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  1. Other Eras?

    Wow you hit the nail on the head. But as the discussing in discord states.. Each age will have new different buildings with different functions , so yes , the more advanced you get , the more you need to manage
  2. Medieval Age

    Can you people please put my mind at rest about my fear that all ages will basicly be the same like the other , only with different names and building textures???? Please do not say that would be the case.. I always was a little bit upset about the building panal anyways.. Nothing there suggest multipple ages and more buildings to unlock in the future
  3. Game looks good but....

    I also have mixed feelinga gain about this update. You guys already talk about the new age for couple of weeks now. Also showing a lot of artwork with the new buildings. I really hoped it would be in the game now with the latest patch. I was not amused when I found out no new age was added. I agree with the TS here. If it takes so much time just to do one age. Makes me wonder what would happen with the next age. I hope we will see some kind of roadmap in the game ,where you can see what you need to do to progress to the next age. Also as I said before I do not hope all the ages are pretty much the same .. Only with different textures and names on excisting buildings.. That would be a total bummer. I hope each age will have its special buildings and researches and special things to build.. Would hate see that you just can upgrade (for example : The WItch doctor > Medievel Doctoer > Modern doctor > hospital ) with only the texture changing.. Would be nice if the upgraded sturctures would have extra things that can help in your city/planet.. Like albulances , helicoptors flying out to help sick people etc.. And that you really can manage all the structure in an ANT manner. But the more I feel , the more I fear that the ages themselves are just repeatables of the old buildings that already are there , just upgraded with a new texture and name.. Would be nice if we indeed can see the building panel being expanded with different ages structures you can build.
  4. First of all : I did not know I am in Medevil times. Also even in what era you are in. It doesnot matter , people need water.. So if I want to built an ancient waterpump... It should be able to do so.. But yes I know what you mean.. No need for obsolute buildings.. But then I would like to see , as soon as you upgrade a building the building itself doesnot get trhown down and rebuild competely... Just upgrade the existing building and leave the function it does perform intact during upgrade.
  5. Game progress rate is to fast

    I have a feeling that they will balance the game more and more with each update. I agree that the balance is totally off. Also as a god you should be able to do more. Lets hope that the new godpowers makes us able to fish , hunt , prolong life , resurrect nuggets . Well time will tell
  6. Other Eras?

    It was being explained why they are stuck in this era. They said , the game itself needed the stone era to work perfectly. The new ages would be easy to implement after the stoneage is completed. So once they have smoothen out the stone age.. We will see the next ages soon.. I just hope it will not be just an copy and paste of the old ages.. What do I mean.. Well my thought of an new era is / are new buildings technologies. New ways to play the game. A bit like what spore did . What I do not want to see is that the buildings just get a new skin.. Like the witchdoctor becomes a hospital , eatery becomes a bar.. etc.. That would be the easy way out.. Each age should have its different approach to manage it... What I know from the live feed of the latest patch is that road building will be automatic etc. So I really hope all ages will be different to play...
  7. It is a nice update , this pumkin one , but I still are missing some things : I would like to be able to use my godpower to help fish , hunt , kill animals . Also I want able to put the raw materials into the store building myself When a gravedigger is picking up a body , it should use a cart to pick up all the dead and move them directly all together. Saves time and is more realistic I would like to see , when I give a building built a prioritise option.. that I get some kind of feedback of it.. Maybe in the building list . Or maybe the building itself could get another additional icon above it , showing us that is prioritized. Also I have no clue how many building built you can prioritize. When you move the camera view around.. the camera does not feel natural. The center of the movement is not really the place where the mouse is. It should work better that we have better controls in moving around our world. I want to be able to fish myself during winter. I am a god. I sure do not have to worry about some little thing as the water being frozen. I can melt it down , get the fish and drop it into an eatery. I want a better audio /visual feedback on using godpowers. I only look now at my godpower number to see if it is going down. That way I can tell if my power has worked. When upgrading a building , the old building should still be in use and not destroyed and to built again. Just make an animation that a current building is updated. I would like to be able to built non upgradable buildings as soon as I can built upgrades.. I do not want to loose a game , just because I loose water when I upgrade my only waterpump.. Yes that is it what I can tell now.. On a technical aspect. I really would like to see less processor usage during gaming. The game now lags and stutters a lot.. Previous builts I was able to play without any stutter.
  8. I tend not to research updating the buildings.. it is a pain in the butt. YOu have to many restriction in gameplay as soon as you researche building upgrades.. You are not even to built the lower tier buildings anymore.. Also the building should keep working while being upgraded. I lost my water supply when upgrading the waterpump.. Which is useless.. I would suggest that the game will update the building and not just destroy the old building and built a new upgraded version of it. I mean.. It is hard to make that happen?
  9. System Requirement

    I also see a decrease in performance while playing the game.. Something indeed has changed.. Well not the textures.. The GPU mem usages stayed the same.. It uses more CPU power
  10. no babies

    You need to use the cupid power to force the babymaking.. You are acting like the Tinder God use your powers to make them want to make babies
  11. What I noticed playing this game again. .Is that rain and snow do not fall down on the planet.. They are floating upwards.. what is up with that?
  12. Waterpump Issue

    Well still I would be able to built buildings that I can built with the materials I have. I am a god in this game.. So if I want to built an older building.. I should be able to do so I HAVE THE POWER
  13. What I think should be in the next update

    What I would like to see : You are able to pick up anything. Including animals. More interaction with the nuggets and animals. I want to be able to kill them. Add a sacrifce building , so when the nuggets fear you enough that they will sacrifce animals and or other nuggets to please the god. Also let the world change into more evil looking when we are evil (like scorched earth , more desert ) and let it be an heaven (like flowers , birds , rainbows etc) Let us decide when we want to enable breeding. In the early builts you could disable auto mating intotal , would be nice if that could be back All the points above mentioned would be nice too Let us fish , and search for food too. I want to be able to put in resourches when buildings need to be built. I have the power to help them , so let me do that ! More tutorials would be nice Adding gender specific animations/ looks so it will be easier for us to see them We should be able to rename our world / houses / buildings and nuggets Make the research so that we can see all future research by forhand , so we can decide what to research first in order to get a later goal in the research tree I would like to see in the building tab , what buildings I already built and how many. I would like to see an icon ontop of the building when there is no worker selected inside the building Adding of more spaces in the funeral home would be nice Also add carts for transporting the body's Further more , I am happy to play the game. This is the update I have been playing a lot lately. (do you guys keep track how many times your game is played (as in sending raw game data to your servers for information purpose only?))
  14. Not Reproducing

    yeah I know , but not really what I mean. I mean if you see your nugget walking around and doing their thing , it is hard to tell if the nugget is male or female. I have asked that it would be nice if there would be trademarks on the nuggets to tell if they are male or female. Maybe the way they dress. Or maybe even have female features like breasts and long hair. To me the nuggets are to much alike. Indeed the names are also not working. If you want to use the cupid power , to make them breed . Would be nice to see what gender you link together.. Or as I said , they will be multisex / or gay / or all of the above.. We shall see what they will come up with.