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  1. Expansion question

    Expansion question Ok so I was wondering if building too spread out is hard on the game in its current state. I only had 22/2 population so I don't think I was too far in. I built my epicenter kind of in between an ocean and a lake. Had every structure built near the center with 3 fishing huts on each shore and an eatery near both sets. When I got the 5th one running I started to notice a lot of nuggets ignoring needs. Some were starting to have pathing issues, mostly stuttering around a small area and shortly after number 6 the game crashed. Something I should report in bugs or just chalk it up to being too spread out or maybe the build is unable to handle that many fishing huts?
  2. Timeline/updates/patches

    Timeline/updates/patches I'm incredibly new to the world of Universim so pardon me if this information is readily available somewhere. I looked but couldn't really find anything. AAAaaaaanyways, how regular are patches/updates? Is there any kind of regular times or are they announced ahead of time at all? Are updates like 'Hudson' a typical thing to expect or was that a small/large one compared to the norm?