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  1. Thank you for the report
  2. It looks like the building places as i can see a frame work will look in to this thank you for the report
  3. Are people still getting this with the new hotfix ?
  4. Hey guys we are fixing this bug Radeon seems to hate us right now but we are working on it
  5. Hello @Scayla so to start off with the refinery's are the last new buildings we have added they will allow you to research but they will do more in patches to come,We are working on balancing the game as we test the game just getting it right with a game that's in alpha something always changing right now only some of the buildings will go to pre medieval more to can not go to space yet god powers are still in the rework stage but we have a list of powers nuggets should not get angry so that could be a bug
  6. Right now we are testing them we have to try 100+ things to see what is to blame we did think he had it fixed but again the AI said NO!
  7. UPDATING THE GAME PLEASE READ Hello one and all it has come to me that some of the reports we are getting which where fixed in the hot fix are still happening,where in some rare cases it will happen but for most of the reports the V16 hot fix has not been updated to stop the problems we fixed,if you are running on V16.5522 witch would look like this then your game is not up to date you should have V16.5783 witch will look like this all reports of anything lower then V16.5783 will be deleted Thank you
  8. We are working on a fix for this we wanted to get the black planet fixed witch in turn broke the water
  9. We aim to get it fixed in the hotfix coming up
  10. most of those we are fixing and i was hard to read but i can see about the load and save, it is coming just needed so much work
  11. hello again just one more thing did you try it this way run the game, go to settings menu, set shader quality to LOW, hit Apply, then exit the game and launch it again.
  12. Ok thank you will put your info forward to the devs
  13. We are working on a fix right now