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  1. [.22] Mountains Missing

    Yep that's the problem here aswell
  2. Just started a new world ... and had no Mountains ??? I don't know how I can help you, but I'll build an archive and save the game for now FightBiscuit
  3. Research bugged

    I have to restart aswell. pls fix this
  4. flying nuggets

  5. Is there a roadmap ?

    Like Star Citizen just on a smaller scale. I hope that they continue Development after the release

    Hey, setting the Shader Quality to low and restarting the game doesn't fix the Artifact rendering issues anymore. It used to help in the V15
  7. Graphics Issue

    And restart the game, else it won't work
  8. Disco Light bug still exists

    Try to set your Shader Quality to Low and restart the Game. This worked for me
  9. Patch Notes: V0.0.15 Windy

    This happens on AMD GPUs only and your whole surface blinks in rectangular boxes with every frame rendered. Eye-hurting and unplayable (even though I just got no Bug after starting?) The Trees are rectangular because the stem is made of very few polygons
  10. Patch Notes: V0.0.15 Windy

    Still not fixed Means that I can't play ... The only Settings that changes something is "Shader Quality". With this desabled, the Trees have their normal colors instead the color od the fhashing rectangle below it
  11. major graphical issue

    I have the same Problem. I tested a few settings and it looks like the Shader Quality causes these Problems. If I have shader quality on high, i get these boxes. On low, everything is fine. Specs: 16GB Ram, i5-4440, R9 285 2GB, 1440p Freesync Display
  12. Oceans Refill?

    If there is no salt in the water you'll need no desalination plants
  13. You'll need to wait till 1st April
  14. V13 Prometheus Bug List

    Any Estimate when the Hotfix is ready?
  15. @socman Here's a Video for you how it looks: