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  1. we will be adding in a % chance of getting disease with next patch. can you provide me the video of this that you made? Would help us in trying to figure out the issue.
  2. bugs issues

    If using Windows 7, make sure SP1 is installed, and also this patch:
  3. Make sure SP1 is installed, and also this patch:
  4. We certainly understood when we released this diseased area that it wouldnt be perfect from the start. With your guys feedback we will certainly be tweaking it to make it better. So please keep giving us your suggestions! we do read them all!
  5. we are working on save currently.
  6. All, we are aware of the issue. As some of you have seen, to resolve this you must lower (or turn off) shadows in the game settings. I dont know if we will have this resolved for v15, however if we do it will be in the patch notes once we do release v15.
  7. oops...i thought you meant game patch...which we just had hotfix release =) but ya, what Mirror said about bi-monthly info =)
  8. Have you already backed the game but would like to help out a little more? If so, joining our internal testing team may be just the right fit for you! What is an internal QA tester? These people are volunteers from the community who have special access to the upcoming patch prior to it being released to the public. Their sole role is to help us test out the game-play/new content and to help us find the major bugs that we may have missed before it gets in the hands of everyone else. While testing, the internal testers work closely with the staff to provide the feedback in order to get the big issues resolved quickly. What are the expectations/requirements of an internal QA tester? All internal QA testers will be required to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prior to gaining access to the pre-released patches. We do not have a time requirement (how much time you can help test per day), however we are looking for people that can jump right into testing a patch as we see fit. Typically, 1 week prior to public release of a patch we will have a patch to test for the internal qa team. So if you are still interested in joining the internal QA testing team, please click here and fill out the form. If we feel you will be a great fit to the internal testing team, we will reach back out to you using the email address you provide us in the form.
  9. maybe =)
  10. awesome, thanks for the help FragnRoll. I took the info you posted and put it on our discord FAQ page for others to see.
  11. yes, this exactly =) however, i dont know why you would not want to play with all those colors? =)
  12. we did make the game an actual challenge to keep nuggets alive on this patch. although if it was from a bug they all died...that was not our plan =)
  13. can you provide screenshot?
  14. I am having extreme trouble trying to play this game, what the problem is is that when I enter the game key to the slot and activate it nothing happens! Please I need help, also the current computer I'm using is a apple laptop made in 2017. NEED HELP.

    1. Greendq


      Look here:


  15. try deleting your settings file for game, then try playing if you are in windows, it should be in: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_