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  1. How involved is gameplay aiming to be?

    Overall I believe the game is aiming for more macro-level gameplay, which I appreciate. I think the ideal would be having nuggets become more self-sufficient as the game progresses, meaning at first you need to set things up and "show them the path" as it were, but once set up properly they become self-reliant until new challenges pop up--starting the cycle again with newer difficulties for them to learn. Example: In the beginning you should be charged with making sure your nuggets don't get eaten, freeze, starve, burned alive, etc... but once they have a handle on that, the next thing should be how to deal with an expanding pop, happiness, and larger-scale production logistics. Once they've got that down and are pretty self-sufficient (without much player involvement) there's crisis management, faith (or lack thereof), and other events to keep you on your toes. Then hopefully the modern era will bring things like dealing with pollution, resource depletion, and figuring out how to build spacecraft to travel to new planets for exploiting.
  2. Waterpump Issue

    Correct. Well, the new ones will all need refined goods as well. So the idea is to never research the major pre-medieval upgrades if you want to keep expanding. Or, make sure you have plenty of refined goods.
  3. Everyone is getting stuck

    Yeah, that's been happening forever. The good news is, according to the latest patch notes, they're working on a major pathfinding overhaul that should hopefully fix it once and for all. Didn't make it into the latest patch, but let's all hope for next month. ...and there will be much rejoicing!
  4. I Won the Game

    Just want to remind everyone my posts from above are old Since then I've gotten past 90, but never broke the 100 barrier. Yeah, water is the number one destroyer of games. If I don't get a map with massive oceans and lakes I can exploit, I reroll the map. Other than that I just make sure I have a ton of food at all times, never research upgrades (otherwise you need refined goods and that can get wonky), save a lot, and hope I have a lucky game in which nuggets don't get stuck.
  5. Wood and stone refinery

    Yes, I hope they can be fixed for the next patch. Really interested in finally making a fully upgraded pre-medieval city. Also, I've been try to figure out how the refineries work, exactly. Do the workers actually go out and chop down trees or cut stone themselves to bring back for refining? Because I haven't really noticed that. I've only seen them go after previously existing wood and stone lying around.
  6. Farm Upgrade

    Do you have a Stone Refinery and Wood Refinery built and staffed? If so, are they producing? Check their local storage to make sure.
  7. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    Ok, so now I see the "grind" trait on the left side there. Weird thing is most of my nuggets don't have any trait at all. Maybe intentional? Also it would be cool if we could hover over the icon for a description of the trait, but I'm sure the devs are on that.
  8. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    Is there somewhere I can see a Nugget's traits? Can't figure that out. Also, in the winter the snow fell UP, meaning it went from the ground to the sky. Reported in game.
  9. New update^^

    We officially got the "probably today" tease on Twitter. There goes my productivity...
  10. New update^^

    Yeah, I was kind of expecting this since Gamescom took up so much time. No biggy, I just hope we're still getting whales.
  11. New update^^

    Most likely this Friday, around late afternoon Pacific Standard Time. New patches usually arrive on the first of the month, but on occasion they're delayed a couple of days.
  12. Yep, and ever since that I've been really curious about how roads are going to work. Based on how buildings tend to get pretty haphazardly placed due to terrain restraints, road networks are going to look pretty... erratic. I guess that's fine, as long as they serve their purpose. That's pretty much how they are in the original promotional video.
  13. Upgrades not showing

    Question: Have you built a Wood Refinery and a Stone Refinery? Refined wood and stone are required to upgrade buildings. However, they work very slowly and unreliably at the moment, making it difficult to get enough refined resources to upgrade anything. Also, warehouses don't currently accept refined wood or stone.
  14. My Nuggets can only die

    Upgrading doesn't work unless you have enough refined wood and refined stone. If you look at the side of the build progress screen you can see the little resource icons showing you how much you need for each building. At the moment it's virtually impossible to upgrade because the refineries don't work very well, but the devs are aware of the problem. Also be aware: Once you research an upgrade path for a certain category (like waterworks) every NEW building will require refined goods. So basically, right now it's wise just to ignore the research for any pre-medieval building.
  15. Destruction, warfare and other civ's

    . Modular destruction would be awesome! As far as other tribes spawning and the possibility of trade/diplomacy/war, I'd absolutely adore that idea, but unfortunately the devs already stated a couple of months ago that it isn't in their current plans. They left the door open for it happening eventually though, maybe after release with DLC or expansions, who knows.