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  1. It feels like this month have passed quickly, soon 1st July and a new update is on the way! As always you cannot help feeling excited! And don't forget to enjoy the summer everyone!! :emoticon-00157-sun:

  2. It's simply to make the game feel more alive, but can't wait for the animals to run around your villages!
  3. Maybe prevent nuggets from getting hungry or thirsty when within their huts? Or perhaps they'll gather some food and water before they go to their huts for shelter, so they have something to live on during the storm?
  4. Nope, it's fixed with the hotfix and everything seems to be fine. @Chaosdrone
  5. It would be nice to have a "restart" option in the "Game Menu" though. With that added you don't have to restart Universim all the time, you could just restart the game you're currently playing and continue on.
  6. Welcome to the forum @Zweihander
  7. Guess we'll have to see what happens. I think that an increase in the desert areas to allow oasis and nomads etc would need a bigger planet. But I'm guessing we'll see a desert planet with many of those features at a later stage.
  8. Not in all deserts though. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it's rare in the Sahara desert as an example. Probably mostly due to it's average temperature being around 40°C / 104°F. Also some deserts rarely have any rainfall at all, which would of course also affect snowfall (if the temperature drops below 0°C / 32°F), which means that even if it gets cold now and then the desert wouldn't have (rarely have) snowfall. Of course the surroundings and the positioning of the desert affects it's temperature and weather. With this said I still agree that there should be some changes when it comes to deserts. I like the idea that some deserts have oasis (depending on size?) and perhaps on some places you should be able to go fishing the entire year.
  9. Weather tower have an alarm button that will make nuggets to get back to their huts for cover during the storm (until you press this alarm button again to tell the nuggets the storm is over). If they are in their huts at home they won't take damage during the storms.
  10. Nuclear Winter: If you have watched the trailers you will see that war between cities in at least one of them. Also in "The Game" at the forum (where you find info about the game and what might be added) you will find they state something with helping stopping a war or watch as your civilization turn itself into ruins. With this information I think something like this might come at a later stage. It might not look like it right now since it's Pre-Alpha, but who knows what the future holds for this game? Cutting down all trees would eventually lead to oxygen levels dropping, also if you don't grow more trees you will eventually run out of resources, this will be added for sure! same as replenishment of water since water cannot leave the planet unless you throw it out into space (you can now throw out nuggets into space and possibly trees and other stuff at a later stage perhaps? Who knows?). ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Interesting ideas! It's good with variation. Really like the idea of perhaps creating a disease and perhaps be able to control it somehow? Unless you want your entire civilization turned into dust. Godzilla is a must! I mean, who doesn't want to see it wrecking havoc among your nuggets while eating some popcorn?!
  11. Yes I've seen many posts like this lately both here and on discord. In my opinion it would be cool if nuggets cleared the area of stone and wood before they started to build there. (Also, we need those animations of trees falling to the ground!) When it comes to vegetation growing back I'm sure it will arrive in a later update just like the planet will be filled with wildlife. From what I know you have never been able to control resources with the God Powers we had earlier. You could move around trees and stones however. But as off now we can only use Nugget-explosion as you probably noticed.
  12. Yes, it's right below your profile picture. So if you press right at the edge you can change your profile picture.
  13. Dumb ways to Die (Disasters) I know I've seen a post about different disasters and ways for your civilization to get destroyed (and the planet with it in some cases). However I couldn't find it so I make a new one. So right now your civilization is most likely to perish due to not enough food, water and/or disease. But later on in the game when you use oil, gas, chop down the forests and perhaps poison the water, then it would only be natural that your civilization could face other disasters. Here is a list of some disaster ideas for the game, but also a way to counter them. Please make sure to post your own ideas! NUCLEAR WINTER Your nuggets starts fighting with each others firing nukes and bombs against each others. Eventually they would stand in the middle of a nuclear winter where mostly they’ve built is in ruins/destroyed and they have to survive underground. It doesn't necessarily have to be nukes, but something that would cause enough destruction to force your nuggets into either hiding (possibly in cities underground) or stay out of affected areas. ————————— Underground base/city, underwater city. Take care of radioactive wastes or the damaged caused during the war. Develop a way of surviving above ground even if the planet is all radioactive. Find a new way of food source since most of the planets wildlife could possibly be dead. As food source you could perhaps survive simply on the sun or some kind of liquid that contains everything a nugget needs to survive. OR you could try to save the animals and plants that still exists in various ways. Most of the plants might not survive, so you will probably need some kind of machine to produce oxygen. MAJOR EXTINCTION OF SPECIES Maybe a box fall down from the sky and it contains a virus, disease which would perhaps kill nuggets, but also have a huge impact on the nature itself killing trees and animals in both water and on land. Hunting, deforestation, desert creation and a change in temperatures would also be able to turn certain species extinct, but not all of them perhaps as a major event would. ————————— Breeding ground for different species both in water and on land. Reforestation programs. Which would have a direct impact on the climate and the prevention of desert creation. Might be hard to actually counter a 'Major Extinction of Species' since it can be caused by so many factors. Also if one part of the ecosystem disappears thats just about enough. This disaster could be triggered by many other disasters and might be a bit overpowered. DESERT CREATION Desert creations would make sure animals and plants would get extinct, it would be harder to find water in it’s liquid form and get a lot warmer. This could be a reason of deforestation, using up water to quickly which would dry out the water supply or perhaps global warming. ————————— Reforestation, plating new trees and have protected areas where nuggets are not allowed to gather wood. Advanced watering systems. However this method would require a lot of water! Or simply adapt to the new environment that is spreading all around your planet. But animals and plants might not have it that easy, and many species will face extinction. ASTEROID / COMET IMPACT At random a asteroid or a comet would hit the planet and cause a lot of dust and other stuff to get up in the atmosphere. If not taken care of (if you can) it could eventually cover the entire sky and give you an ice age. This would lead to mass extinction eventually since not everyone can survive without the sun! ————————— Planetary defenses and/or Space station to shoot down the asteroid/comet, so when it reach the atmosphere it would burn up before it reach the surface. Might lead to much smaller pieces falling down and deal less damage over a greater area instead. Make sure the sun-rays can reach the surface through various techniques like separating the clouds and dust in the atmosphere. Develop ways to survive without the sun. Underground cities that would be easier to keep warm through the heat of the planet and since it's a smaller area to warm up. GLOBAL WARMING & GLOBAL DIMMING Global warming speeds up more and more as you don’t care for the planet spending all it’s resources. Eventually you will stand before it’s problems like hot temperatures and creatures and plants going extinct due to higher temperatures than normal. The atmosphere gets to thick which in return makes it harder for sun-rays to get in. In return it would lead to a colder climate with colder temperatures and perhaps even an ice age if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly! ————————— Reforestation, plating new trees and have protected areas where nuggets are not allowed to gather wood. Atmosphere thinners, but be careful so you don't make the atmosphere to thin, cause it would cause the sun-rays to bounce right back into space. Decrease the use of oil, gas and other resources that provides to the global warming. If you gets to an ice age make sure to try your best keeping the nuggets warm and save what animals and plants thats left on your rock! Yes, some of those disasters might feel obvious and some of them might be a following disaster thats a direct consequence of another disaster. Feel free to add your own ideas! (If you find the other post please link it)
  14. For me it helped changing the Resolution from "Auto Detect" to something else. With "Auto Detect" they have a good size at the start but it changes during the loading screen and gets smaller.
  15. In the news they just state two thing when it comes to the Creator Powers: "Another exciting bit of news is that we are putting more work into Creator Powers, which have seen some fun improvements since the last update." "Updated main UI - added Creator Powers menu button and bug report button" In any of those two they never really say that we can now use the Creator Powers. Just that they are gonna work more on them and that they have added the button (which doesn't necessarily mean that it works). However the "bug report button"works so I think they could make it more clear if it's suppose to work or not. If it is, then it's not working for me either and the button is grey.