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  1. Missing localization data and status

    Hey @CrescentEclipse, I and @Chaosdrone have checked it and this will be resolved in the new update. But thank you for reporting it to us
  2. Missing localization data and status

    Hey, is this in every biome or in one specific one? I ask because I have grown Bloodydiarrhea fruits a couple of times now and I don't have those _TO_DO_LOC.
  3. Typo in settings

    Hey @luizghost1006, thanks for reporting this typo We've created a ticket in our bug tracker. If you come across others, don't hesitate to report it
  4. Welcome@Ironfonz, if you want to put in those extra 15$, follow this link: https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000117815-how-can-i-upgrade-my-backers-level- And thanks for supporting the game
  5. Farming Tip to grow food during Winter!

    Alex is currently trying to balance everything, and bloody diarrhea will be nerfed by him Cause we all agree it is a bit too OP.
  6. Religion

    The might still implement religion with the God Power overhaul If I remember correctly at one point they were planning on having Worship and Wrath, and maybe have certain God powers linked to one or the other, not sure if this part will still be implemented.
  7. Will there ever be other tribes/cities?

    Between V12 and V13 the team had to rewrite 95-99% of the code to allow more entities on the planets and to make it future-proof, is why it looks like there hasn't been much progress
  8. Will there ever be other tribes/cities?

    Hey @Adrianna, there will be a god power to replenish the fish in a lake. Other animal related god powers aren't for sure yet
  9. V13 Glitches

    When select one of those Nuggets, are they carrying something? It's a known AI issue that a nugget gets stuck in a loop when they are holding some resource and have nowhere to drop it off. If I am not mistaken, the devs have found a fix for it. Did you check if the Growth Bar changes when Spring starts? Crops only start to grow in Spring. The graphics team has been busy with cleaning up a lot of models, as you might have noticed, this is still on their list and it will come back Animals will come back as well, as you can see on the Universim Facebook page: And thank you for testing the game and giving us all this feedback
  10. Problems With Zooming

    This is because some people use a trackpad, others use a run of the mill computer mouse and others use a pro gaming mouse, each have different scroll values. One round of a normal mouse might be equal to 100 units whereas the pro gaming mouse might be a 1000 units. So a sweet spot for you isn't a sweet spot for me. I need to put it on 1% and it still zooms like crazy with my trackpad.
  11. Problems With Zooming

    @Wozzup1223, @antpez for now you can also use space + W/S to zoom in our out, is much slower.
  12. @TalHalven I run the game on a macbook from 2011 with an AMD Radeon in it, and I haven't noticed that issue on any of my test runs. It might be because I have an old GPU, might also be that the cause is with AMD GPU + Windows (driver). The dev's are looking into the issue and will soon have a solution
  13. building evolution tower in paused game

    Hey @spooky1013, good catch! I will forward this bug to the devs
  14. It will effect your water reservoir, above 40 degrees Celsius (I think) the water starts to slowly evaporate. And the farm also gets effected by the temperature, but that is it for now.
  15. Endless World Loading?

    Hey guys, could you give me your PC specs? Especially CPU, Graphics Card and amount of Ram.