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  1. as mentioned above, we certainly are not abandoning the game. we still have plans to release the next patch on the 28th. I can confirm we will not have the save feature available yet. We certainly are still working away at that feature though to get it in everyones hands.
  2. issue

    There have been other reports of issues that we hope gets addressed with our upcoming patch (end of February). So if you continue to have the issue then, please let me us know!.
  3. Cooper, We have been actively working on the save feature. It is one of our top priorities. I cannot say for sure if it will be in this next patch or not, but rest assured we are working very hard to get this feature for everyone because i know everyone is looking forward to it.
  4. issue

    There was a cap at 60, however due to nuggets dying and the rate at with they produce baby nuggets, it is difficult to actually hit 60. What you are seeing around 50 is what typically people got to. The cap will eventually be removed, or at least greatly increased once the team gets time to optimize the performance of the game with a lot of nuggets.
  5. yes, that is true. However, if we released a patch without properly testing it first, you would most likely get patches that dont work at all. Since all the devs typically work on different parts of the game, getting everything to work perfectly together the first time is unlikely. QA (and internal testers we have) help find the major game-breaking bugs before the patch so we have time to fix them before everyone else plays.
  6. idea+bug

    thanks for the feedback! We do have plans to address the issue when nuggets die while assigned to a building, so you dont have to constantly reassign new ones there. I dont have a timeframe when this will be in, but we are aware of this issue =) The farm is being redesigned with this next patch, so i expect the bug you found to be resolved.
  7. heh, i'll use my sarcasm font next time =)
  8. We do have an internal tester team (comprised of players wanting to help test the game further) that tests a patch out prior to releasing to the public. If this is something you are interested in, send me a PM and we can discuss it further.
  9. Pelver, Thanks for the feedback! We have been doing twitch streams prior to each patch, where we show off some of the new things and also have Q&A sessions. We plan to continue to do this, because it is a great way to communicate with the supporters =) As for getting a specific dev to do this while working on the game...well...i cannot speak to that =)
  10. i know i was just kidding =)
  11. im not sure what you are talking about... =)
  12. ETA

    Here is Mirror's last post about where things are at. Nothing has changed in terms of what we have been working on, but what has changed is the progress on those items.
  13. ETA

    i would love to say by the end of this month....however i cant say for sure =) it is getting pretty close though! We know a lot of people have been anxious for this, so we will certainly let everyone know as soon as we know a date.