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  1. Unplayable OSX Mac

    Also the desktop version for me. When opening the launcher before clicking start it reads: VERSION 0_0_22_1254120300_11119, up to date! After clicking start, at the main menu screen it reads: ALPHA VERSION TEST SQUAD After starting "New Life", when attempting to place Evolution Center, top right corner reads: ALPHA V. WORK IN PROGRESS. Tester Name Then pressing escape to bring up menu it reads: ALPHA VERSION PUMPKIN PATCH Let me know if you need any more details.
  2. Easier Bug Reporting

    Click the 'BUG' button at the top right of the screen in-game is handy but could be greatly improved. CAVEAT: I'm not sure how you assess and organise 'bug reports' so this is based off no knowledge of your teams current processing. Add: - Initial drop down menu of the category the the bug best fits - Take Screenshot of game at point in time - Drop down menu for OS, RAM, Graphics or manual entry - Option to select severity of bug (minor, frustrating, soul crushing) - Possible drop down menus and/or game can calculate amounts of nuggets + building (and their types) etc - Description box, like now to add text on what occured, when and other important details This could speed up your current process and guide your team on to the most common issues and see easily, what systems are being effect, what the issue looks like, all in the one place. Again, I don't know what you are currently doing but this might be a valuable update for the progression of bug squashing
  3. Other Eras?

    I've also understood that this was the way there wre going to approach this enormous task but we are seeing them slowly moving into Medieval era already and there are still many issues with stone age and Pre-medieval. Have they lost focus or trying to get as much done as possible? Perhaps Crytivo, despite their hard work, need to spend more time perfecting each aspect of stone era before adding pre-medieval buildings. then focus on implementing them effectively and so on?
  4. A Poll to see what you want!

    This poll is to get an idea of what the community really wants for their next update and help the Developers get an idea of what we would like priortised based on our play experience and what feels essential to the game at this point in time. Please feel free to suggest more options for the poll. I will add them based on the most popular.
  5. Unplayable OSX Mac

    After redownloading and changing all the setting from low to high and then back to default I've encountered at least 2 major errors so far. 1. The planet does not fully load in at all (mostly the land, sometimes bodies of water), preventing doing anything with a 'new life' as it wont allow me to place an evolution center 2. The planet does full load in (land and water and resources) but all the animals are frozen and wont move AND I am still unable to place an evolution center hence making the game completely unplayable. Other interesting things I encountered while trying to troubleshoot: The game still feels extremely sluggish e.g. when attempting to place the Evolution Center, I would move the mouse to the desired location and there would be significant lag before the building ghost moves under the mouse NOTE Also when pressing escape to bring up the menu screen to exit the game I found that the top right corner no longer said TEST SQUAD (v........) but says. PUMPKIN PATCH. This is not an update issue on my part as I have ensured I updated correctly Running on: OSX High Sierra (10.13.1) 2.7 GHz intel i5 16GB RAM Nvidia GeForce gt 640m 512MB
  6. System Requirement

    Also strugging to run the game at any graphics level smoothly (low,med and high) equally the same results. I'm lucky to be able to place the evolution tower before the spiral of death comes and the application has to be force quit Occasionally water wont render in at all and nor to minable stones at times. Mac: Processor: 2.7 intel core i5 Memory: 16GB 1600 MHz HDD Grphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512MB OSX: High Sierra 10.13
  7. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Possible solution to the Pyre/Cemetery issue; you could add in a sacrifice or offering feature. This may also tie in with the whole faith aspect that you guys have just added. Sacrifice demanded by the god = bad faith and offering make nuggets feel rewarded = good faith Edit: Or add in a feature like mass graves, similar to pyre, but a massive hole in the ground which may have x2 the capacity of the cemetery, this may also be created when there is a huge disease outbreak as mentioned in above post
  8. Mac V13 update issue

    Scratch my last post, I've found that the solution is to Right Click > Show Package Contents> MacOS> and open the The Universim Launcher (exec) with terminal. Updates fine to v 13
  9. Mac V13 update issue

    Having similar issues here with my Mac (OS10.12.3 Sierra) however doesn't seems to be with the version.txt file which I copied exactly as update instructions and above advice. Below is the error I'm getting when I click the update button on the launcher: An exceptional situation occured while patching: Access to the path "/private/var/folders/tt/459mv9011sbcrjq5_fvrpx000000gn/T/AppTranslocation/ 67D63A2E-1A16-4EC9-B1CA-409259E55FB9/d/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents//saferun" is denied. I tried removing the "saferun" file then it has an issue with the info.plist and says it detected a 'networking problem' on the launcher load screen: An exceptional situation occured while patching: Unable to process URI http://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/b9/3a/ 7cb3b609396b58827ddf85d41597fda06c00/macosx/0_0_13_0321300000_3186/ The%20Universim.app/Contents/Info.plist I have all files back in there at this point and I'm stuck on square 1, any help would be hugely appreciated.
  10. Update server error

    Also having the exact same issues as Millsan and followed the same 'fixes' posted above. Running on OS Sierra.
  11. Crash on Startup: MAC Users

    Yes also having the same problem to a certain degree. For me the issue only occurs when 'starting a new life' on graphical settings anything other than their lowest possible option. When set to the lowest the game runs fine until about 35+ nuggets of which case they cannot build anything and are condemned to continuously overstocking materials (typically stone). I will add bug log when I get the chance and hope that it's a relatively easy fix since the low graphics setting don't do the game justice from other videos I've seen. Running on Sierra OS with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GE (something) card
  12. Nugget don't finish building

    Also having the same issue, running on a Mac latest OS 16GB ram. Have to run game on the lowest setting and otherwise the game will crash and not get past the first initial loading screen when creating planet. In terms of the building issue, I've replicated the issue as seen in the image from previous posts on several building types. It seems that after a population of more than ~30-35 this error occurs. Huge over stacking of stone not wood and construction will not complete. Also at this population many other errors begin. E.g. Farming plant pots not completing build, nuggets idle-gather materials- mate etc within a split second cycle and never get anything done, or simply glitch in and out of one location. Other than that excellent game, loving playing this pre-alpha, loving your work and can't wait to see the finish product. From what I've seen this games finish product will take all the best elements from age of empires, spore, sim city and civilisation. A force to be reckoned with!