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  1. Other Nuggets

    Understandable, thanks for the answer, can't wait for the further development of universim.
  2. Other Nuggets

    I've brought up the culture topic before.
  3. Other Nuggets

    Other Nuggets I was thinking, what if there were other nuggets like other clans/nations with custom flags and nation colors for buildings and stuff. haveing different cultures would be a nice feature too, like European, Asian, Nordic, or even Mayan. Build barracks and walls, train nuggets into warriors to fight in wars for territories and resources. maybe even diplomatic screen.
  4. Well bugged out in the Desert

  5. Well bugged out in the Desert I love the desert and always start there, and while I was placing down a well in the desert it said 0 water. I clicked to build it by mistake, which after it bugged out. I couldn't get the well to go away. So I went into the build toolbar to choose a new building to place thinking it would get rid of me holding the well. I thought it worked because I was now holding the reservoir, so I went to place the reservoir down. It was built instantly, and I was still holding on to the well. I went into the build toolbar again to choose another building and that building was also built instantly. I tried it few more times with other buildings and got the same results they were all instantly built, so I left the game and started a new game which again I ran into the same bug.
  6. Are the body of water lakes or oceans? In demo on steam, the bodies of water has whales and looks like a ocean, but I keep hearing the body of water be called lakes... so that made me question are the bodies of water oceans or are they lakes? also Palm Trees, are they gone or will they be added?
  7. Religion

    That's the worst stage, I found a lot of planets filled with... Naughty Spore Creatures... I think you know what I mean. XD
  8. Religion

    you can blame EA for a lot of things *cough Spore cough...
  9. How do I update?

    How do I update? sorry if I missed the memo, my game is not updating. Do I need to uninstall then reinstall, or do I need to download a new The Universim Launcher Installer off the website?
  10. Different cultures for nuggets

    you brought up some good points about how can add gameplay mechanics. yeah, I'm just coming up with future Suggestions. I love seeing games in development.
  11. Different cultures for nuggets

    I was thinking of civilization games with different ideology's and stuff.
  12. Different cultures for nuggets After passing the stone age, you chose your nuggets culture, like Asian, European, Nordic, and African. An doing so, there will be different building, boats, clothing, weapons, etc... I know it doesn't add much but esthetics. Tell how you think, I'd love to see samurai and ninja nuggets
  13. juego en español

    all languages should be welcome here.
  14. Will there be other celestial bodies? I know alien words will exist, but will there be Solar systems, and will planets have moons?