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  1. hello the AI and engine are being reworked so hopefully this will be a thing of the past P.S your English is fine
  2. this has been noted thank you for the post tho
  3. bug

    this bug should be fixed with the new patch
  4. Busy weekend for me will pop on now and then to answer and reply to posts and questions :)

  5. as i said in your other post this should be fixed with the new patch
  6. with the new patch coming out and the rework of the engine the weather should also have a changed, as go for the setting i think your the first so nice find
  7. Glad it is working for you the next patch hopefully will sort this out
  8. Hello as soon as anything moves forward there will be a post about it from CM mirror right now there is not date for the next update,It's a rather big up date hence why it is taking so long we are very grateful for everyone that has stuck with us and are happy with the progress that is being made thank you all for being patient with this update
  9. could you upload the files witch are in this post please would help out Anyone else that posts could you do the same as this post says ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you
  10. most people seem to be having this problem with 10 and 8 but vista all new ball game the windows 10 and 8 should be fixed with the new patch witch might fix the vista problem as well but socman should see i have tagged him in the post and reply sorry you are having this problem with the game
  11. from what i have seen you'r the first person to have a problem with the game on vista as i don't think meany people have it right now. @socman any clue about crashes on vista ?
  12. are you running windows 10 or 8 by chance ?
  13. i got backed too can't wait for it to come out
  14. this one has been pointed out
  15. hopefully this should be fixed with the next patch