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  1. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    UP TO NOW IT WORKS SUPER! No crash. No freezing. Compliment Devs Greeting Brillo
  2. Game Crash

    Game Crash Version of the current build: V0.0.17.6500-20170704 Operating System: Windows 10 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: in Game . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): 2 Game Crash Greeting Brillo crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  3. The plague(what are hospitals for?)

    I think this is a problem with the AI. The doctor is stuck somewhere, or tries to reach an object. The AI is constantly improved! With an improved AI this problem should not occur later! Greeting Brillo
  4. "Forced Tutorial" bug

  5. "Forced Tutorial" bug

    I already noticed that Greeting Brillo
  6. Visual Bug Farm Construction

    Hello ruaiks ! Thanks for the Visual Bug message! This error is already known: https://theuniversim.com/v0.0.15-windy-patch KNOWN ISSUES Scaffolding sometimes does not fit well to the surface. Ps.: Please use the correct formatting in the future. Greeting Brillo
  7. Fire Perk

    Fire Perk Let nuggets invent fire! Only then are the huts illuminated, before everything was darkness. The fire drive away wild animals and allows the EATERY and the FUNERAL PYRE to be released. Through the fire in the huts can be survived hard winter. But beware! Quickly a cottage has caught fire and nuggets die! But a good God can send rain! and dead nuggets to breathe life! ( if he wants) Greeting Brillo
  8. Wildlife

    Next, the hunt is planned. I hope it does not take all too long until we can hunt hares and other animals! Gretting Brillo
  9. Hello Mirror!


    I have a request of a user.

    When is the power of God unlocked again?




    1. CM Mirror

      CM Mirror

      When it's ready.

  10. Variable infection

    Variable infection I would minimize the infection of bodies in winter (at minus degrees). In summer, under intense heat, the infection should be greatest. Greeting Brillo
  11. Info Update ?

    Ok, I can understand! Thank you for your answers. Greeting Brillo
  12. Info Update ?

    Make them out of the maybe a yes So the wait for the next patch will be shorter for us! Greeting Brillo
  13. Info Update ?

    Info Update ? Hello Guys, will there be a half-monthly Info-update again? Greeting Brillo
  14. Buildings are ready built placed

    Oh well, okay Thank you! Greeting Brillo
  15. Well bugged out in the Desert

    That's exactly how it was with me! Greeting Brillo