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  1. Pre medieval

    Yes there is
  2. Still missing tooltip and more

    With the new patch all of this will be addressed
  3. Pre medieval

    No date on Beta and you need to research to get the pre-med buildings
  4. Unable to place Epicenter

    your antivirus thinks it's one it's not it puts your screenshots to a website for you i use it all the time with no problems, and if you are following Mirror you will get spammed same happened to me
  5. Bodies all over the place

    Yes we are reworking them for the next patch
  6. Other Eras?

    right now you have stone age and pre medevil we are starting to move in to medevil
  7. Unable to place Epicenter

    Hello @Supernostalgic to help you with this problem I would really need a video clip you can post it here or message me on here or discord(same name as forum) with the video or a gift this program here is free and you can make a gift from it don't worry it's not a virus, I use this for work I have seen the report you made in-game but the log files have nothing in there thank you
  8. PLEASE POST BUG REPORTS IN THE RIGHT SUBFORUM Hello gods and goddesses as the title says please use the right subforum as it is much easier and faster for us to pinpoint the bug, posting them in the channel where this post is, it won't help us Thank you
  9. Patch Notes: CHUPACABRA

    you are very welcome
  10. Patch Notes: CHUPACABRA

    Just click on the god power you want then hold CTRL and click on the thing you want to use the power on
  11. That's a big pencil

    I love this XD will look into why it's happing
  12. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Thank you all for the feed back
  13. nugget stuck in prayer enclave

    Thank you for the report we are looking in to this
  14. Steam Redeem

    Yes the code you get will also work in steam once out
  15. Prayer temple thing

    you need to use a god power telekinesis to pick up nuggets then you can bring him home P.s i really like your pic i might have to steal it