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  1. Cosa fate durante l'immane attesa? A prescindere che ho preso il pacchetto con l'accesso all'alpha, che però non sfrutto molto data la scarsa giocabilità (ovviamente). Come occupate il vostro tempo nell'attesa che esca questo capolavoro? Io mi sono appena comprato una stampante 3D, è brutta la scimmia quando sale
  2. "White Out" Issues on Mac After Hotfix?

    same here on MBP Retina, latest OSX version in return the frame rate is increased
  3. Patch 0.11 - World movement jumping

    Same issue, but in my case it's persistent, i see a "jump" every 2-3 seconds on my MBP.
  4. How to fasten time on mac

    Same for me, i'm playing on a MBP and the "+" key doesn't work. By pressing F2 it make you see the keyboard layout, where "shift" instead of "+" is marked as key to speed up, but also this doesn't work...
  5. Greetings from northern Italy I knew this game just few days ago and today i purchased the alpha pack, so i believe in you guys