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  1. Game breaker

    As an update, I started a new game, saved a few times then exited the game and reopened it. This time a portion of Nuggets were still visible but all were frozen still. I tried to unstick them by picking them up and gently dropping them again but after standing up they simply froze again. Clearly it's a problem with the new save feature which you warned us about. Yet to see anyone else report this problem though.
  2. Game breaker

    Game breaker So I've noticed a few minor bug such as Nuggets not having a picture in the grave yard, just a white circle and a number of spelling and grammatical errors in the tutorials but I've come across a pretty big problem with the save files. After my game crashed for whatever reason I closed and reopened it and loaded up my save file. While the loading screen was up I was spammed with notification sounds by the way and when the game loaded The planet and building were all fine but all the nuggets were completely invisible or non existent. Buildings and everything behaved as though Nuggets were there but resources weren't being gathered, research wasn't going ahead and building weren't being built. Unsure if it's because of the crash or a teething issue with the save/load feature but I'll try again tomorrow and see if I can recreate it. Update: They are there. Floating hunger icons attest to that. I could even pick him up and drop him causing the small dust cloud to appear. Also, found a small gatherer's pack twitching as if the Nugget was stuck and could bring up its stats screen. So the problem is they all freeze, get stuck and turn invisible.
  3. Bodies all over the place

    I thought that was already a thing. A few play through ago I noticed when somebody died, if the grave digger was busy, somebody else would head over and burn the corpse. It's a tad inconsistent but got the job done. How many games has this happened for you? Did you have many free nuggets or were they all working/maintaining themselves?
  4. After this hotfix I've been honing my strategies and made some big improvements but if a Nugget dies outside the hospital it's game over. If they get healed, IF, they get healed, straight through the corpse again. It's all over.
  5. Issues with Paragon

    I've run into an issue that cost me 2 nuggets right off the bat. I had 2 nuggets in the hospital, both were at 15-20 health but by the time my witch doctor had healed 1 the other had died. The first nugget was injured a bit before the second too so it just takes a bit too long to heal each nugget OR their health depletes a little too fast. After that, I stumbled upon the afore mentioned problem where the grave digger didn't prioritise the decomposing corpse over the fresh one. Aside from that the game seems fairly well balanced, might want to tweak the thirst and hunger though. My Nuggets seem to spend 40% of their time on tasks and 60% on eating/drinking etc so they're pretty useless when it comes to healing/burying tasks. On a side note though, I've noticed the funeral pyre only collects 15/25 wood so any Nugget being cremated gets stuck there. Is there something I'm meant to do to stop that or is it a bug?
  6. Unable to assign Farmers

  7. Unable to assign Farmers

    Has anyone had an issue where you can assign farmer and crop, the Nugget plants the crops but nothing grows? The timer goes from --:-- to 00:00 and that's it. I've tried rebuilding the farms and choosing a different crop but the issue remains. Edit: It's now growing crops but will randomly stop and start. Searching for any patterns now.
  8. Prometheus V0.0.13 Access FAQ

    Did the trick. Thankees. SoooooooooOOOOOoooo not sleeping tonight.
  9. Prometheus V0.0.13 Access FAQ

    In admin? I too, am not a tech wizard and had the same access denied message.
  10. Different cultures for nuggets

    If I was making the game I'd want to try that stuff. It's pretty rad.
  11. Different cultures for nuggets

    Ahh I get ya. That's what you mean by it just being aesthetic. That would also be awesome. Especially if other Nugget colonies exist and they're all different. He'll of a lot of work though.
  12. Different cultures for nuggets

    What I thought of when I saw the chat title was something similar to Spore in that it followed three main tracks, religious, political and military. It's only really effective if there is other intelligent life but still, it was one of my favourite elements from the game. The idea of having different cultures as you describe would be really cool. It could dictate certain types or research or crops available and stuff.
  13. Pax South and V13!

  14. Song which's title fits to the game :D

    This was great.
  15. Trailer question.

    Haha if you'd get done for copyright so would I. I'm referring to the Reapers of the Mass Effect series.