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  1. Hello to all fellow creators, I've been following the game for some time now and finally decided to to put money forward and play the Alpha. So far, I have not been disappointed, the game in its current state is really fun, and I cannot wait for further content to be added, although I will be patient as I know that the game development takes a long time. All I want to say is that so far, you're doing an amazing job of creating an amazing game. Keep up the good work Crytivo Games, good luck with future updates and thank you to all on the forums who have been so helpful and welcoming
  2. Just read this article through. Before reading it, I thought research would be done much the same as it is in RTS games like the C&C series, but this seems a really innovative way of doing research, and fun too. Can't wait to see the ideas in practice
  3. I'd love to think that in the space age era of the game, you'll have something similar to stargate technology or stable wormholes, some sort of quick transportation anyway, to get from one planet to the other. I hope that the devs response to most of your questions @Unicycle_Gaming will be yes, you can. Unlimited planet colonisation (or only limited to the amount of planets in the game, similar to NMS) would be awsome, and I would have though that return to your mother planet would be a good idea, seeing as all of your tech and resources are on that planet. Maybe it should be that you can't go back, or some sort of restriction, to make the game that much harder. I don't know really, just bouncing ideas around here
  4. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking of. The randomness of the planets weather would make it that much more difficult to predict what you need to prioritise next, making the game that much more challenging
  5. This idea would be pretty cool, although the weather tower would do away with the surprise, unless there is atmospheric interference that means that the weather is totally unpredictable. I do like this idea for a planets weather system. Pretty much like the weather here in Britain; Unpredictable from morning to afternoon!
  6. Just want to reiterate what @Unicycle_Gaming has already said. There is no way that we could dislike what you guys are doing, for the simple reason that the game is already fun and great to play, even in the Alpha, so whatever you do when the update comes out, it is only going to enhance what you've already done for the community. Thank you @AlexK and everyone at Crytivo Games for sticking to your word
  7. I was reading through this topic yesterday and it's just come to mind now. How about a planet like LV-426, the planet where the alien xenomorph from the Alien franchise of films comes from. The intrepid nuggets find a planet that is pretty much desolate apart from a crashed alien spaceship. This doesn't have to be a major planet that exists in every game as a mission, but maybe as an easter egg planet for those who are interepid enough to find it
  8. cemetery

    Good idea @maegi46, although this doesn't happen in real life, until a couple of hundred or thousand years when the graveyard becomes forgotten. I understand your idea though, as after you have advanced into future eras i.e medieval etc. most of your land is going to be taken up with decomposing corpses, so there must be a better way of storing or disposing with the dead. As you said about urns, maybe in future updates, there will be crematoriums, making the disposal of the dead a space saving contribution. We must not speak ill of dead nuggets no further
  9. cemetery

    Not a fan of zombies usually, but this idea as a natural disaster (O.K. I know the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse is slim to none) is a good one. The issue of the cemetery I have found is that sometimes, the grave digger picks up one body, then when others start to die, he doesn't bother picking anymore up. Hence I had to build another cemetery, assign another grave digger, and then that cemetery started to fill up. I think swapping out one grave digger for another nugget solves the problem here, but definitely a bug that will probably be fixed in the next update
  10. I know that this is an old post now (So last year ha ha) but I like the idea of creating your own little Mother Planet. I don't know how difficult it would be to have a creation tool like that, but it would give the God complex a boost, as you would be able to decide how many trees you want, whether to have it mountainous or flat, lush with green pastures or dry and barren deserts. It wouldn't even have to be the main part of the game, just an option. It is possible to create your own planet type, but you can start with a random generation if you wish
  11. I knew what you were talking about, I had the same problem
  12. If you're talking about the addition in the queuing system for the farm, I had also noticed this. The first field allows you to add for your next crop rotation, but then after that, you're unable to do any more for that. Good pick up for that @Unicycle_Gaming
  13. How about a God power that allows you to create stable wormholes so that the nuggets can be transported from planet to planet, obviously only the ones that you have colonised, or allow you to build a Stargate like in the Stargate series of television shows? just a thought