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  1. Upgrade Button Does not Work

    I had this issue when I reloaded a saved game....upgrade button stopped working or it upgrades and the structure disappears completly.
  2. list of bugs for new patch el pacino

    had this issue as well....nuggets get very thirst,near death, walk past 3 wells and die of thirst... :-(
  3. it seems when the nuggets build their homes, its far from where they work. Nuggets get tired,hungry, or thirsty on their way to work and work doesnt get done. Sometimes they make it into work and work a little then walk all the way home. Maybe give the user options to designate residential area where they build homes in the game would solve this issue
  4. It seems after this patch, instead of a variety of food growing different places on the planet....there are only raspberry bushes...thats it....only way to have different food is to grow it or fishing..
  5. [.22 Bug] Villagers stuck in Mating status

    I had this happen 3 or 4 times a game....i had to pick him up and drag him out of the hut. He becomes normal after that.
  6. Poor Birth Rates

    I agree...For me anyways, after reaching 50-55 nuggets....birth rate seems crappy...only birthing enough nuggets to just barely replacing nuggets near death.
  7. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Had a new issue with the cemeteries and funeral pyre....I played today and got to 60 nuggets successfully. However the grave diggers stopped functioning all together and no one was bringing the bodies to the pyre at all. I had to fling them all away from my civilization. Also I had floating dead bodies that I couldn't grab to fling away and the infection zone was underneath them....so that by itself killed everyone.
  8. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    One other thing that I think is a very big issue is where the nuggets die at.....had a good amount of them dieing in structures that were hard to reach or impossible to reach....and as the graveyard digger takes their time getting the body, it creates an infection zone inside the structure; basically dooming everyone who enters a structure. The solution here would be that have the nuggets die outside structures only.
  9. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    I am having issues with funeral pyre and cemetery. For me, at least, they aren't retrieving the dead bodies fast enough; leaving many contaminated areas which kills off the civilization in no time flat. In one gaming section I had 50 nuggets....and after 3 contaminated spots later, it killed everyone. It would be nice if god powers had scrub contaminated area function or have all the dead bodies teleport to cemetery or funeral pyre. This is the major killer for me in this game.
  10. Oceans Refill?

    I understand having pumps in lakes and rivers in the game, but being able to pump water from oceans for drinking water and for farming in the begining of the game, in the stone age is odd to me.....it's a pump not desalination plant......
  11. Oceans Refill?

    They need to visually change graphics when lakes and rivers drying up....you see filled lakes and rivers, but actually they are drained....very odd