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  1. Working for you

    Yeah, I was actually a bug finder in a game called RuneScape. I was a part of a community of people who would abuse glitches within the game for fun. So I actually do have experience with Quality Assurance to be honest. I'm also looking to apply to Bethesda because they are incredibly close to me (about a 30 minute drive from my house). I have been on the look out to see if they are hiring. Spoke with some of the people and they say they only take full time workers which is quite interesting.
  2. Prometheus In-Game Engine Update

    That's simply a CSS problem with the forum.
  3. Working for you

    Yeah, I applied a few weeks back and I didn't get a response. Should i just reapply?
  4. Working for you

    Working for you Hello: Are you guys hiring? I'm interested in working. I have experience with Unity3D and I've worked on a few games within Unity before. I am willing to work for free just for the experience of working with a dedicated team. I've worked in projects before with others but the people were not as dedicated as it seems you guys are. Thanks, -Bdoom
  5. Farmers

    Farmers I don't know if this is intentional or not but when you assign three workers to a farm (before the plots have been built) and then command them to build the plots, they will just idle until someone else builds the plots. Shouldn't the farmers manage and build their own plots?
  6. When will beta be released

    I mean I'm a game developer and I can release time schedules for my friends and I always get it done on time and I work in a group of two.
  7. When will beta be released

    I think it's unacceptable to not have a time schedule. Every single game company has some sort of time schedule.
  8. I can't post bugs?

    I can't post bugs? Why am I unable to post in the bug report section of the forum?
  9. When

    When When is the expected release date? When is the expected beta date? How many people are working on the game? Also, why is there no save menu or a "Quit to Main Menu" option?