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  1. Yes i have played Black And White, both one and two.
  2. Or i much more fun version of it will appear. With the new models and bigger planets! Imagine all the bugs and glitches
  3. Can we keep the forums english only please?
  4. Does the basic god power work? I do not own the game yet but im gonna do soon, i just want to know. Does the basic god power with the fling stuff around thing work? I have seen some youtube videos but noone really seem to get it working. So does it work?
  5. KrkrkrjkrjjjrjbkjkmbrjbkmdkmbfkfjmjbkdjkmbdbkdkjmbmjbdbbdjbkdjmbkdjkmbdjkbmdjmknJlbgjbljlkbgjbkkjjilijlbfhbilrldhbiwllibwhilbwhiblsuovvkuukvkvhhivshivi The sound of me trying to wait...
  6. So i dont get it. Did we get the information about the next update or not yet?
  7. Well i might not be awake to see it. Its soon 7 pm in denmark where i live. EDIT: Then i got a surpise tommorow.
  8. so will the info come today or tommorow?
  9. Oh... I thought you knew something about the new update...
  10. YOU KNOW SOMETHING!!??!!?? PM ME NOW PLSLSLSLLSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Its gonna be today, or tommorow. Otherwise THEY LIED!!!!
  12. Tell me. Whats gonna be in the update. Pls... tell me
  13. Or should i...
  14. Im gonna wait. Hi guys. I have decided to wait with buying the Universim, beacuse im gonna buy the new game: For Honor. I think that if i wait a few months the game will have more content and then it will be more fun.
  15. I dont care how long it takes for the game to come out, just as long i know that this isnt gonna end up like so many other games. Post trailers of the game. Hurry the development, and then give out some unfinished crap you wanna throw in the garbage. Please. Dont let this happen to the universim. Dont even give a release date until you are 100% sure than you can make the game completely.