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  1. New update^^

    Not sure if most have seen this (or if it's posted somewhere else that I've missed). But on Universims Twitter "https://twitter.com/TheUniversim" they've informed that the september update will be available a little later. Here is a picture http://imgur.com/qS8FASu But don't be sad! Better let them leave us something good instead of something rushed just cause "we are suppose to have it". Be patient!
  2. New update^^

    1st of the month or 2nd depending on where you live. If you're from Europe (which you are right?) you might get it 2nd due to timezones. The reason is that they release before midnight PST (use timezone program to count out how many hours it's from your location). But of course they can release it earlier or later depending on the situation.
  3. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    When it's ready I assume. I think earliest would be 2nd september.
  4. Summer is soon coming to an end. With it Autumn is opening up it's glorious colorful arms, while waiting for the cold dark Winter to strike. But don't be depressed! It's said that people "don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy!" - Cheers to that!!!