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  1. I also love this idea! I think the future of games includes things like this, so as to make us think a bit more, and perhaps not everything is 100% correct (like your example, everything isn't always as it seems!) I know we are the gods, but we also rely on what our nuggets are reporting to us...
  2. Whohooooo!! Thank you! But this goes for other animations too - most of the entertainment comes to watching our nuggets (and eventually watching what the gods do to them!) Thanks for bringing back the falling trees, and more. BTW - with the latest patch I am noticing that my playing time is increasing more and more as things are added in, great job Crytivo!
  3. MINOR: Chopping a tree down? Okay this is a minor thing, but one thing I enjoyed watching was nuggets chopping down trees. With the newer updates, I noticed the trees simply "disappear" when being chopped down. Is this temporary, and will that neat falling-tree animation be coming back? PLEASE say yes!