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  1. Impressions

    Impressions I want this to succeed. It's totally the type of game I want to play. Understand that this is an Alpha and there is bound to be problems. Even with the problems, I find myself playing 10-20 rounds with each new patch. Right now in development, it's more like a Dark Souls game than a city builder/god game. You're gonna die. A lot. Nuggets Currently borderline useless, do NOT count on them to do a damn thing other than break bones or become suicidal. Click and hold dead bodies, then click and hold to throw them. As nuggets are useless the gravedigger will not get bodies in time and other nuggets will suddenly and simultaneously make sure they walk over the dead body in order to make themselves sick to get out of work. They're bastards. A single dead body will quickly destroy your entire settlement. A single healer cannot keep your town healthy, even at 10 people. Two healers cannot keep your town healthy, even at 10 people. Cycle the healer by assigning the sick nuggets as healer. If they are already in the hospital they will start healing. Relying on healers is currently pointless.They usually take a few years to make a reasonable supply of medicine. Sometimes engineers do their job, most of the time they do not. My current town has 6 engineers (3 huts), and about 40 buildings including huts. Everything is falling apart. In other builds I've had even more, or less... there is no telling when you'll get lucky. The only tip here, is to hope for the best. I'd say just keep building new structures, but this is even less efficient as Nuggets are too damn slow at absolutely everything. Nuggets are terrible. Their AI is coming along with new features but their overall intelligence and mental stability is on par with your average pop star. Sometimes you get lucky and get a decent settlement, most the time, everyone dies. Nugget management system leaves much to be desired, but it is functional. Thankfully a few patches back, dead nuggets are automatically replaced if they have an occupation so long as you have free laborers. Sorting nuggets by occupations seems to reset on each viewing. Just click it twice on occupation to see the unassigned nuggets quickly. Visuals Beautiful. Seriously, the whole world is pretty nice. I'm excited to see what else they add. The whales and turtles were a nice touch. Do I really need disasters on when the Nuggets are walking disasters. It would be nice to disable tornado's until Nuggets are worth something. Weather effects, clouds, storms, etc are awful. Sure they look neat, but it obscures your entire view and you just have to sit around and wait for it to end. On slower systems it will cause time to pass so slowly you can start to feel yourself age. An option to turn them off would be great. Gameplay > Visuals. I must admit the damn ice storm has caused me to simply give up playing a few times. Balance It doesn't exist yet. Research does not line up with resource gathering which doesn't line up with build speed, etc. Just try a few rounds until you're able to get the hang of it. It is possible to build a decent settlement, just not easy. No amount of food producing buildings is reliable. Again, you're looking at chance to carry you. Sometimes a single fisherman will do his job, other times 4 of them will just wander around until they starve to death. Nuggets do not specialize or get better at any given profession. Rotate them as frequently as needed to keep producing. A single entertainment building does not suffice for 10-20 nuggets. I'm not sure what the balance is here, but since they have added emotions all the nuggets function like petulant spoiled teenagers being asked to take out the trash. I've had best luck with 2-3 local business buildings early on. Farms are nice, I love the descriptions and unique food types offered, but again, no known balance. How much food SHOULD a farm produce? If there were any real adults in the colony that understood food = life, would one farm adequately support 20 nuggets? I've had 4 farms and 4 fisheries and still watched everyone starve to death with ~30 people. Research items are great. I like the depth and different abilities that pop up. The time it takes to research most things, doesn't flow well. Refinery buildings are still poor. Make sure you have an adequate number of lvl1 buildings as you cannot build them after the upgraded versions are researched. Other Archive building - meh. If you have time to play, skip it, don't bother wasting time and resources on this building at all. Everyone will die after a couple hours anyway. Graveyard. Not sure if it's fixed yet, but once it's full, (if you luck out and your gravedigger does his job), you have to keep building more. Pyre... not really sure how this thing is supposed to work. In every run I've had, it just lights up sometimes. It would be great if you could just churn your dead through it and not bother with graveyards if you didn't want them. Bunker has potential, but right now a tornado is the least of your worries and if you run into one, just restart. Nuggets are experts at killing themselves. They don't need tornado's to help. The amount of water this stone age civilization uses is astounding. In lucky longer games, you'll actually drain the lakes... 30 or so people, drinking and farming with bodies of water the size of the great lakes... and they drain them dry. I understand there will be weather cycles in the future, but the intake is insane. All that, and I'm still going to go another round right now. It's addicting and the potential is incredible. Despite the numerous issues, I can't help but play it again. Although I might throw a keyboard through the screen on the next storm.
  2. Contamination and burial issue

    Agreed. This has happened in one way or another in my last 3 runs, Since playing with latest patch I cannot get anywhere near as far into the game as I was before.