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  1. all over the place its still 27th for me XD same gos for most of the team
  2. they will come
  3. we have nothing to hide
  4. with the new patch so much was done with such a small team it takes time to test everything to make you guys get the game play rather then a bug every 10 sec
  5. oh sweet good to hear enjoy the game
  6. don't worry guys and girls where not going anywhere
  7. where all still here working hard
  8. you would need video editing software to so what i said you would record the game with your voice over it have the list start from the top then make your way down, as your doing it you would add texted to the video clip with what note your covering
  9. What software you using ?
  10. would be great to see a video of patch notes you could be playing the game as your going over the patch notes have the note that you are going over on the screen too
  11. Ah we have had a running problem with windows witch will be fixed in the new patch at the end of the month little under a week, some people have just kept trying and it starting working i am very sorry for this we have had lots of other windows 10 users have the same problem it will be fixed if you just hold on a bit longer i know you really want to play and you have spent money and i would understand your anger if any,Again very sorry for this
  12. from what i know its the end of this month
  13. issue

    ok thank you din't know if you had a work round for others but the new patch should sort this out
  14. issue

    how did you get it working ?
  15. What windows are you running ?