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  1. Ah ok sounds good. I have Filmora editing software.
  2. GameShow to record and stream
  3. At my experience with recording/streaming, I don't have the know how to do so. Any advice on how to do that? Or maybe where I could find an example?
  4. Patch Notes I have been thinking it over and have come to the conclusion that I'd like to do a patch note video and put it on my YouTube, ( as soon as y'all release them that is Would you like to see this done? I'm sure you would. So, do you have any thoughts on how it should look? I already have a patch note video up on my channel for Fresh Body, however it was my first ever. Still waiting patiently to hear what more we will be receiving in the patch!! Keep up the good work! Thanks for your time.
  5. cemetery

    Thank you for that information, it is good to know
  6. I'm sure hunting will be a thing, as I've heard about the Hunter's Cabin in past forums. And it would be cool if animal extinction could be a thing. What if it was and you were told when that species was about to go extinct, you could set it illegal to hunt that species.
  7. Finished yesterday
  8. I'm not a game designer or a graphics designer, however I'm sure that making something just for promotional material is way easier than making a game on the scale Crytivo Games is trying to build. If waiting just a little longer so they can get the save feature incorporated into the game, then I'm all for it. Because without this major game function, no game would be worth playing or enjoying for that matter.
  9. Let's say that there are these space gates or warp drives, but for the first few years (or few hundred years) your civilisation doesn't really understand the technology (i.e. you can't use it right away once you research it). Kinda like how it took us so long to figure out how planes worked, or how long it is taking us to get a flying car or hoverboard.
  10. @AlexK Wanted to pick your brain on some things here. Thought this would be an okay spot to do so? Other than the speed up button, will there be an option before the game starts to set the pace of the game? (i.e. slow/short, medium/long, fast/extreme?) Will we be able to choose a difficulty? Or is it "one size fits all" kind of deal? Finally, in latter ears, will there be multi family housing available? Thanks for your input!
  11. Are these intentional? I had a little time after work to play the game and noticed some little things here and there. I am have version 0_0_12_271 stand alone client says it's up to date, please forgive me if I may be behind? Also if you already know or have fixed these? I couldn't find anything in the forms for these. Like I said, these bugs are little but a little annoying. So here we go: When the nuggets go into/out of their hut, they don't use the doorway. The nuggets will sometimes stand by the door when they are supposed to be mating. Nuggets like to walk through buildings w/o a door (i.e. water reservoir). Water pumps still pump when ocean/pond/lake is frozen. Nuggets get buggy when they move, making them move slower. (I tweeted you a little vid showing this) Finally when opening or closing the News Archive, the game will freeze or glitch for a couple seconds. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out and reading the issues I've encountered. You all are doing a fantastic job and can't wait for the next patch!
  12. @TyberiusThrax I agree! The way Crytivo is going about these sacrifice towers is pretty awesome to say the least. @AlexK "We hope you like this concept." I'm sure we will, as it is something new to the genre! I'm exited to see what research surprises await us in this great game!
  13. Stargate technology would be pretty sweet!
  14. Had a 2 part dream over the past 2 days. Went to prison, got sent to Mars, were I met with Doc @hodgmahal (znation) and we had to escape from Hitler.

  15. Questions about intergalactic colonization and more After some time of not watching the trailers, I decided to have an other look at them, which left me with these questions. With having a plethora of planets for your nuggets to colonize, will you be able to return to your mother planet or previous planets? If you can, will there be a max amount of planets that one can conquer before not being able to colonize anymore? Or will this be unlimited? What about the ease of returning to your previous planets? Will you have to send nuggets to the previous planet you'd like to revisit? Or, since you are God, will you be able to teleport between worlds? Once an other world has been colonized, how accessible will it be for the nuggets to visit the other planets if they chose to do so? Will there be black holes? If so will they act like in No Man's Sky (teleports you to another part of the galaxy)? Or how we really believe they act (no mater or radiation can escape)? I would like to know anyone's ideas and thoughts on this. Keep up the good work devs! Can't wait for the next patch!!!