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  1. What I think should be in the next update

    What I would like to see : You are able to pick up anything. Including animals. More interaction with the nuggets and animals. I want to be able to kill them. Add a sacrifce building , so when the nuggets fear you enough that they will sacrifce animals and or other nuggets to please the god. Also let the world change into more evil looking when we are evil (like scorched earth , more desert ) and let it be an heaven (like flowers , birds , rainbows etc) Let us decide when we want to enable breeding. In the early builts you could disable auto mating intotal , would be nice if that could be back All the points above mentioned would be nice too Let us fish , and search for food too. I want to be able to put in resourches when buildings need to be built. I have the power to help them , so let me do that ! More tutorials would be nice Adding gender specific animations/ looks so it will be easier for us to see them We should be able to rename our world / houses / buildings and nuggets Make the research so that we can see all future research by forhand , so we can decide what to research first in order to get a later goal in the research tree I would like to see in the building tab , what buildings I already built and how many. I would like to see an icon ontop of the building when there is no worker selected inside the building Adding of more spaces in the funeral home would be nice Also add carts for transporting the body's Further more , I am happy to play the game. This is the update I have been playing a lot lately. (do you guys keep track how many times your game is played (as in sending raw game data to your servers for information purpose only?))
  2. Is there a roadmap ?

    I just cannot wait to see how they implement the next Stage of the evolution. What requirements are needed to go there. Or maybe it is just a simple upgrade of your main building. Well lets hope we get new ages soon. Cannot wait to build roads and see the modern days. Also makes me wonder if we also get AI Enemy Nuggets that will attack us. Or is it just us against nature.. Well time will tell
  3. Some help on nuggets getting stuck

    Yes, it is a well known bug. They know about the pathfinding issues. Let's hope they bring out a patch soon. Would be a waste of a month to not be able to play the game completely
  4. Waterpump Issue

    well that is a bit of a bug. You should be able to build the Non- Upgradeable buildings too. Let's hope they fix it
  5. Waterpump Issue

    so let me get this straight. As soon as you upgrade one. You cannot built normal ones cause also new ones are not being built
  6. Waterpump Issue I found that some point in game the people are not building any waterpumps anymore. I could reproduce the error by building one waterpump , try to upgrade it and then beng. No water intake / needs etc.. But they do not built any new pumps I order them to do. Note Everything researched , only one working waterpump to start with. Then after the trying to upgrade. The nuggets do not bring material to upgrade it and to built even new ones.
  7. 600+ babies in 15 seconds

    Maybe they are not baby's but nuggetzombies
  8. Everyone is getting stuck

    I have tried that , but as soon as you do that , they tend to get stuck again. Also I am never able to pick them up and put them gentle down without breaking their bones
  9. Everyone is getting stuck

    Yes I have also this bug. I even have to destroy the building to make the nuggets assigned to that building to get unstuck
  10. Forum Problem (steam connect)

    This is my account where I want to have my Steam acount Stronkie Linked too.. Please assist. Seems I could link my steam account also to my forum name.. Cool , just Delete the user Stronkie_2 please
  11. Cool gonna try that right now
  12. Endless Disease Loop/pyre/cemetary bugged?

    they should build an script into dying people that they try to walk out with their last strength to die alone.. Like some animals do
  13. Patch Notes: V0.0.14 Paragon

    the balance of this update is totally gone :)...
  14. I cannot even stream this game.. It shows me only a black screen