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  1. Fatal Error: Can't update launcher

    Told you it will work somehow
  2. Fatal Error: Can't update launcher

    I had quite the same issue when i installed it, just keep trying to update (it did the trick for me x)) Hope you can fix this
  3. yeah i never managed to get this bug re-occur too, im on a GTX 760 MSI but nothing like a driver crash or anything related, if i found something new i'll let you know !!
  4. <3

  5. return to main menu button

    Yay !!!!!! Thx a lot <3 Best regards, 4cid3
  6. return to main menu button Hi dev team ! Maybe my idea is already planned, but we should be able to get back to the main menu once we screwed our developing or whatever Meaning that you can implement a new button when 'esc' is pressed into the game. I'm just a bit lazy i know but it would be more confortable than just re-launching the game ^^ Thank you and keep your great work on !
  7. duplicate constructor Hi dev team, today i had a 'issue' with a constructor who was occupying two slots for himself, greedy nuggets ! This time i managed to get a screenshot ! Still on PC version Win 10 pro 64bits
  8. assignment bug

    assignment bug Hi dev team ! I assigned two nuggets into a "engineer hut" but the one in the first slot i assigned died (RIP his innocent soul xD) and then i was unable to re-assign a nugget to this 1rst slot until i fired the 2nd in place and assign him back with his fellow nugget friend ^^ I don't know if this is a bug but i hope it could help you in any way ! Best regards, 4cid3 PS: I'm on PC version Windows 10 pro 64bit
  9. screen fade to black after a long pause Hi dev team ! I was playing this awesome game and i had to pause it for a bit, like about 20 min later when i came back the game was still on but the screen was totaly black and i couldn't manage to get it back to normal state. I don't know if this is actually a bug, but i hope it would help you in any way Best regards, Keep the good work you've been doing !! PS: I'm on PC version Windows 10 pro 64bits 4cid3
  10. Nearly had 60 when the game crashed without more details sorry dev team i can't help
  11. Hi Crytivo team, and everyone ! I'm happy i found this game, it would be a pleasure to help improve it to the best it can reach !!! I found some bugs so i'm posting this to be able to report them Keep going guys, great work ! PS : Hi from New calédonia !!! ^^