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  1. Option to Disable Disasters

    Even if you had a save to reload from shouldn't the disaster hit you anyway? I know right now you can save before the disaster countdown of a tornado reach zero, load the game and it ends up somewhere else. If you save during the tornado it should just disappear. But I like the idea of having more game settings like turning off disasters or perhaps just turning off some specific disasters to my liking? Lets say I love seeing tornadoes turning my cities into ruins, but I hate windstorms cause they are annoying covering the entire planet. Then perhaps I could only turn off windstorms and let the other disaster continue wrecking havoc on my nuggets? In general I think we could really need some more game options for the game to suit everyones liking while playing the game. Perhaps maybe even one to turn off plague and stuff like that?
  2. The Universim or Universnever?

    I don't think they care much about threads like this. This thread looks very much like it's a hate thread for Universim, just look at the name of it. You cannot seriously believe they are not working on fixing the bugs thats in the game? Well, I am testing the game and I can confirm that progress is made all the time. But as said, don't expect anyone to reply on a thread like this. It's a label saying "Whatever good you say in this thread someone will come with a negative answer about the game". It simply is useless to even care. If you wanted a full game when you purchased you have come to the wrong game, have some patience.
  3. Technologies/Perks

    This is a good suggestion, I like this idea. Maybe you could post it in the suggestion thread on the forum along with all other ideas? We wouldn't like this idea to get forgotten among the general stuff.
  4. The Universim or Universnever?

    4 years soon, also when the game leaves the alpha stage things will pick up. It's not strange the game have been in alpha when thinking about it's built from scratch with it's own AI system that always needs improvements when new things are added. When the game have a solid base however, things will go up a notch in speed and content will come at a quicker rate. Instead of complaining that it's still in alpha look at the progress from when the game first came out on youtube to what it looks like today. Also as @Sawedoffsob mentioned "greatness comes with patience". Keep this in mind, a rushed game is nothing we want, better to be patient and wait for a great successful game.
  5. Might know about what? If it's dashboard related I'm not up to the date sorry. Also, if you have problems you can always get a ticket and hopefully you'll get help. Ticket can be found here https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions
  6. Rain and refilling lakes

    From what I can tell not yet. Right now it only make berries grow out on empty bushes once again. However this is something that will be implemented.
  7. If you haven't check our Discord server for a while, now is a good time to start! Since Crytivo became a indie game publisher and are working together with the developers of Goblins of Elderstone (GoE), Prehistoric Kingdom (PK) and Cefore we now have loads of different chat rooms where we can see the games progress, get involved with sharing great ideas and such.


    Have a look now! https://discordapp.com/channels/290953539516104704/290953539516104704

    If you're not already there: https://discordapp.com/invite/crytivo

  8. V23 Bugs and Issues

    @Dart Mada Do you have any information of what building your nugget was trying to repair when walking around hammering in the air?
  9. V23 Bugs and Issues

    Thanks, I will look into this. As for when you loaded a saved game there is currently some issues which occurs after loading a saved game.
  10. Nuggets wander off after save?

    What have Crytivo been looking into for 3 years? The save feature haven’t existed for 3 years. Save feauture have worked fine in earlier patches, it’s in this one there’ve been some issues. Crytivo is working for a fix. Best you can do is report and give as much details about the issue as you can.
  11. The Universim or Universnever?

    @Booty_Queen This link should work fine: https://www.crytivo.com
  12. Countdown finished.

    Here is the announcement: https://www.crytivo.com


    What do you think?

  13. Removeable Technologies; TEST SQUAD/EL PACINO I don't know if this have been reported already, but I didn't find a topic for this bug only. This is a known bug since last patch "TEST SQUAD" where you can cancel technologies when you've stacked blue technologies, which results in blue technologies disappearing to never return. Of course you can't progress after this since you need blue ones to progress in game and get new structures and upgrades for the ones you already have. Here is a link to it posted in "TEST SQUAD" patch: https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/topic/56259-research-bugged/ Here is what I wrote Just figured out how to delete your own technologies from the game. Which means you will not be able to get them again. Now, as far as I know this only affect blue perks and it probably has something to do with stackings. However, this is what you do: Firstly you place your epicenter (obviously). After Epicenter is placed on a good location (not that it matters) you start to research a blue perk and stack with the 2 others available. When you've stacked all possible blue perks you then start to research any other perk (purple, orange, green, yellow), then you cancel the perk (purple, orange, green, yellow) and you will get a question if you want to do it. Press yes and swish swash swosh, one blue perk is no more and the game is stuck. If you repeat this you can get all stacked blue perks removed. Sometimes is seems the perk currently being researched is removed. Changing into Creator Mode don't solve this and the perks that've been removed from existence will still be gone. As mentioned I think this is an issue due to stackings. Then the problem is that you need specific(amount of?) blue perks to get new ones and progress in the game. And I also accidentally created a new topic for the issue as well which is found here: https://forums.theuniversim.com/index.php?/topic/56369-removeable-technologies/ This might not be directly game breaking, but it can be if you're not aware and accidentally cancel technologies and then cannot progress and forced to restart. Which is a shame if you've got to the upgrades and played for a while. Minor patching I've seen a few commented about that bugs should get patches as quickly as they are solved between the major patches to make it easier to play, since some bugs might force you to restart. However some might argue that it's alpha and you are suppose to restart. I kind of agree with the first, it would be lovely to have some smaller patches in between to try solving game breaking bugs. Computer Specs macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.2 2,9 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB Apologies if this have already been reported again.
  14. Playing on a MacBook Pro

    I'm playing on Macbook, and it works just fine for me. If the buildings are grey and not shown in the menu, try to make some upgrades on the Evolution Tower. I sometimes use mousepad and sometimes use mouse, and both seems to work find. However scrolling with mousepad can be a bit tricky and adjusting sensitivity might be needed.
  15. Wolves are bad, right?

    I agree @CrescentEclipse. Many see wolves as big and bad, but in general they are shy and don't often get close to humans. However, all fairytales and people being mad cause they sometimes lose a sheep or two paint wolves as bad, others tend to think that way. Only time I've heard about wolf attacks is when someone is walking around with a dog. I'm guessing thats cause the dog is seen as a threat to the territory or such. If wolves are bad, what are we? We are the reason many animals are close to extinction today cause we destroy the environment and the areas where they live, and some even hunt animals for sport. Yet again, we can't be afraid of ourselves. Or can we? Sadly I don't know any solutions to fix this, since the game tends to make them able to attack, and to me that seems like a nice feature to the game. But ye, wolves are generally seen as more aggressive and scarier when they deserve. They attack when they feel threatened. To make it clear, I like the wolf attacking village feature. But if a tooltip or something is added to the tutorial at a later stage, make sure people knows that wolves are not that bad as people tend to think.