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  1. V13 Prometheus Bug List

    What's up gamers and devs? So I'm back at it again with a few updates on the gameplay and experience. I got the latest patch in there and it seems like you guys did a great job fixing a few of the issues I stated before. Either I got better at the game or you guys did great, let's say both haha! A few bugs I did run into, though I'll post screenshots below. My main concern is the way the water pumps work now, previously I did not realize that each body of water had a set amount it could provide. Perhaps later on in the game with upgrades, we plan to move forward with some sort of system that will allow you to use water efficiently and not run out after a while. I expected the oceans to possibly refill as the rainy seasons went by but alas they did not. I got my population past 20 (got to a whopping 60+ at one point) and that made me pretty happy. Loving the game but also hating the fact that it's in Alpha, only because it teases me so with all the wonderful things that can and will be added later on. Can't wait for this to get to at least Beta! I can already tell the full game is gonna be epic. Keep up the good work guys! Bugs: (Screenshots attached) Cemetary got bugged when the assigned nugget couldn't reach a dead body that I assume died in a weird place Nuggets seem to freeze or glitch out from time to time Nuggets will tend to leave their posts without warning or notification example: Two nuggets assigned to an Engineer Hut with suddenly quit for no reason. (no screenshot available) Water pumps: Not exactly a bug but could possibly use some tweaking unless they're perfect for the intended use and we're just waiting on another asset or building to help maintain water usage.\ Nuggets will also have overlapping emotes above their head, example: Both the "Hunger" icon and "Thirsty" icon will appear overhead of a nugget Getting nuggets to immediately go to the well or eatery (if seats are full) in order to get food or water would improve some gameplay slightly.
  2. V13 Prometheus Bug List

    So my first run through of the new update was pretty solid. Coming from an understanding that this is still Alpha and problems will arise. Below I'll list my first impressions and some minor issues in the game I ran into. Before I get to that let me just say you guys are doing great and I hope you keep up the good work no doubt. So everything listed is purely from a positive critique standpoint. Also, keep in mind I played the game while on 2x speed for most of my first playthrough, that may have caused some problems. PROS: The visuals were great! Loved the new skins/textures for the epicenter and the nuggets and other buildings. I like the new building system look, although it kinda looks like we went into the next era? This looks like a step-up from the stone-age, not by a lot but just a little. Is this the new starting point or are we just testing out other eras and their looks? CONS: Now these might not be too helpful so please give me some feedback so we can talk about glitches vs visions and/or possible tweaks vs. intentional gameplay. Building decay felt way too fast, even when I built multiple engineer buildings, the nuggets couldn't keep up. / Possible Solution: Possibly lowering the decay time. Nuggets get injured at a rate that hospitals can't keep up with. With hospitals only being able to host two nuggets at a time and the witch doctor taking their time with each patient, it becomes quite difficult to keep everyone healthy. / Possible solution: Making the nuggets slightly more durable or Making it so that witch doctor's don't need to rely on herbs and increase their healing speed. Hospitals often break. By this I mean the assigned witch doctors don't always do their job and will get stuck in the corner or stop doing work altogether. Eateries and wells can only serve two at a time. This is much like the hospital problem, in that there's isn't enough supply for the demand. I'd have to increase my water pump output by a lot in order to keep up a number of eateries necessary to keep everyone happy and full. (Also, water output and output visual representations don't update) Population grows too quickly. Now all of the ones listed above could possibly be solved by reducing how fast nuggets reproduce, balancing out the number of people being born and how many people can be in one building at a time (hospitals, eateries, etc.) Water reservoir menu doesn't always pop up when clicked. Total nugget count freezes at (adults) 4 and (children) 0. Now again, just pointing out some minor issues. If you'd like me to play the game differently I can. I'll try to setup something on my coimputer so I can also send photos/videos of the problems I run into. Although implementing a simple screenshot feature wouldn't hurt (I'm not a programmer so easier said than done, I know.) so that we can take the pictures in-game in order to show specifically what bugs we run into and report them to you guys. And again, great job guys! Keep it up! P.S. Didn't run into any animals but maybe that was a glitch? Also, I followed the steps to get the prometheus update and the client did update but it still says "Cheesecake" in the upper right hand corner. Do I have the right version or did you guys change that to say Prometheus and I'm still using the old one? If so... this review was a huge waste of time lol.
  3. Patch Notes: Prometheus V0.0.13 Shadow Patch Initial Release

    Great job guys! Just got the update going. Will keep you updated on my progress and potential bugs. Keep going! Had the same problem. Download Notepad ++, that will for sure work.
  4. Hi! I'm certain I'm a "New Website" backer and I should be receiving the Mammoth Badge. The links in the e-mails I received logged me into my dashboard but, for some reason, had to create my account for the forums. Both my backer e-mail, and this account (forum account) have the same e-mail. I'm in no rush, just wanted all the perks that come with the Mammoth package. Great work guys! Thanks! - Casey Driver