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  1. Actually, I just realised, you already have this functionality on the Home website; it's the Forums website where this seems to be not working.
  2. Yeah, I have already activated my copy; I'm just salty it's not recording my hours in game - I've had it 24h and I already have about 15h in game.
  3. I gotta say; I know you Devs are looking to put the game on Steam (my copy is activated, thanks) But I WOULD REALLY appreciate it if you could. There are a couple of actually good reasons to do this, too. 1. Ease of use. I basically only play games I can run from steam; I don't like having to have 37 different gaming clients; one for Hi-Rez, Origin, Uplay, Crytivo, Kongregate, UPlay, Sony, Daybreak.... Oh no. 2. Hours recorded. I can start to record my hours played in steam. Who knows how many I will put in before it gets there, would be nice to have "played 432h" on day 1 of release. It's kind of annoying when writing reviews when you have to write :I've put 100hs hours into this game, ignore the fact steam says I've only played 3h: I know it takes a bit of recoding to do the steam intergration. Please do it for us Plebs to have bragging rights; also, you can have all the different support Tiers as DLC upgrade options. And another method of payment that people are more comfortable with than 3rd party websites.
  4. The Top bar on the website here needs to be 'always visible' The bit with the Universim, user info and notifications should not scroll with the rest of the page. I know the old way is to build everything in an iFrame... I guess there is a better way since I used to run HTML 3.... been a while since I have done web design.... Just pointing it out, as a dev and a user of the site. I think the first admin person that deals with the website to see this will go "yup that's obvious" and just wrie 17 lines of code and make it happen.
  5. Chat Room

    Chat Room I actually like this idea, but the chat itself is unintuitive. It took me a while to realise there were all these tabs, and one was chat. Honestly, I think you would be better to use Discord, and have a Widget in place on that "there are 0 users in chat": I made a real quick one in like 5 mins for one of my public discords, on my $2 site with sweet fa to make it easier to connect with players in game; I'm posting this, not to advertize myself (there is no benefits here... no ads, I get no payment or anything for endorsing this) but to show you that it's possible, easy, and someone has already done the work - for free! you might be better to copy this yourself, rather than reinvent the wheel; also, almost everyone runs Discord these days. Very few use TS or Mumble now... mostly those who do are just determined to continue using a system they've put so much time into. www.knifd.com
  6. Thoughts on hospital herbs.

    +1 to sustainable greenhouses
  7. VR perhaps in the future ?

    VR has already been suggested by Crytivo, regarding controlling the Rover Explorers in late game, at the bottom of the page, here....
  8. Mental Health

    Mental Health Just a suggestion; Events in a Nuggets' life can boost/lower production; copulation, births, marriage, eating, completing projects provide a boost - Deaths, visiting Graves, Environmental events, even seasons can raise happiness and production. I can imagine how hard colonising would be with this mechanic running; so you'd have to consider using up a valuable space on your ship for a full time psyche to keep your Nuggets functioning. A new Tech option... Psychologist, recreational playgrounds, etc. I don't know if I like the idea going to extremes, i.e. of suicidal nuggets, that might be a bit too dark for this game, and it might bring you under scrutiny from some gaming evaluators, and even get you banned in some countries.
  9. Options for Body Disposal Had an idea based on something Unicycle_Gaming said; I think the options need to be balanced against environmental impact; Traditional Graves; Take up room, Nuggets stop work to visit, and plots can be re-used after a few hundred years Ocean based burial; Over Burial via this method can foul / pollute the waters, killing all the fish off permanently. (extinction). Overburial is determined by how many fish are in the water; they view bodies as a food source, but too many bodies can't be consumed/disposed of and... poisoned water... Permanent Worker Efficiency reduction to immediate family members. Cremation; Nuggets get a temporary debuff every time they go home (and see their family member in an Urn on the mantlepeice). Environmental /air pollution is impacted by burning the body.
  10. Cemetery

    Yes, I've read in the Roadmap that Graveyards will be upgradeable to hold more bodies. Cremation seems like a common suggestion, I guess we will have to see what the devs come up with; it may be a needed feature fo rthe long-term sustainability of the planet in late game when the world is all filled up... Ocean Burials seems like an idea, and those log-burn-burials in GoT are called a Pyre. "Funeral Pyre", actually. Just letting you know.
  11. Questions about intergalactic colonization and more

    Guys, I've been reading pretty extensively since picking this game up; I think the basic idea is that you build Mother Planet, fully research everything, then start colonizing other planets via Starship + Rover Explorers + Terraforming. These are in the Roadmap. My undertsanding is that once you colonize a planet, your colony can bring the knowledge with them, so you can build anything as long as you have completed the appropriate Tech Tree for that item, on that planet. There won't be fast switching of Nuggets or Items, such as Warp gates, each colony will need to support itself... But you as a God will be able to freely switch views between plantes that have nuggets/rovers/(active satellites?). This game will be about Scouting a planet with a Rover (or 6 if the rover gets destroyed), setting up a ship with a colony / gear for terraforming, and then trying to get a Civ started on these harsh environments. Space flight gonna have to be fast, as our poor nuggets lifespans is so short.
  12. Do Cemetaries.... Regenerate / Cemetaries are just going to keep getting filled up; do old bodies get removed eventually? Rot/replottted land after say... 300years (new generations won't know old generations so plots can be repurposed)
  13. Hunting

    Hunting Hunting will add resources, (Logical guess) - meat/food, bone for crafting, skins for clothes/blankets (warm hut in winter) - especially important in stone age In later ages, it can add recreation, trophies/value to homes, etc. Animal extinction could be a thing.
  14. Working Age Bug?

    Working Age Bug? Turns out I can assign a 4 you as a witch doctor; which is only funny because shes currently gathering resources (herbs). Yup, confrimed. She just made medicine (10yo now) Also, while she is making herbs, I cannot access her Info Screen (the one with all the bars, including the 'working age' stat)
  15. Nugget Occuption Vs activity

    Nugget Occuption Vs activity It's annoying when my Gravedigger's Occupation is "Eating". Need a second status; Occupation: Gravedigger Status: Hungry Activity:Going to Eatery