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  1. Da bin ich mal gespannt ob Ende Februar nicht wieder Ende April wird :-( Ende Januar bzw. Anfang Februar Ist ja auch wieder auf Ende Februar verschoben worden. Im Moment werden Die Unterstützter sehr oft vertröstet. Gruss Brillo ------------------- Since I'm sometimes curious whether the end of February will not be the end of April again :-( At the end of January and the beginning of February, it was also postponed to the end of February. At the moment, the Backer are often consoling. Greeting Brillo
  2. You will not be called a fixed date. The last patch should already come in November. Then he was moved. Now the patch is to come in late January, early February. So do not expect times before April. The game looks great, I must agree. But the schedule does not look so great! Greeting Brillo
  3. Is there already news? To what percentage is the patch finished? Greeting and happy New Year Brillo
  4. Why does not Spiegel or another team member answer these questions any more? Greeting Brillo
  5. Oh man, this is really sad
  6. Is there already new information on the big patch ? He comes before Christmas ? Greetings Brillo
  7. My pleasure!
  8. Hello rnramos. The great voice is from Jodi Krangle. Greeting Brillo
  9. In germany it is already 08 Dec. 2016 Greeting Brillo
  10. There were already in the Pre Alpha so there will be fire again! Since I am 100% sure. greeting Brillo
  11. I do not know why all the save function at the present time need. In my opinion other things are much more important. Later you need the Save function but at the moment I can still do without. greeting Brillo
  12. There will not be a patch this month, as detailed in the previous patch notes: Patch Notes: V 0.0.12 (Cheesecake) By CM Mirror in V12 Cheesecake, October 2 Patch Notes: V 0.0.12 (Cheesecake) PATCH V0.0.12 CHEESECAKE IS LIVE NOW Good grief, it’s been a busy month for us here at Crytivo Games. We’ve... 16 replies Greeting Brillo
  13. When can we expect the new update? Greeting Brillo
  14. very beautiful. I like it!
  15. Why is the subject: Ask the devs if no one answers? Greeting Brillo