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  1. Cool gonna try that right now
  2. they should build an script into dying people that they try to walk out with their last strength to die alone.. Like some animals do
  3. the balance of this update is totally gone :)...
  4. I cannot even stream this game.. It shows me only a black screen

  5. First of all , the notifications are to short on screen , also the notifications would be nice if they would be clickable and it would take us directly to the event. Also an event log would be nice
  6. just close the game and start a new game again. It should load then completely
  7. yes you hear the animal sounds , but they area not there , the only animals that are working are the fish.. except in winter , then they seem to hibernate
  8. Paragon Issues Well I have been trying the new build out for some time now . Things that I found: - Loading time , sometimes the game freezes while loading a new game - Nuggets AI are screwed up. When they are sick or injured , they do not go to the hospital directly , instead they keep on doing what they do until they are almost death and then they go - The requirements of the buildings are happening to fast.. What do I mean. Well nuggets dying , injuring , buildings degrade to fast for me to even keep up. Even when I try to build all the buildings required faster then they first are needed , I still loose to much niggets on diseases and death. - The harvest season of fishing is rediculous. I mean never heard of ice fishing. So the first year I allread start off with to little food. - Cannot use the god powers to chop trees or get stone. This update really screwed up the game mechanics for me.. Please fix it