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  1. Well they already defend themselves from Rabid Squirrels, or at least that is what they tell everyone
  2. The sound effects are just ambiance. The mammoths were removed and they want to add in Wolves, Deer, etc. The Woodpecker gets me every time.
  3. Not at the moment but it is being looked into and hopefully the Hotfix will sort this soon. Has been a bugger of a issue to track down.
  4. One of the known issues for V16
  5. List of the most common bug reports we are getting with V16 at the moment. Black and Pink world (Mac only issue) Nuggets getting stuck in various professions Nuggets getting stuck trying to collect resources/bodies Esc not working either after pressing the Bug Report button or after some time Disco Ball or Artifact rendering issues News items not going away especially if you press Esc at any time Blueprints still showing and cannot get rid of them from cursor Well still not showing an actual hole Nuggets not producing kids Nuggets not remarrying after partner dies The following is a list of the most common feedback items and some possible solutions/reasons (all are being monitored and balanced) Farms and Fisheries not producing enough food - balances are being tested Wells not filling up - Being monitored, perks can assist with this but for now just build a lot of wells Doctor not harvesting herbs - Bushes only have food and herbs grow on them in spring, summer they are harvested and autumn they die off. Check your season or place a farm to grow herbs Nuggets not collecting items from bushes - again see above, select a bush to see if any food available Reservoir placing built - Almost, the large stone tower is meant to be there on placement as per design. As long as the tape appears it is working as intended at this time Nuggets not producing kids - Monitoring as some reports maybe bugs but please try the following. Don't place more than 3 buildings at a time and make sure they have a hut built
  6. Can I ask people what graphics card they are currently using please? Trying to pinpoint the exact issue to get this fixed quicker. Or better yet submit the issue in game via the Bug Button in the top right as it gives us debug information.
  7. This is a known issue, sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully there will be a hotfix for this soon.
  8. This is being looked at balance wise. Once the locked slots are available it should be easier.
  9. The world will burn, why not just help it along
  10. Coming Soon ™... hopefully
  11. You can share you know (j/k)
  12. I would love to see what you are doing. Do you use any recording software? If you have Nvidia card it comes with ShadowPlay free. Only other thing I can think off is to delete all the local data and try again as it will force a verify of the files on a fresh install.
  13. There are birds already and the mammoths will come back eventually. Bears and Deer (kinda looks like deer anyway) has been hinted at too. Will have to make weapons and weapons leads to war!
  14. Can you add in your specs so they can check for compatibility issues please? As a work around a lot of people with graphical bugs have found playing in low helps, not ideal but for now means you can play.
  15. The resource ended up in the water. Nuggets can't swim and get very confused till they die. Poor sad Nuggets.