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  1. V23 Bugs and Issues

    The Freezing didn't come from loading a saved game though. The game was working normally until it got to Year 95-99
  2. I'm playing right now and everything was going great (good supply of food, mechanics keeping everything fixed, gravediggers collecting bodies efficiently etc.) but now I'm at Year 99 and ALL of my Nuggets have become frozen; most are stuck Doing Nothing while others are stuck Going to Drink, Drinking or Fixing a Building (in this case I can see the Nugget hammering at the building but its health does not increase.) Picking them up and lightly dropping them using telekinesis does nothing to fix this. I exited and reloaded the game and it was the same thing. Great job on the latest version but this is a big problem. Lots of improvements such as gravediggers retrieving bodies, path-finding, Stone Mines and Lumber Mills and (finally!!!) up-gradable Fishing Piers and a good, steady reproduction rate .Population at Year 99 is 75. Also: -Any research going on also became frozen but the clock continued to count normally and weather also continued to change normally and the time of day changes -Buildings continue to lose health -Once I clicked on a Nugget and the info screen came up, I became completely unable to turn it off -Also as I was watching the Nugget such as Mechanics or Builders I could see them Going to Build or Going to Repair and making the hammering animation as they were walking I also reloaded 2 different Autosaves from the same game and they were affected in all the same way; in addition 1 of these Autosaves became trapped in a neverending windstorm that lasted over 10 Years (I actually waited and counted.) Also after I reloaded (several different saves and autosaves of the same game) the Nuggets became Stuck (Doing-whatever) but were also stuck in an animation loop where they would lay down backwards then get up then lay down again. And yet in all this the game never crashed once. That's all I have to report for now
  3. This is a list of bugs and issues on the current version Chupacabra. a few things: -After I got over a population of 50, a lot of the Nuggets mostly unassigned Laborers got stuck Doing Nothing. Even Nuggets assigned Jobs are stuck Doing Nothing and their Status keeps flashing back and forth between Doing Nothing and something else related to their assigned Job. In a population over 50, this meant that almost half of them were stuck Doing Nothing. They weren't gathering food or resources so the village couldn't grow. Also being stuck Doing Nothing meant they eventually died of Hunger or Thirst -Path-finding issues still remain; for example if a Nugget walks past a building, they can get stuck in a loop. This seems to happen mostly when they are Delivering Resources. Sometimes picking them up and dropping them fixes this but usually it doesn't -I built both refineries and they both worked for a while. Then only the Stone refinery was working. This seems to be linked to Laborers being stuck Doing Nothing. They aren't gathering wood or stone so nothing happens. Then the Nuggets are continuing to mine stone but Harvesting Lumber has completely stopped -After I upgraded both Farms I had and assigned 4 Nuggets to work them, 3 of the 4 got stuck in loops like Moving to the Farm or Doing Nothing. Only 1 Farmer actually did its job. Make the crops wither. A big waste. -By the time I ended the playthrough, my village had come to a standstill; there was hardly any food, buildings were on the brink of collapse because the Engineers are Stuck Doing Nothing. -I had a few instances of Nuggets walking in the sky. i had to grab them to get them down -Finally the Gravedigger and dead bodies issues remain. I'm sure you've been hearing about this one most of all. Plus oftentimes I've seen a Nugget die and their body remains standing like a statue instead of falling on the ground. That's it for now. All of these were noticed on a playthrough I just did today. i didn't bother saving it. October Chupacabra added a lot of new content. Now Improvements to the AI and game mechanics are what need to come next in November's update
  4. Chupacabra Feedback, Bugs & Issues There doesn't seem to be a forum for the status of update Chupacabra so I'm guess I'm the first: Good update; it added a lot of new features and fixed a lot of things but I've noticed a few new issues: -Nuggets get stuck Doing Nothing a lot of times still or their status keeps going back and forth between Doing Nothing and something else. And a few Nuggets are stuck Doing Nothing despite not being assigned any job -Nuggets get stuck Doing Nothing at their jobs; this can especially make farming difficult as the farmers Doing Nothing causes crops to wither -They can also get stuck Delivering Resources -I keep getting this wierd visual glitch where Nuggets move around but are on their sides and half of their body is below ground -I've had a couple instances of Nuggets constantly Moving to the Farm/other workplace but never actaully getting there cuz they get stuck in a loop -Speeding up the game seems to trigger glitches as mentioned above Not really bugs but a couple of other things: -Until you are able to research Engineers Hut upgrades and THEN actually upgrade them, keeping up with repairs for all of your buildings can be difficult to keep up with -The Gravediggers can still be kind of dumb and will leave dead bodies lying around. This can be especially frustrating if they get stuck Doing Nothing due to the glitches I mentioned on the list above Big improvement from Overwhaleming but some things could still use some improvement and fine-tuning. Its mostly the game mechanics and AI that need improvement. Keep up the good work.
  5. Ideas for October 2017 update Probably a broken record at this point but my biggest suggestion for adding new features in the October 2017 update would be: -Refillable sources of water either by raining or all the snow from the winter melting when Spring comes. Otherwise the game eventually ends when you run out of water and all your Nuggets either die of thirst or hunger -Regrowable Trees. There could be a building whose workers' job is to plant new trees to replace ones that have been chopped down. The new trees planted could take a few years time to grow and become usable. This could become a balance between having a steady supply of lumber while maintaining a healthy population of trees -Regrowable bushes for food and herbs. They could say regrow from rain. It would make keeping an alternative supply of food and medicine a bit easier while you're waiting for your crops to grow
  6. Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues

    Overwhaleming Bugs and Issues Just did a playthrough. Was going good until I reached a population of 40. Then everybody just seemed to stop doing anything Pathfinding issues still seem to remain (Nuggets getting stuck while Delivering Resources) and once you build up enough buildings the Nuggets seem to stop gathering resources like Rock and wood; this especially makes it difficult to operate the Refineries and the Funeral Pyres. Plus once I got up to a population of 40, the Nuggets stopped gathering resources like rock and wood. Then they all stopped doing ANYTHING all together. This is my only really complaint about the latest update. Good improvements all around and a lot of new features and content. Game mechanics could still use some improvement.
  7. V17 Bugs and Issues Big improvement from 16 to 17 (especially adding Save and Load) but I've noticed a couple of things: -When wind storms happen, unless you have Forecast Tower and sound the alarm for the Nuggets to get inside, it injures EVERYBODY at once which leads to the next issue -Even after you research Hospitals and assign a doctor, there are No Herbs to Harvest until you have a farm up and running even if there are bushes nearby that have herbs. This can lead to a huge backlog of injured Nuggets and while they are Recovering in Hospital they don't eat or drink. This has repeatedly resulted in most of my population dying from Injury, Hunger or Thirst -you have to research at least 6-8 different things before Farms and Fishing appear in the Evolution Tower and by then it is usually winter and you have little to no food left. And even if there are bushes nearby with food in them, the Nuggets seen to ignore them and won't Gather Food -Nuggets will frequently not go to the closest Water Well even if it is full of water; this results in them losing health and dying of Thirst. Nuggets will also frequently drink from a lake even though there is a full Well right next to it (the lake) -With the Issues above, if you can't research and then build Cemeteries soon enough, it results in Nuggets dying and leaving a body behind causing disease and more infections and death (which again is compounded if you have no Hospitals and/or Herbs.) I've had to very frequently pick up dead Nuggets and drop them in lakes to get them out of the way because I have no cemetery -Nuggets sometimes get stuck while Delivering Resources to a building under construction and walk back and forth or get stuck in a looping spin I have yet to have reach a point where the Nuggets are sustainable enough to make me WANT to save a game and come back to it later. The main issue of 17 so far seems to be research balance (at least for me) Still, big improvement over 16. A lot of glitches have been ironed out and I have only had the game crash and freeze once in over a dozen playthroughs
  8. Insane ammount of babies and it keeps going!

    It happened to me too. Just came out of nowhere. Had 700 kids then they grew up and population jumped to over 700 adults. Then it jumped to over 2200 kids. Game started lagging severely. Then 2200 kids grew up and population was almost 3000 adults, over 1500 kids. Then game froze and crashed. Sorry no screenshot. Too much lag and then crashed before I could get one. I'm hoping for a big population size in the final game but DAMN.
  9. V16 Bugs and Issues

    V16 Bugs and Issues I've noticed this over several different playthroughs: -There's not enough food to keep up with how fast the population grows; you can't research farms and fisheries early enough. In every playthrough, over half of my population ends up dying of hunger before I'm able to even research farms and fisheries. You could solve this by adding more food sources like bushes until you can research and get everything built and up and running. -Even once the farms are built and running, it's like the farmers aren't paying attention and the crops either aren't planted at all or end up withering because the farmer is busy Doing Nothing, Drinking or Eating (even if there is no food; I noticed that too.) This again ends up in a lot of deaths from hunger. -Even if there is a supply of food and there is a working Eatery, the Nuggets keep taking food directly from the farms and fisheries meaning the Eatery cook can't prepare any dishes; this again results in not being able to keep up with the population, food supply and a lot of Nuggets dying of Hungert -You can't seem to Research the Witch Doctor/Hospital soon enough, which results in Nuggets getting injured or sick and end up dying because they can't get any treatment which results in the next issue : -You usually can't research cemeteries and funeral pyres soon enough which results in dead bodies lying around and spreading disease (which can be made worse if the issue above is happening at the same time) -Nuggets still sometimes get stuck in and out of their workplaces -It only happened once but a symbol I'm assuming means Not Enough Power appeared above a Stone Hut causing it to shut down and stop working; this caused the 3 Nuggets inside to become stuck in there. -The prioritize button seems to do nothing -I read in the News report that upgraded buildings had been added but I had yet to see that in the actual game -The Esc key to bring up the Menu sometimes doesn't work -A few times I had a hard time placing any buildings because everywhere I tried to put them was red I do like the new additions in V16 but it also brought a lot of issues that weren't in previous versions. It seems like there's just too much going on at the same time. Keep up good work. I have my fingers crossed for Save/Load in V17.
  10. V16 Issues

    V16 Issues The food system in V16 really needs some tweaking. I played 5 different playthroughs and the biggest issue is the food. By the time I was able to research farms and fisheries, I was out of food and my Nuggets started to starve. Then I had to build the farms and fisheries and it took too long; by the time the first ones were actually up and running and the crops were planted, over half my population had died of hunger. And that was assuming it was even planting season/spring. In each playthrough it was usually Year 35-45 before the options of researching farms and fisheries even comes up in the Evolution Tower. Either you need to be able to research farms and fisheries much earlier or more food bushes need to be added to give the Nuggets a food supply in the meantime. That's my only real complaint about V16 so far. I like all the stuff you guys added.
  11. Ideas for Civilization and Planet Paths I just thought of a few things for a planet disaster. Global dimming. It's the opposite of global warming. Like using a certain resource makes the atmosphere reflect more sunlight, makes the planet colder and also turns the sky a different color (like yellowy) and your nuggets then have to wear air masks to breathe because the atmosphere has become so polluted. You've (Crytivo Games people) already said that you can really mess up your planet but what if you could do it in a few different ways depending on exactly how you did it? Another is something kills off all the plant life which lowers the planet's oxygen level. Which forces the Nuggets to wear oxygen masks. Another is that an asteroid hits your planet throwing so much dust into the air that it blocks the sun out. Which is where the vaults would come into play (if you're still doing that.) Different conditions that force your nuggets to live in environmental domes; this could be a variation of the Vaults In each of these, the condition of the planet would last a certain number of years (100, 1000) and then it recovers. Or not. Maybe it could depend on the steps YOU take that could allow the planet to recover or maybe be beyond repair.
  12. V15 Windy status and bugs

    V15 Windy status and bugs Just played v15. Improvements on a few things but I noticed a few hiccups too. -I had 6 farms operational and spring came along and all their crops were ready to harvest but all the farmers were stuck resting, eating or drinking. So the crops ended up withering away. I had no food at this point so it hit me really hard. A third of my population (22 nuggets) ended up dying of starvation. I like the addition of crops withering away if not harvested in time (adds a new challenge) but ALL the farmers getting stuck doing other stuff is a problem. -there is still the issue of nuggets not eating or drinking when they REALLY need to even if there are filled wells and food sources nearby; they will often walk right by one. -Nuggets still sometimes get stuck in their job buildings Doing Nothing. I noticed this in the Fishing Pier even though it was fishing season; this added to the difficulty of having enough food. -Hospitals still can have a hard time keeping up if there are multiple nuggets needing treatment even with multiple hospitals (I had 3) -not really an issue but I'll report it anyway. The Perk of increasing the odds of nuggets having twins is good but on my second playthrough I noticed that almost EVERY time nuggets had kids they were twins. It was only once though I noticed these over 3 playthroughs today. I like the new Perks and evolution. The issue of dead bodies seems to have improved; the grave diggers are much more responsive. Good work
  13. V14 Status & issues

    V14 Status & issues Good job on new update. Eliminated a lot of issues but seems to have new ones. I found these over 5 different playthroughs: -Nuggets went to build a stone hut on top of a water well. This caused all nearby nuggets to become stuck; they stopped doing anything and eventually died from not eating and drinking -Not sure if it's a glitch but if you try building too many buildings at the same time, the Nuggets won't work on any of them -if you place buildings too close together, nuggets can become stuck -Engineers can't seem to keep up with the number of buildings that need repairing even with multiple engineer buildings (I had 4.) The more buildings there is, the more difficult this becomes. -sometimes nuggets will just get stuck in one spot and stop doing anything; sometimes assigning them a job fixes this and they start working again -with the fishing, the fisherman often gets stuck in a loop outside and inside the building; this makes it so that they won't go fishing even in the right season -if nuggets are transporting resources, they can get stuck either because a building is in front if them or just stop altogether even if the path in front of them is clear -if a nugget dies, it might be a while be before the gravedigger (if you have one) gets to it causing it to rot and spread disease (I think it's disease). This occurs even with more than one cemetery and grave digger. A few tines, they wouldn't even pick up the dead body at all. This made the bodies pile up. Ha -I like the new funeral pyres but they seem to only work a fraction of the time evendors with enough resources (wood). Are they supposed to work hand-in-hand with cemeteries or replace them? This is another issue of dead bodies not being collected fast enough if at all That's all for now. Keep up the good work. Not really a glitch but it looks like you slowed down the nugget reproduction rate by A LOT. As a result I can't produce enough manpower to keep up with everything and to grow
  14. Prometheus V0.0.13 Hotfix

    Just did a playthrough and noticed a few things: -Nuggets still won't eat or drink when they have to and might end up dead because of it -they often don't go eat or drink even if there are multiple eateries around the village -once you get a bigger pooulation, there can be a line up at a water well. If the line becomes too big, Nuggets stop doing anything and stay stuck. This can happen even if you have multiple wells nearby or even adjacent to each other -a Nugget I assigned to be Fisherman died (I don't know how) but no one could get to him so the body just stayed there the entire playthrough -once the population got near or above 60, the Nuggets stopped gathering stone; on another playthrough they stopped gathering wood. As a result of this I couldn't finish new buildings -eventually every Nugget stopped doing anything/Doing Nothing and got stuck in line ups at water wells and eateries and the Evolution Tower. -Nuggets would continue to take food directly from the Evolution Tower and the Fishery despite the presence of multiple Eateries That's all for now
  15. Prometheus V0.0.13 Hotfix

    Patch really works. A lot of the issues I reported about Prometheus? Solved. I'll play through a few more times and keep my eye out for more issues. I'll report them here.