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  1. Disaster Ideas

    Disaster Ideas On planet: Earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Tsunamis, Forest Fires, Sinkholes, Meteors, Volcanic eruptions, Blizzards, Heat waves, Flood. On Universe: Giant Asteroid, Big Splash, Gigantic Cosmic Explosion (Supernova), Gamma ray burst, Solar flare, Black Hole. I think that 1 natural disaster per 100 years and 1 universe disaster per 1000 or 5000 years, would be balanced
  2. A few ideas Hello, I wrote this on Discord, but I want do here too. 1 Roads. The nuggets can travel more efficient 2 More Evolution Towers. 2 or 3 new civilizations per planet. They start with 0 technology. They can demand a war or anything else 3 Mines and Gardens . Resources such as stones and trees are limited. There, Nuggets can replant and get more stone. 4 Horses. Nuggets can Tame a Horse and Travel with him. More speed and capacity. 5 Pool. Summer is Hot. They need something to cool off 6 Store. Nuggets can buy accesories 7 Religion. They believe in you, or not. You earn points to use powers 8 Army. They are ready for war. Need a place to exercise 9 Walls. It protect you from animals and another dangers ... 10 Caves. Nuggets can guard in a cave from cold and animals 11 On the map, we will be able to see chickens in the future, I suppose. Then, we can capture them, and they can produce eggs and food for ours nuggets. Not only fish/farm/hunt. Add another dimension to farming but you have to physically have the animals in order to do it. 12 Money. With this, the nuggets can buy houses, accessories or upgrade the social status. Better social status = better houses. The Nugget can earn money with a job. And if he/she die, all the money is transferred to the son. 13 Dinosaurs. I don't need to say nothing. They are Dinosaurs. I hope you liked it
  3. Hello Everybody, I'm backer and I'm very active on Discord. I'm Spanish and I want us to be a great family together
  4. Can not contact update server

    I have the same issue :/ That's the version file