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  1. Indeed the new patch should have some nice new features in them. I have not played the game since months. Only installed it once , played it once or twice.. and then just kept reading the forum's seeing it is not going as fast as I would have liked to have. Also the issue I see , they tell us that 99 procent of the work is done when the Stone Age period is finished. I hope this is not true.. Going towards new ages , should have new problems and new building kinds.. It would be kind of stupid that all Buildings just change cosmetics and stay the same in usement. No that would not be the game I would want to play. New ages , should give more things to do , more to develope. I do not want to have a copy / paste through all the ages , like gameplay based etc.. Give us please more.. more different buildigs.. Not just a simple upgrade of the prev age building..
  2. Well I just have been playing the stoneage once again. It helped me being busy for a couple of hours :). Well that post I found about the roadmap of the DEV"s really helped a bit.
  3. So Yes I was right :).. They do look like chickennuggets. I love to have some
  4. did anyone ever explained why they call the little guys/girls nuggets ??? Makes me think about Mac Donalds all the time.. That is not good.. I love chicken.. !!!
  5. wow.. Ok I should have found this post long time ago.. I would have been milder in some of my comments.. Thank you guys for pointing this one out to me.. Made me smiling again.. Love this post.. Can I hug it and keep it
  6. Wonderful video. Subbed too
  7. I do not think there is a roadmap out there. Would be nice to see what they are planning to do.. But in the meantime.. Fingers crossed and lets hope they are becomming faster in 2017 I just found a wonderful post
  8. I would suggest not to preorder just yet. That is if you like what the games is promising. But make sure you watch the video's on youtube to see what you can really do now in this state of the DEvelopement. We are still playing the Stone Age over and over.. Which I like to do sometimes. But it will be boring fast. Then you think. Is this it. THen if you are not one of the people that will bitch and moan about the lack of content. Games updates were once a month. Now we are waiting longer , cause they are planning to bring out a major update. So if you do not mind being stuck in the stone age for the next few months.. Back it up , pre order and support the DEV"s in getting our dreams out there. They have gotten the stretchgoals.. SO they should be able to bring out the final game with the money they have.. As they promised.. But maybe they could use the extra money to hire more coders and testers to speed up this very slow process that the DEV's are currently in.. It is up to you mate. For myself. I am happy I backed them up. But to be honest.. I am getting a little bit tired of waiting. Just check out this link I just found
  9. As I said on Facebook. I love the game promises. But I am worried. Feels like we are stuck in 2nd gear for months now. . I rather play an broken game that shows us what is in store for the future (like all the ages , stone age , ice age , middle age , modern age , space age).. then be stuck around until the stoneage is the age that I would hate the most cause we have been playing it over and over.. My advice is.. Just put in all the next ages.. and then start to polish the games with the updates and features you want to implement..What I think. You guys have not even a version that goes into the next age. Makes me wonder where all the promotional material came from. Just check this link out. .It made me smile and love it all again.. Thanks DEV's for that post.. I should have found it sooner
  10. When can the rest of us download the game through steam??
  11. This is the way to go.. Lovely Game

  12. I still like to play the game from time to time.. But I am getting worried.. We are still in the stoneage.. Do the DEV's have ever been to the next ages.. and if so.. When do WE see it.. Would be nice to play the game as promised in my lifetime :).. Or hire more people that can help.. But for the rest Thumbs up.. Maybe less PR info and more Update info would be nice
  13. Hm , making me wonder now. So this game is like this since a year now. We are still at the stone age. I am fearing I am not gonna live that long to see it going gold :). Smiles , I am sarcastic here. I have been reading on in how the dev's handling it all. I have to say , with the team they have , they are doing a great job. I think , with the time they have , they should be on schedule in whatever their schedule is. Saying that again. What is the frequency of updates , can we espect a new update every month. If so I would be very happy, Also what I like to see is that when we allready had buildings and know how they work.. Why not keep them inside the game.. I am talking about the stockyard of materials. Way to go . Please keep up the good work...
  14. I will as soon as it happens to me again and I need to reinstall it
  15. So what is the roadmap of this game now. The last post is almost a year ago. Looking in what happend the last months.. I can not see any progress. I mean the video's with the space stuff and the modern buildings etc.. Were they fabricated???? I was happy with the game when I played it the first time. Thought it was just released its alpha etc. But now I see the game is a lot longer in developement.. Like ok.. Why are we not further then the stone age. I mean come on guys.. Would like to be able to do more with the game now . It seems people are only concentrating on the stoneage and to add more buildings and features to it.. Well what I would like to see is a roadmap when different ages will be added to the game.. And do not say , It will be happening when it is done.. cause that is indeed such a "stone age" reaction. So I would be happy , if there is or any roadmap which I can focus on.. Cause a new building every month and new feature every month in a update makes only the stoneage last for more then 2 years more... Please do not let me wait until I am in an elderly people home to busy to remember where I put my teeth then wanting to play that game , that I would forgot then.