Nugget Juice

    Thx, for fast reply, where are the patchnotes? O.o Some issues causing delay?
  5. Nugget Juice

    Hi guys, I was wondering after i read the new patchnotes where are the roads u wanna implement these days. Are they going to be implemented in another pathc?