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  1. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    Looks like the game is starting to pick up i am so thankful for the save feature i didnt want to even play the game till that game out now it has i can bloody enjoy the game, keep it up team
  2. Lost Password Not Working

    Lost Password Not Working I have recently come back to the game and could not remember my password for the dashboard to access the download page, and when i went to reset my password i correctly put my email in but keep getting told "Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function." any ideas as i cannot access the game till this is fixed?
  3. First thoughts on patch 13

    Why not give everyone who has bought it a key like you should then update everyones game through the steam system solving the issue of people having to change a URL? and it makes it easier to put out patches?
  4. Save/Load

    Save/Load I have spent a good hour on the game now but i can't seem to find the save and load feature its complete vanished?
  5. With the update announced

    With the update announced Hi, With the update being announced could we expect a new list of what will be put into the update and the game, similar to the one i asked about a few weeks ago, i know obvious features such as finally save/load will be implemented i am just curious what else is in store for us
  6. And We're BACK!

    Annoyed i have to wait so long but glad to see progress keep it going crytivo team
  7. Pax South and V13!

    Exactly my thoughts, like they said once the core foundations (stone age) is complete the eras that come after will probably be completed and released quickly so i cannot wait till they get the stone age done! we should find out today when it will be released
  8. Stress testing

    Soc isn't the idea of alpha and beta to allow players to test the game
  9. I completely agree i enjoyed the stream with the weather prediction building that was shown off allowed us an insight into what was going on nice idea!
  10. Suddenly this doesn't look like ...

    Don't worry i am sure they will be fine it's just a prank the nuggets are playing on ya
  11. ETA

    ETA I know you get a lot of questions about how far along are you but would you be able to repost that list of things to do updated version, it helped me out a lot in seeing where you guys are at and should calm anyone down who worry about the games next update, besides i found it very useful to see what needs to be completed next many thanks
  12. Yay 1st part of my pledge packet arrived

    That's AWESOME which edition was it i am wondering if i could upgrade and get these they look amazing
  13. Update: What have we been doing?

    Cannot wait to see what you guys have been up to !
  14. Hiya just wanted to say i backed up not on kickstarter but through the website the emails should be the same as i only use one , i did buy the $40 version not sure if that matters
  15. Virus Alert in Download

    Funny my norton didn't do so might just be an error or your security settings are set to high