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  1. One thing I would really like to see

    I like these ideas, it would add a fun yet challenging aspect to the winter season. At the moment the only thing you have to worry about is whether your crops are going to die aha. perhaps in the future builds hospitals will get a mission saying they need to prevent an outbreak by having enough medicine.
  2. stuck on loading screen

    I hadn't launched it in a while, and it just decided to work. so I would say either: Launching it multiple times making sure it isn't running a process in the background. OR Restart your computer.
  3. stuck on loading screen

    I have managed to get it working now! Had a good session, had about 30 odd nuggets, water was running out and then i went to change the audio settings and it crashed, no biggy. look forward to the next update!
  4. stuck on loading screen

    stuck on loading screen I installed the game, launched it and clicked "start new life" the loading bar gets stuck half way but the 'witty' remarks keep rolling in while nothing happens. i tried installing to my SSD as my HDD is old, but still no change. Specs: OS:windows 10 CPU: i7 4790k GPU:GTX 980ti please help!