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  1. Nuggets seem to breed to quickly in v13 update...

    I actually had the opposite issue, my nuggets suddenly stopped making babies at about 12 population, They all died soon after.
  2. bug with aborting construction

    yeah even after the patch i am still unable to abort a construction
  3. How to update to V13 on Steam

    Unfortunately I dont believe you can yet download the game through steam. However you can add the game to your steam library by using the key in your dashboard.
  4. bug with aborting construction

    oh ok
  5. bug with aborting construction

    found another bug, my cook nugget got stuck in the eatery and all the nuggets died of hunger XD rip
  6. Prometheus V0.0.13 Access FAQ

    I love how your screen smashes when you fly into a rock XD
  7. bug with aborting construction

    bug with aborting construction I am unable to abort the construction of a water reservoir.
  8. schedule ?

  9. schedule ?

    so hyped for the patch, only two days to go!
  10. How can I test the game?

    if you preorder the game you will have access to alpha.
  11. Multiple Nations

    i think it would be pretty cool to watch your nuggets have a massive war over whether or not you exist.
  12. World created!

    Yeah I totally agree with this, starting the game off with having the ability to build a plant would be epic.
  13. suggestion

    suggestion A really cool mechanic would be if you were able to set leaders for certain areas of the map. The leaders could start constructions other than just houses, such as hospitals or resource gathering buildings. This would be nice as if you have multiple planets with multiple cities it would take off the burden of constantly micro managing every single city. I also think it wold be really cool if your nuggets would have an opinion of you, and depending on how you treat them they will change their own opinion and actions. like maybe your a wrathful god whom demands sacrifices or els their will be plague. Having such a religion aspect would be interesting and add diversity to the game. so far the frame work you have laid out is really good, this game has a vast potential and i cant wait for future updates.
  14. quick question

    thanks, also are you guys currently planning on having steam workshop support?
  15. quick question

    quick question could somebody specify what exactly the famous buildings thing is? I wanna pre-order the game but not sure what teir to get.