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  1. Texture glitch on AMD RX480

    can confirm the new patch has fixed this I love you devs I can play again
  2. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    no its meant to be clothing obviously a typo in the game :-)
  3. kickstarter reward postage

    sent in a ticket thanks :-)
  4. Weird black boxes flashing in and out everywhere...?

    this has been an issue for a long time now its not has bad has it used to be but it is time it was fixed makes the game annoying to play
  5. kickstarter reward postage

    kickstarter reward postage hi just a quick question when I kickstarted this project it said add blah amount for postage so why have I just had to pay for the postage I already payed when I kickstarted
  6. VR Capability?

    i play a game called tethered its a cute little game on vr and u tether your people to do jobs like mining and collecting food and doing building work so could work wellwith the universim !!
  7. Mulitplayer?

    dont think there will be a multiplayer its took 3 to 4 years to get an hours gameplay
  8. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    ran smooth for 30 mins then the ai broke again just stood there not doing anything needing water and the well was 2 cms away from them but its getting there
  9. Short Video of Ghost Nugget Bug

    that looks quite spooky lol but an interesting bug if it is a bug lol
  10. Game Crash

    getting the exact same crashes and same error log crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  11. game wont run!

    they need to ask questions to find the solution how else they going to fix it
  12. Texture Bug

    glad to hear is not amd cards then but it is a nasty bug makes my eyes hurt when trying to play i only last 20 mins
  13. can confirm that putting shaders to low makes no difference
  14. Texture Bug

    think its one of those bugs thats hard to squish or they arnt a fan of amd cards lol
  15. Texture Bug

    i have the exact same issue its like the nuggets are having a mass rave all over the planet on a serious note this has been a known bug for a while i believe but seriously needs addressing try zooming right in its not has bad then