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  1. Almost the entire engine and AI has been rebuild, this was needed for where the game need to go to, but this takes time and created a lot bugs that had to be squashed. This game is anything but abandoned, every day the team is hard at work to create an amazing game and fulfil all they have promised and more!
  2. Maybe also depending on which graphics API you use, e.g. Direct3D, OpenGL, Vulkan.
  3. Oh right, and this is my CPU usage when the game is starting a new world...
  4. This is what I get when the game is active.
  5. That was with the game idle, tonight I will check with the game active
  6. On my Mac it is the same kind of CPU usage
  7. Hey, this is a know issue with the AI, they don't stop building to go eat/drink/rest and become "too weak" to build. This bug will most likely be fixed with the next update (end of this month), as the devs are rewriting the AI.
  8. Tried to replicate the bug on Mac, but couldn't get the game to crash. Restarted several times and nearly broke my spacebar by button-bashing it Possibly it will have something to do with how DirectX handles key/mouse input.
  9. I haven't gotten this, but I will try to recreate the problem once I finish work.
  10. Can't wait to test out the new functionalities and find some new bugs Keep up the good work team!
  11. I've seen a lot of fun ideas for planets (some more possible to code than others) but I haven't come across a planet like Arrakis, a desert planet with ice on the poles, and rock plateaus where you are safe from giant sand worms that roam the desert. The planet could harbour the element needed for wormhole jumps or some other means of even faster transportation between planets. I also like jmgia22's idea of a archipelago planet, maybe ones where they live in constant fear of flooding. A planet that orbit a dual star would also be a cool concept, the tidal pull of the suns causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Or a planet that is in a tidal locked around it's sun, so that one site is in permanent darkness. Oh and planet with rings like Saturn, cause if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.
  12. Figured as much seeing that they are fixing/tweaking/rebuilding the AI. But I will try it again with the new patch for sure
  13. Mine was at 8 at that time, so almost lost half my population. I think it happens when you have several building projects queued up.
  14. Bug: Build Dead lock I've discovered that the Nuggets will get stuck in the build dead lock (where they don't build and the supports keep adding resources) when the builder nuggets are thirsty/hungry. Their AI doesn't let them stop building to eat/drink and they won't continue building till they either did that or died. I had to wait for the latter and in the process lose an entire generation of Nuggets.
  15. Too bad, suicidal nuggets would have been fun, if you don't tend to their needs they'll drown themselves in the sea/lake