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  1. Yeah all of that happened to me as well, but the thing that always happens is the nuggets getting stuck trying to pick up resources. This happens when the nuggets are building something and they bring more resources than they need, when the building is finished the resources stay underneath it and nuggets try to get to it but cant because they cant walk through the building it self I've had up to 4 nuggets stuck trying to get to some stones under a hut. picking the nuggets up and placing them down some where else fixes the ai for a bit until they try again to pick up the stuck resources. The only not viable way to fix this is by destroying the building it self and you can see how this is not a good idea. In order to fix this the nuggets need to be able to walk through buildings when picking up resources, or allow us to pick the resource up our self, or have the nuggets place the resource down near the structure when building it instead of on it.