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  1. Oceans Refill?

    Oceans do, sure, and lakes do a bit when it rains. But actually lakes often get drained in real life just by placing a similar pump in them. This is supposed to simulate a planet though, so they should probably be seen as oceans. Id say its a balance issue. They do need to be refilled, but it should also be possible to empty them. Maybe they will add some difficulty levels later where this becomes better or worse, or make it a setting of its own.
  2. Oceans Refill?

    Could it be that they are making it a system where you have to spread out your water pumps to make sure you do not empty all the lakes and such?
  3. First thoughts on patch 13

    Ahh, good. That answers all my questions then I will just edit this text file. I had not expected to have a Steam copy yet anyway. I like how the update starts to say "annihilating old universe". I bet you would not get all these update messages if you used steam
  4. First thoughts on patch 13

    I found my key and tried it on Steam. It added The Universim to my Steam, but for some reason I cannot install it. There is no option to install it when I right click it on my games list. Strange. Is Patch 13 only released on Steam? Because I thought the launcher would be the one to get updated the most.
  5. First thoughts on patch 13

    My launcher keeps saying I am up to day. I do not have a Steam key for the game, but it seems only Kickstarter backers got a Steam key, I bought alpha access directly on this website. Maybe I need to download a new launcher?
  6. Nuggets stuck while building and die

    Interesting. I was building a water container and it stopped at 87% as well. I did notice nuggets dying, but it seemed to just say that it did not know what the cause of death was. When I noticed it had stopped at 87% it no longer had any builders working on it. Its version 0_0_12_2710060800_8660
  7. Bugs i found in new update

    I am using build 20160730, version 0_0_12_2710060800_8680, and for me it stopped building a water container. Seemed no builders would continue building. I had just put down several buildings, some water pumps, some wells, a eatery and a hospital. I also had the problem with farms where some of them would not finish building some of the fields. I played a bit longer and I could no longer assign new workers in the builders hut I think its called. It had one worker, but the missing one I could not replace. I selected a villager, but it did not become active as a builder. Same thing with farms and so on after that.