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  1. And We're BACK!

    No, it should be today.
  2. LBGT

    Yes, it's a mutation (Even though not a dangerous one). Actually, it's not that bad to have no sex drive. I mean, abstinence must be torture, since you want sex but you're not allowed to have it. In my case it's just non-existent and I can't miss something that I don't know how it feels like To the other point: No problem, neither do I. But if you want to imply that homosexuality is unnatural, then I just want to say that this is a very false statement. Homosexuality/Bisexuality is observed in many different animals, domesticated and wild ones. Some animals just show homosexual behaviour for dominance, others (especially birds) do really build relationships and might even try to raise children (Some homosexual birds do even steal eggs and try to raise them together). So, homosexuality is definitely not unnatural, but quite kommen in the kingdom of animals. However, I agree with you that universim should not be sexualised. It's a simulation game about building a civilization and conquering other planets, not about the individual nuggets. It'd be different if it were a game like Sims in which the focus lies on the individual. In general I think games shouldn't be sexualised. It's often already annoying that female characters in MMORPGs are dressed very sexually (Praise to Blizzard for avoiding that).
  3. LBGT

    What do you mean by that? I was born intersexual (I've got XX sex chromosomes, but an mutated sry-gene on one of my X). I've got beside my testicles also ovaries, a penis and a cervix, but no vagina. My phenotype is mostly male, but my proportions are more typically female (hips are broader than shoulders, small feet and hands, slim torso, almost no facial hair etc, muscle mass is only weakly developed). This stems form the fact that almost all my DNA (except the sry-gene) is female, but my body works mostly on testosterone (It's like you'd run macOS on a PC). However, my testosterone/estrogene proportions are still different than the proportions of most men and women: I've got much more testosterone than the typical woman, but much less than the average man, I've got less estrogene than the average woman, but more estrogene than the typical man. My sexuality is asexual/homoromantic. Since I'm not intersted in sex and intersexual, it's not so easy to find a partner