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  1. let me give a rough amount of totel funding from all the backers. 8682712 $ no true numbers this may or may not be correct. this is from number of backers divided by 5 then the highest doller payment from each group of backers
  2. How to use God Powers

    that is true for healing
  3. How to use God Powers

    control + right click
  4. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Cemeteries Family nuggets carry dead nugget to cemetery Old nugget home ( which I can build near the cemetery ) are they working up until they snuff it? that's mean, let them chill ( near the cemetery ) Some kind of comfort/happiness from having a grave, helps nuggets recover from a family death faster Not clear to me what the radius thing is around this building, I assumed I best keep it away from my main village in case it's depressing to look at No good for mass deaths from disaster or disease coped from Rippleberry Pyre Good for mass death/diseased nuggets Witch doctor might enjoy some ash from this or some kind of shaman ( nothing like a fire to dance around or stare into ) Used in winter? keeps nuggets around it toasty warm ( and in it, but I don't think those ones care ) add a nugget worker to collect the bodys and the familys of the nugget Nugget reproduction/population add a Season for nugget reproduction in Early game and in modern time remove it like spring or summer and no babys in fall or winter
  5. My desktop Icon.ico

    this icon looks nice. it shows the game from the promo on kickstarter.
  6. My desktop Icon.ico

    love the icon
  7. Is there a roadmap ?

    it means what and were to look on the roadmap right now we are in the light blue section
  8. Is there a roadmap ?

  9. game crashes when you hit mountains

    game crashes when you hit mountains Version of the current build: (V.0.0.15) Operating System: Windows 10 pro insider preview build 16184 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: When i hit a mountan after the third time the game crashed . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): crash the camera into the mountans 3 times Computer specs: cpu Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4001 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) GPU nvidia GeForce 960 4 gb ram 32 gb
  10. Localisation Missing Summer Bug

    it happens every summer and i went thru 3 sommers
  11. Abandonware?

    if it is the 28 in the us i will see it on the first of march
  12. Steam Release?

    if you buy it u can use the code in steam
  13. hi i donated 100 dollars (97.73 euros) payed thrue paypal on the Website