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  1. Content and the universe Hi everyone, This is just my opinion and should not be taken too seriously but sometimes it feels from this side of the equation as if the game isnt moving. Now, I know that sound awful becuase we (community, nuggetworshippers) know for a fact thats not the case but I think there should be more exposure on the things that you guys are working on. I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy getting to see how the game comes together. It may sound demanding time wise but it doesn't have to be polished content with nice fonts and composition, a few screenshots of nuggets doing whatever, some concept art, some rough modeling posted somewhere, or even a photo of the caotic whiteboard might grant this whole game more attention and leave us gods a little more satisfied. Maybe this is happening and im not aware of it! if it is please let me know! Hope noone takes this the wrong way, since it's not meant as a harsh critique. I love the game, just wanna se more of it. Have a nice day! Leo Edited: I did my research and theres some stuff out there i just lack the social media to see it. Dont mind me, move through. I SAID MOVE THROUGH!
  2. Hi, leo here. i couldnt help myselfy and bought this right away even on pre-alpha. looking forward to see how this develops good luck team! you are doing gods work!