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  1. V14 Status & issues Good job on new update. Eliminated a lot of issues but seems to have new ones. I found these over 5 different playthroughs: -Nuggets went to build a stone hut on top of a water well. This caused all nearby nuggets to become stuck; they stopped doing anything and eventually died from not eating and drinking -Not sure if it's a glitch but if you try building too many buildings at the same time, the Nuggets won't work on any of them -if you place buildings too close together, nuggets can become stuck -Engineers can't seem to keep up with the number of buildings that need repairing even with multiple engineer buildings (I had 4.) The more buildings there is, the more difficult this becomes. -sometimes nuggets will just get stuck in one spot and stop doing anything; sometimes assigning them a job fixes this and they start working again -with the fishing, the fisherman often gets stuck in a loop outside and inside the building; this makes it so that they won't go fishing even in the right season -if nuggets are transporting resources, they can get stuck either because a building is in front if them or just stop altogether even if the path in front of them is clear -if a nugget dies, it might be a while be before the gravedigger (if you have one) gets to it causing it to rot and spread disease (I think it's disease). This occurs even with more than one cemetery and grave digger. A few tines, they wouldn't even pick up the dead body at all. This made the bodies pile up. Ha -I like the new funeral pyres but they seem to only work a fraction of the time evendors with enough resources (wood). Are they supposed to work hand-in-hand with cemeteries or replace them? This is another issue of dead bodies not being collected fast enough if at all That's all for now. Keep up the good work. Not really a glitch but it looks like you slowed down the nugget reproduction rate by A LOT. As a result I can't produce enough manpower to keep up with everything and to grow
  2. Just did a playthrough and noticed a few things: -Nuggets still won't eat or drink when they have to and might end up dead because of it -they often don't go eat or drink even if there are multiple eateries around the village -once you get a bigger pooulation, there can be a line up at a water well. If the line becomes too big, Nuggets stop doing anything and stay stuck. This can happen even if you have multiple wells nearby or even adjacent to each other -a Nugget I assigned to be Fisherman died (I don't know how) but no one could get to him so the body just stayed there the entire playthrough -once the population got near or above 60, the Nuggets stopped gathering stone; on another playthrough they stopped gathering wood. As a result of this I couldn't finish new buildings -eventually every Nugget stopped doing anything/Doing Nothing and got stuck in line ups at water wells and eateries and the Evolution Tower. -Nuggets would continue to take food directly from the Evolution Tower and the Fishery despite the presence of multiple Eateries That's all for now
  3. Patch really works. A lot of the issues I reported about Prometheus? Solved. I'll play through a few more times and keep my eye out for more issues. I'll report them here.