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  1. Thank you for the quick response AlexK. I am patient, I believe in this game and you and the team behind it. Glad you have devoted so much time to doing it in a more streamlined way. I am excited to be a part of this process. I look forward to testing newer builds soon!
  2. Any ETA on next update? Just curious as the last one was in November of last year. Also would be interested in testing of newer builds, or beta testing, whatever folks are calling it.
  3. Hopefully they work at the eatery, would make sense. Otherwise, they are just squatters!
  4. I'm hoping for some good vs evil choices down the road. Treating your nuggets well and caring for their well being, vs being a power hungry demanding God wanting only obedience and blind faith from them. I guess you could say a warlike God vs one that wants peace and equality and hugging trees and fairies.
  5. There is currently no save feature in the game. That is a future update at some point. Not sure when.
  6. There's a schedule, 1st of the month, meaning oct 1st there will be an update-patch etc, Alex did mention it might be delayed a bit after the oct update because some really big things with roads and cities are being worked on after that, along with AI and balancing it all so it doesn't break the game. I'm glad they are taking their time to get it right and not being rushed by some corporate entity behind the scenes like EA publishing or whoever else.
  7. Thank you @AlexK for the update of plans and that very enlightening piece on AI. I've always been fascinated with AI in games, especially games like Universim, They reiterated what I have posted and said before about it becoming a lot more complex as this game progresses past the Stone Age. I do not envy them in their endeavors, however, I do appreciate their effort and hard work as well as the rest of the team. Thank you for letting us be a part of the journey!
  8. I have used the power myself a few times, and I see it "working" ie., the hearts floating up and the female nuggets makes some reply about it and continues walking, never saw a child produced from the power itself so I assumed it either wasn't instant like I thought it would be, or was broken. I had forgotten about it till I read this thread on it. I'm just glad they are working on it, and am looking forward to the next update.
  9. Well the power is very misleading if it still requires a man and a hut! It should basically make her pregnant and pop out a child nugget instantly if it's actually "immaculate conception", this sounds more like Spanish Fly or a drug to make them horny. A God can create life on Their own, without a woman, man or a hut, if you believe in that kind of thing. There's nothing at first....blah blah , you get the point
  10. @socman, perhaps nuggets need to be a tad more hedonistic, and not be one mate for life. Using a stone hut for only one couple seems like a waste to me as well. Once they die, or even one dies, that stone hut no longer serves a purpose. It's a waste of space because no more breeding occurs and when both nuggets are deceased it serves no purpose and can't be destroyed or reused by 2 fresh nuggets. Have these nuggets never heard of real estate or reusing a home?? lol
  11. cemetery

    I'd like to see ways to repurpose cemeteries once they are full, rather than wasting useful land, perhaps it could turn into a farm, good fertilization there from decomposing nuggets. Morbid perhaps, but I like to think of it as being pragmatic Perhaps departed nuggets could have small urns for the families to mourn and remember their loved ones?
  12. @norsegryphon, a lot of good ideas there. I agree on the hunting and we already have fisherman. Farming I think should wait for the next age. As for burials, there could be many options, burning on pyres...putting the deceased in a boat and shoving it off to sea (on fire or not) Graveyards take up a LOT of room, in our worlds too. Maybe nuggets could build a wall to to immortalize loved ones, hanging personal belongings or crude drawings of the deceased. Being able to build new epicenters I think is a must have feature, so that we can spread out and grow our influence. Also the option to destroy buildings that no longer serve a purpose, like stone huts that are no longer used (nugget owners died) would help with lag and resource management. I don't understand why 2 new nuggets can't see the building is no longer used and say hey, why build when we can just live here and breed? I would like a way to directly interact with nuggets sometimes. Like for instance 4 nuggets are building an eatery, and I decide we only need 3 nuggets for that project, I'd like to be able to click on the 4th nugget and have an option pop up to redirect him or her to a new assignment, or be able to directly pick up said nugget and move them to a new building project or a different place in the world. Little things that make us more like Gods and let the nuggets know there is a higher power looking out for them, or ready to punish them.
  13. I've had the water pump build out like that too. It still functioned, but so far my fishing huts have all stayed in the water.
  14. I just hit print screen and paste into Paint and save as jpg
  15. I've noticed each hut is assigned to a male and a female, like the original is always Adahy And Elu, our Adam and Eve, once they die the hut is empty. Useless and abandoned. I wish a new couple could move in and take it over vs having to build a brand new hut. The option to destroy it would also be acceptable. Why litter the village with an abandoned hut that no longer serves a purpose? I never see nuggets use a hut for sleeping, only for breeding. Why not just construct one building, like a sex motel for all nuggets to use if that's all it's purpose really is? Boarding house, lodge, call it what you will, but if all nuggets need is a room for sex....just saying