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  1. it is our new disaster we added. =)
  2. send a support ticket in (see my signature below) and explain what you want to do. they should be able to help you there
  3. were you doing anything specific when it crashed?
  4. Nuggets will not fish during fall/winter. You will know this when a snowflake icon appears above the fishing hut (indicating they cannot fish). During the time they cannot fish, they will sit idle.
  5. How many times have you replicated this issue? Also does it occur every single time you hit the mountain 3 times? or only after like 20 minutes of game play?
  6. we will be adding in a % chance of getting disease with next patch. can you provide me the video of this that you made? Would help us in trying to figure out the issue.
  7. bugs issues

    If using Windows 7, make sure SP1 is installed, and also this patch:
  8. Make sure SP1 is installed, and also this patch:
  9. We certainly understood when we released this diseased area that it wouldnt be perfect from the start. With your guys feedback we will certainly be tweaking it to make it better. So please keep giving us your suggestions! we do read them all!
  10. we are working on save currently.
  11. All, we are aware of the issue. As some of you have seen, to resolve this you must lower (or turn off) shadows in the game settings. I dont know if we will have this resolved for v15, however if we do it will be in the patch notes once we do release v15.
  12. oops...i thought you meant game patch...which we just had hotfix release =) but ya, what Mirror said about bi-monthly info =)
  13. maybe =)
  14. awesome, thanks for the help FragnRoll. I took the info you posted and put it on our discord FAQ page for others to see.
  15. yes, this exactly =) however, i dont know why you would not want to play with all those colors? =)