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  1. drowning/swimming/drinking water As the title suggests, any thing going to happen on this? I only ask because of this poor nugget who appeared to bug out, kept twitching, I followed because it was amusing and he ended up in the water. He some how survived, drank water and bred =D good o'l nuggets
  2. numerous issues

    apologies, uploaded the wrong image :). Chutoho however wasn't dead so that status is of the spouse? which feels a little strange when you're viewing that nugget and get more information about their spouse. Played a second game and there was no water issue that time. very strange
  3. 1st day playing... Issues I have found

    the god power works on rocks. The thrownig is rather fiddly. use the build god power to make them build again?
  4. numerous issues

    numerous issues So finally got around to playing for some time. The games good, even in alpha phase it was enjoyable. Some things I did pick up on though. There's a spelling mistake on one of the tutorials, it was close to the start but remember was spelt remrmber =D Issues with the UI not updating when you perform an action, this was especially difficult in the farm as you have to close the building ui for your changes to take effect. Everyone was married to 1 person who was dead. Everyone loves Umo. See Screenies Using the grab god power (forgot the name) was a little unfriendly, couldn't pick up people People constantly thirsty even though there's water in the wells Apart from that I had a great time can't wait for more content
  5. Extreme Lag

    I was about to make a post in the first impressions section. I'm on windows and I have issues with user input. it appears to accept the input but doesn't update the ui until you exit that screen and go back.
  6. Hi all, I'm Lark from the UK. Just waiting for the game to update, then it's nug time. Also how do I change my image? could only update the cover photo on my profile. Thanks
  7. Still updating. Super excited to play this game