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  1. Mac Install

    @Greendq thanks for the help, i get behind it better, i just seem to have a tiny problem... 1. i got no idea what the curly line means "~", how to type it (damn windows keyboard with a mac combo) or maybe what to substitute it with?!? and if i just copy/paste the command including the curly line it tells me the directory doesn't exist...i think i need it as idiotproof as possible. I am really sorry for all the trouble buts its like having to learn a completely new alphabet and language that is so not like your language but looks slightly like you native tongue...
  2. Mac Install

    @Greendq could you please give us the exact lines to enter the terminal (if the launcher app is inside the downloads folder)? Unfortunately and fortunatelyI never had to use the terminal before so i got no idea how to navigate inside there... Thanks in advance