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  1. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    "You can’t just throw their dead bodies around like garbage. There will be consequences!" Damn it...there goes my current strategy of dealing with mass deaths...hahaha
  2. schedule ?

    I'm tired of people complaining about spending money on games that are in EA. If you are wanting a finished game then wait until it's finished to buy it. The purpose of EA is to show your support for the devs and help out with reporting bugs, giving feedback on the game, etc. Your post is at a level zero of helpfulness. Devs...keep it up! I'm excited for the patch tomorrow even if there's no save function! I have unlimited amounts of patience for games that deserve it.
  3. And We're BACK!

    This looks incredible! Amazing to see a game looking that beautiful at such early stages. Looking forward to the 28th.
  4. Any ETA on next update?

    I am new here and have only played the game a couple hours but just wanted to say that I love it so far! I've been waiting ages for another god game and I have high hopes for this one. The quality is already at a phenomenal level for being so early on. Keep it up, and I can't wait for the next patch(but don't rush it :3)!