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  1. MINOR: Chopping a tree down?

    And don't think for a second that I didn't notice that the animation is now back in! Who-hooo!! You guys rock! Thank you so much. Funny how just a little animation like this adds to the immersion. Great job on the latest version.
  2. Astronomy?

    I also love this idea! I think the future of games includes things like this, so as to make us think a bit more, and perhaps not everything is 100% correct (like your example, everything isn't always as it seems!) I know we are the gods, but we also rely on what our nuggets are reporting to us...
  3. MINOR: Chopping a tree down?

    Whohooooo!! Thank you! But this goes for other animations too - most of the entertainment comes to watching our nuggets (and eventually watching what the gods do to them!) Thanks for bringing back the falling trees, and more. BTW - with the latest patch I am noticing that my playing time is increasing more and more as things are added in, great job Crytivo!
  4. MINOR: Chopping a tree down? Okay this is a minor thing, but one thing I enjoyed watching was nuggets chopping down trees. With the newer updates, I noticed the trees simply "disappear" when being chopped down. Is this temporary, and will that neat falling-tree animation be coming back? PLEASE say yes!
  5. Abandonware?

    I wouldn't say flak, it was a simple question. The replies by the team just in this thread convinced me that all is good. Save feature will come, we just need to be patient and enjoy what is released.
  6. Abandonware?

    Thanks all - just wanting to be sure. Had a great time fiddling with what has been released so far but it got stale for obvious reasons. Save feature alone will add replay ability!
  7. Abandonware?

    Abandonware? Seen a couple of e-mails and something about a show from developer in past few months but is it just me or does this game seem abandoned? Happy holidays still on forum main page?
  8. The Universim Community Lab #6: Planet Types

    Planets with geysers, natural waterfalls, strange tidal effects, bats and wierd marshmallow-like land features (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry!). Nugget statue planet. Nothing but nugget statues made of rock. broken statues, huge and small statues. Some statues are hollow and filled with water, or oil, or nuclear power. Poor nugget who discovers the nuclear power statue... A glass planet with rock and sand fragments but nearly no other resources but rare finds if nuggets can survive there. TV planet. Televisions are everywhere and each screen shows something going on within a planet elsewhere in the system. Planet that is randomly pelted with many sizes of asteroids (saw this earlier in this thread but +1 great idea!).
  9. Being a Meanie...

    Being a Meanie... So tonight I felt like being... mean. I know, how terrible of me! But that's another reason this game exists, right? I used a god power and picked up a rock and threw it down (trying to destroy one of my stone huts). I missed, but the stone didn't break and rolled into the water. Rolling, and rolling it finally stopped, but then I watched it roll back and forth, back and forth, under water! Seems that the planets have this constant rocking motion, surprised that the nuggets aren't seasick! Anyway, just then a thunderstorm rolled through and thought to myself, if I didn't want to be mean, I wonder if the devs have already (or plan to) program the small, little tiny chance that a nugget would be struck by lightning (random chance) without the gods (us) doing it? Not that I would find humor in one of my nuggets getting struck by lightning... and not that I would EVER use the god power that I see already in the making. But it could be entertaining to see a random strike every now and then - hit something or someone and you know... destroy it. Any chance that later versions will allow play through a whole "year" instead of just a few "days" making up each season? Each season seems to go by really fast. And perhaps a year on one planet might be different length than a year on another planet, depending on where it is in relation to sun (orbit)? Oh and... I used another rock later on and this time was able to SMASH a stone hut to smithereens! Felt really good, but wondered what would have happened had a nugget (or two...) been in there? Great work on this game so far!
  10. What client version you downloaded: PC Standalone - Hudson What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: in-game Are you able to replicate the problem: yes - open the constructors hut bldg. menu Detailed description of the problem: "repair existing once" should probably be "repair existing ones"
  11. Introducing the Cell System

    With all this awesome customization and personalized experience - (I love the way you all think cause I'm on the same page!!): I didn't search if someone already suggested this but as a "FUN" thing how about this: Nugget(s) construct some kind of random statue or temple out of rock, wood, whatever is available. Maybe it is something recognizable, maybe not? The statue "means" something to the nuggets which may have an influence on the civilization. But then the gods smash it to smithereens, said nuggets no longer believe in their faith ..'er something like that.. but really - a randomized statue might be interesting if the civilization becomes advanced enough and has enough "spare" time (or else they won't build one)?
  12. Hello everyone! Glad to be part of this great games progress!