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  1. If I was making the game I'd want to try that stuff. It's pretty rad.
  2. Ahh I get ya. That's what you mean by it just being aesthetic. That would also be awesome. Especially if other Nugget colonies exist and they're all different. He'll of a lot of work though.
  3. What I thought of when I saw the chat title was something similar to Spore in that it followed three main tracks, religious, political and military. It's only really effective if there is other intelligent life but still, it was one of my favourite elements from the game. The idea of having different cultures as you describe would be really cool. It could dictate certain types or research or crops available and stuff.
  5. song

    This was great.
  6. Haha if you'd get done for copyright so would I. I'm referring to the Reapers of the Mass Effect series.
  7. The big black machine looking one is an extra scary world destroying alien that players may encounter down the line (once implemented)! I don't know about anyone else but I'm absolutely dubbing it a Reaper.
  8. Keep in mind the planet's current size is smaller than the final product so there will be many more resources. Also, they do have powers lined up to plant trees and rocks etc. They're just yet to be implemented. I imagine those wanting to preserve the planet will have an option to construct habitats and land preserves.
  9. Always appreciate it when people put in that little bit extra. Hope all the elves still have a good Christmas themselves.
  10. I'm back home boxing day so yay! And yeah, I meant the patch too.
  11. I swear, if it's realised while I'm out of town I will be so annoyed. xD
  12. I've drawn up the first draft. going to work more in the day light with a little story about the tree and why it's so christmassy.
  13. Most of these issues have been addressed and are being worked on for the next patch so when they finally finish up (it's a big one so might take a while longer) most of these issues will be gone. the jittering thing, I find if you unassigned them from their job and reassign them it fixes them. also, to rotate buildings you press q or E before selecting the location. Hope I've helped ease your concerns.
  14. Man, you guys have got me so hyped for this update. I hope it'll be an early Christmas.
  15. I'm no great artist but I might have to give this one a go.