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  1. Multiple Crash Reports

    Multiple Crash Reports I have reports for 8 crashes. All of the crashes appeared to be random so non-repeatable outside of having 20+ nuggets. Consistency - Random Steps to reproduce - Only consistentency is 20+ nuggets Screenshot - None vailable Build information & game settings. - Some graphic settings lowered Output log - Attached System specs - GL502VT DxDiag.txt, crash.dmp and error.log - Attached 2017-07-05_210302.zip 2017-07-06_222458.zip 2017-07-08_153930.zip 2017-07-08_171016.zip 2017-07-09_203050.zip 2017-07-09_203724.zip 2017-07-10_192702.zip 2017-07-14_200108.zip
  2. Auto-assigning

    Auto would be nice. If not implemented, a button that shows # of empty spots (maybe change colors?) and when you click brings up a list of those empty positions that allows you to fill them from there.
  3. Bugs i found in new update

    I can assign items to the planting queue of the first plot (top left) I can not assign anything for the other three. Auto works on all of the plots as long as something is planted. If you need to alternate (for now) you can use plot 1. If you just want to repeat the same crop, you can plant something and turn on auto. This will perpetually plant, grow and harvest that one item. Not optimal but it works for now.