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  1. nugget manipulation

    Well eventually we will have the power of resurrection and granting immortality to certain nuggets...so everyone dieing wouldn't necessarily be the end.
  2. the tower evolves based on your actions as a god... if you are nice and use good god powers to heal and benefit your people it becomes a tree... if your evil and summon disasters on your people or murder people with your god powers it becomes an evil shrine thing... if you do neither and dont use god powers at all nothing ever happens.
  3. Era specific wildlife

    Eventually animals will play a larger role... like with hunting ect
  4. Game progress rate is to fast

    eventually there will be god powers to ressurect or even make a nugget live forever.. so that will help... but keep in mind that eventually there will be other eras and you will go from a small tribe to a village then city. i do agree that it is a bit insane to need so many water pumps though.
  5. Ideas From My Short Playtime

    eventually we will have god powers to replenish forests and stone and fish/water (earthquakes will unearth more stone/resources... but have a cost and could prove lethal)
  6. micromanaging

    you can just assign people to a building and leave them there.. for farms you also have to assign what crop to plant but if they die another free person will be automatically reassigned jobs... beyond that they will build certain buildings on their own like houses and the temple prayer site thing or whatever and possibly more in the future.
  7. Matting enable button

    there used to be a button for it but it was removed.. they are still working on refining the Ai and pathing system.. supposedly next patch should fix alot of these issues.
  8. Bodies all over the place

    Yes because the last thing we need is the gravedigger to get a drink eat mate fill his joy and whatever else... while there are dead bodies laying around getting people sick i think that should take priority..
  9. Bodies all over the place

    I believe the Ai and pathing are both being worked on.. right now they have too many competing needs to do their jobs effectively and im sure that will be worked on in the future.
  10. Population growth forecast

    Hunting is already planned when they bring back more animals.
  11. That's a big pencil

    nah dont fix it.. its too hilarious... lol
  12. Upgrading and Disasters

    Supposedly there will eventually be god powers to save yourself from disasters... dunno if that is still the plan or not.
  13. Upgrading and Disasters

    the thing is you cant really account for water... the huts they build consume alot of water and you have no control over when they build them.
  14. Upgrading and Disasters

    The thing is it makes no logical sense to do so... you wouldnt be building stone age buildings in the modern era for example.. alot of these issues will be fixed when they overhaul the nugget pathfinding/ai system and well just have to wait until then.
  15. Death & Disease System

    flinging dead bodies into space already comes with penalties to prevent you from doing this.. it makes the nuggets very unhappy... that being said the Ai/pathfinding is being worked on and i imagine most of these problems will be fixed then.