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  1. Payment and Ideas Hey I'm very interested in the Universim but I don't want to wait for Steam. But I don't have a credit card or PayPal. So my question is this: Could I use a prepaid credit card like Visa or Mastercard to buy the game right now from your website. You know like a Visa gift card that kind of thing? You will have a definite sale if I could do that. Plus I have an idea/suggestion for the game. What if you start out with one civilization that makes it all the way to their nuclear age (if that's what you guys are doing) but something goes wrong and they annihilate each other leaving the planet a lifeless nuclear winter wasteland. Then later you do a new civilization that makes it to the space age and comes across the planet from the first civilization and it's still a nuclear winter wasteland but might have some leftover resources or technology? I think that'd be cool. I loved it when I heard you were adding Vaults to the game. I think the Universim is gonna be huge and I would love to be a part of it. I actually have a ton of other ideas. So could I buy the game with a prepaid Visa/Mastercard/whatever gift card? I just finished building a new computer (my very first) and would love to try this. Keep up the good work.