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  1. This is awesome! I can't wait lol Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
  2. Are you posting anything in the News section for this month?

  3. You have 11 hours left here in London time zone until its a new week. Please post the new info today. I can't wait any longer to find out more. I really am excited and want to play the game. I bought The Universim 1 month ago and I'm getting impatient that its not what I expected when I watched the trailer and looked on your website before I purchased it. I wish I had read through the forums first as this would have told me the game was in very early stages and currently its not worth paying $40 or £33. I feel like your website is deceiving buyers. Please bring the new patch out in the next few weeks as I'm fed up of waiting. The games looks awesome, so I'm not discouraging you at all, but I felt I needed to vent my feelings on here. Please hurry, I'm positive your doing a great job! Keep it up