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  1. where do we find you
  2. strange one the planet have time zones
  3. AMD we are working on a fix for this
  4. what sort of system are you running ?
  5. What News Messages/Notifications we're missing. Hello Guys and Girls Please let us know if you think we're missing important notifications that will help you manage your civilizations better We're doing our best adding important notifications and at the same time trying not to spamm message queue with not so important information
  6. Could you please use this format
  7. ok @socman we are still getting this
  8. Is this with the V14 patch ?
  9. V14 Paragon Bug List Please Read before Posting Reports Hello all once again we have a new patch out for you V14 Paragon that the team have been slaving over,So once again a new bug list is being made this time with bugs that we know of just to help you guys out so you don't wast time posting them Please go Here to know how to report a bug V14 Patch So to start of with we have our little list of things we know of bugs that are being worked on Grey snow sometimes nuggets can be stuck picking resources dead nuggets still have icons birds shadows issues nuggets mating on unfinished hut injured kids shipping animation broken when nuggets are going back to the Fishing Hut engineers repairing destroyed buildings Game Crash/start up windows/Linux/mac game crash game crash after 10x years Nuggets removing nuggets from a water less engineers hut nugget stuck at 0 thirst nuggets wont drink beverages nuggets stuck winter farming disaster nugget getting stuck in bush ai priorities are off farmers working to death when a nugget dies during mating its partner continues mating until it dies nuggets stucked after hot fix contamination and burial issue Build/In game water pump quits working farmer wont plant seeds endless loading screen well dontcha know major graphical issue floating everything graphics settings options order removing nugget from lower engineering slot removes upper nugget resolution issues over 3 screens v0014 resource issues floating everything toolbar contruction resources button animation loops rapidly stored material rarely used by nuggets rapid right click breaks placing buildings engineers repairing the wrong building unit list does not clip to window constant zzz above hut indestructible wells well bugged out in the desert endless construction of funeral pyre 50827 bugs building not resuming operation after stop button time is running backward building near collapse engineer doing nothing cant close build menu when paused Fixed / Will be patched/reply's from universim team
  10. no you don't but there is a game support channel in there where we could live chat but if its working that great
  11. ok let me know are you on discord ?
  12. can you read it with notepad ?
  13. you see the post in my sig from Mirror read that you are a patch behind
  14. you have the new build of the game ? v13
  15. this is right the game was on kickstarter before hand people who backed there got alpha on the steam