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  1. Nuggets Alive Counter

    this would be cool to have in game
  2. Graphic Bug

    this was fixed in newer versions
  3. the game does not have to follow us it can be different like a oil well in the Medieval era. your englich is good
  4. Advanced Personalities & New Nugget Types

    this is a good post for adding stuff to the game and this would expand the feelings of nuggets
  5. i know i was just saying that you have to use creater power tell the next update for unknown reasons
  6. same but with the hospital and the well
  7. windows 10 preveiw v0.21 tried to scrollin god menu nothing happend middelclicked for god menu after placing the waterpump, well, water storage
  8. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    you are corect
  9. micromanaging

    they have there own free will they can do anything at any time during a playthru of the game. no two games are the same.
  10. let me give a rough amount of totel funding from all the backers. 8682712 $ no true numbers this may or may not be correct. this is from number of backers divided by 5 then the highest doller payment from each group of backers
  11. How to use God Powers

    that is true for healing
  12. How to use God Powers

    control + right click